This story takes place in the 9001 Universe .

Chapter 1

Loki stared at his magical mirror, peering at other dimensions when he stumbled into a Greek one. "Perhaps if I found a true warrior I could get rid of that pest Thor," said Loki. "A god killer," perhaps said Amora as she sat on a throne of mystic energy. "Yes, that could work," said Loki with an devilish grin. The image on the mirror was that of a man with ash white skin. He had a shaved head and sported a black beard. He was a man who had blazing infernos for eyes. He ripped through hordes of minions of the UnderWorld. " I almost pity them," said Loki as he viewed the carnage. "A front row seat of the violence," said Amora."Yes, this will work," said Loki.


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