Azrael (Earth-2700)

Jean-Paul Lane (Earth-2700)

Character Statistics
Aliases Watcher in the Roofs
The Holy One
Nicknames None
Affiliation Justice League Unlimited
Creed Order (Formerly)
Base of Operations Mobile
Israel (Formerly)
Relatives Unknown
Alignment Good
Marital Status Unknown
Identity Status Secret
Occupation Vigilante, Masked Hero, Follower and Soldier of the Creed Order (Formerly)
Education Unknown Level of Knowledge on the Bible
Citizenship Italian
Religion Catholicism
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black

Unusual Features Scars
Universe Earth-2700
Place of Birth Italy
Date of Birth 1972
Created by Draft227
Quote1 I'll tell you something I never admit, even to myself... I'm confused. I don't know exactly who I am, or where my place might be. But I am sure of one thing... I am nothing like you. Quote2
- Azrael

Jean-Paul Lane, otherwise known as Azrael was the top assassin and operative of the Creed Order, until he was sent to kill and replace Batman as the vigilante of New York, where the Dark Knight made Azrael remember what it takes to be a hero, but most importantly, a human being. Realizing his mistake, and that he had been manipulated over years by the ones he though were tools of God, Azrael departed from New York to destroy the Order and discover his place in the world. He later becomes a member of the newly resurrected Justice League, the Justice League Unlimited.



Powers and Abilities