Janet Grey or Phoenix is a hero in the 78315 universe. She was the first love interest of Spidey until her death. She was later brought back to life, only to die again.


Jean Grey, the one who hosted the Phoenix Force, was reincarnated thanks to Hope Summers power's clashing with the Phoenix Force, in which a girl was born, then taken and raised at The New Xavier Institute, where she learned to control her powers. However, she learned that she was the form of the Phoenix, and usually kept her powers held back. 15 years later she would be put on her first official mission when the super sentinel Bastion enacted his plan to eradicate all meta human life on Earth. Battling an army of Sentinels, the X-Men were forced to team up with most of the superhumans on Earth, including Spidey. There she met him, and the 2 began to show interest in each other, however, she was warned by Cyclops to keep her powers in check to avoid hurting anyone. After the sentinels defeat she developed feelings for Spidey which would later after clearing his mind of madness result in a relationship between the two. She then teamed up with many heroes in the Shadow War where many heroes had been kidnapped and turned into hand ninjas.She died in the fight against  the Hand leader Kingpin.


After her death a clone of her was made (see Jackie Grey) but she would later appear in spirit to guide Spidey in the Demon World event she is then seen watching Spidey and Ramona walking after the Tree of Ashes event. About a year after her death she was resurrected as the new Dark Phoenix stricken with grief over her death and the fact that Spidey had moved  she went on a spree of destruction proving to be even more powerul then the original Phoenix. She was cast to a distant star by the new Dr.strange. However she absorbed the star's power and returned to earth mere weeks later and another battle insued. She killed many but was ultimately defeated by herself because after injuring Spidey she went mad and destroyed herself. A memorial was held but few came. Her clone would later on become Psycho Spider.

Powers Abilities

Telepathy: can read and alter minds ( as Phoenix power doubled)

Telekinesis: can create energy fields around her, and can lift objects with her mind (as Phoenix power is doubled)

Flight: can fly through telekinetic levitation

Energy projection: can project powerful energy blasts( as Phoenix power had doubled)

Pyrokeneisis(only Phoenix) has power over fire and fire manipulation

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