Imagine Exiles

The variant cover of "Imagine Exiles #1"

Imagine Exiles is a series written by Artemis Panther. It is his take on the Exiles series, and it starts out following the original storyline, but the Exiles's first mission played out differently, causing the death of T-Bird. He was replaced by an alternate version of Susan Storm who transforms into the Thing, and after her introduction to the team, everything goes in a different direction.

Since the series is different, not everything in the established Exiles storyline is canon, such as the Timebroker bugs. The Timebroker is seemingly who he says he is, but later proves to be a threat, not the race of alien bugs who accidentally broke reality.

Many character aspects and villains are changed as well. Some members who appeared in the comics will appear as characters, not necessarily members, but they may appear in their broken home reality, visited by the Exiles.


Character Additional Notes
Blink Founding Member

Leaves Team twice before joining permanently once again

She is bisexual

The first time she rejoins the team, she replaces her first replacement

Nocturne Founding Member

Has teleportation powers

She is bisexual

Morph Founding Member

His powers are more evolved, allowing him to shift his powers based on his form

T-Bird Founding Member

He is the first character to die, rather than Magnus

Mimic Founding Member

He never forms a relationship with Blink, but he flirts with her a lot

He is eventually restored to life by an evil version of Dr. Strange, but he sacrifices himself once more to save the Exiles

Magnus Founding Member

He is not the first Exile to die on a mission

The Thing T-Bird's Replacement

Susan Storm shifts between her Thing and human form

Blink eventually rejoins the team as Susan's replacement

Iron Man Morph's Replacement

Tony Stark became Iron Man when he was a teenager

He forms a temporary relationship with Nocturne

Havok Blink's Replacement (temporary)

He was an original X-Man

Blink replaces him not long after he joins the team

Vision Iron Man's Replacement

Phil Coulson transferred his mind into Vision's body

He also forms a relationship with Nocturne

Sunfire Mimic's Replacement

Mariko Yashida from the established canon Exiles

Hulk Blink's Second Replacement (temporary)

He mutated into a creature similar to the Thing with plates on his skin

Spider-Man Hulk's Replacement

Spider-Man became Iron Man's sidekick

He forms a relationship with Blink

Nemesis Added onto the team by the Timebroker

Dies saving Blink's life from Apocalypse

Squirrel Girl Nemesis's Replacement

She is one of the most powerful beings in her reality, but she doesn't know it

She eventually commits suicide in one of the last issues of the series

New Direction

After the Zero Tolerance Mission, Magnus becomes a very prominent character in the story. He attempts to form a relationship with Blink, but her love for Nocturne gets in the way. He and Mimic become best friends, and he dislikes Sunfire when she replaces him after his death.

The Weapon X team hardly plays an important role at all. It is seen once as a corrupt team of Exiles that the main team must defeat. It's roster included Venom, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Emma Frost, Abomination, and Sandman. Moon Knight, Abomination, and Sandman were all killed in the battle, and Venom, Hawkeye, and Emma Frost were locked up in that reality's jail.

The main enemies of the Exiles are the dimension travelling team called the Illuminati, led by Dr. Strange. It consists of Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Madame Medusa, and General Schmidt (Red Skull). Strange's goal is to destroy the Timebroker and become the overlord of reality. He attempts to recruit the Exiles, but they are willing to defend the Timebroker, who turns out to be a corrupt Beyonder who enjoys tampering with alternate realities.

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