Captain Saturn
Captain Saturn (Excel)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Destroyers (Earth-52161)
Base of Operations His mystical mansion
Age 49
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Widower
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-52161
Place of Birth Tibet
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 After everything happens, after everyone has lived and died, after time has stopped, then what happens? Exactly. Nobody knows what happens, at least, nobody that's alive. I've theorized that a group of famous historians, are secretly people from the future who traveled to the past in order to ensure certain events and eventually prevent their apocalyptic future. Many have called me insane, others have called me a visionary. But I believe with the help of your electrical abilities, combining them with my sorcery, we can unlock the secrets of the universe. Quote2
Captain Saturn


The Theory

After Jake graduated High School, he rented an apartment and began attending college. However, when he began doing some historical research, he began noticing similarities between certain historical figures no one had ever noticed before. After weeks of pondering why this may be, Jake came to the conclusion that they were really time travelers who came from an apocalyptic future in order to prevent it from happening, and they might have been successful.


Jake later met and married a woman named Robyn Viola. They later discovered that they were incapable of having kids, which greatly disappointed Jake, but Robyn seemed relieved. After lots of talking, Robyn confessed she did not want to have children, and Jake hided his disappointment with her. It would only be a few days later that Robyn's father passed away and left them his mansion in his will.

The Mansion and the Disease

After moving into the mansion, Jake discovered Robyn's father's notes on sorcery and astronomy. He seemed particularly interested in his data collected on Saturn. His data proved that Saturn in fact does not have rings, but is rather rather the sun of a whole other solar system, and the rings are its planets. He believed this theory, though Robyn claimed her father was a lunatic. She later gained a life threatening disease that the doctors predicted she would live through. They were wrong. She died eleven days later, and Jake decided to keep her body in the Mansion and refused a funeral.

Studying Alchemy

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