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Jackie Grey is the clone of Janet Grey in the 78315 universe.


Part of his revenge plot, Jackal created a clone of Janet Grey which he named Jackie to lure Spidey to a trap. She was then sent to be attacked by one of the goblins for Spidey to notice her. After saving her she started a romantic realationship with him just as Jackal as planned. One day she lead him to trap where he was beaten by Jackal's Superior Six. She was then kept at the warehouse as the Six terrorized New York. When Spidey rematched the Six she experinced remorse and fought with him and helped in there defeat,but she was shot by Jackal. A short time later she died. Her dust was put in a box and buried.

Powers Abilities

Telepathy: Has Janet's telepathy, but on a weaker level

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