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Rodius, or Hobgoblin, is a villian in the Earth-78315 universe.

Way to 78315

Originating from a dimension without a name, Rodius is an actual goblin who entered Universe-78315 through a portal opened by Dr. Strange during a fight with a powerful demon. Hearing of a mighty villain named Hobgoblin who resembled him, he decided it would be fun to adopt the moniker.(Obviously, he is an alternate counterpart of Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, who has long since been deceased). He and his partner Norlun (now going by Green Goblin) went on a destruction spree, putting people in harm's way. They were confronted by Spidey, who battled them and was defeated, but instead of killing him, they invited him to fight again tomorrow. Hobgoblin and Green Goblin continued their "fun" until they were opposed by Spidey and the original Spider-Man. They were defeated and ran off. After getting bored again, Rodius suggested they cause more trouble, and they did, but were chased away by Spidey and Leo. He and  Norlun were invited to join Jackal's Superior Six, and he accepted because he thought it would be fun. He, along with the other six, waited in ambush as Spidey fell into their trap. He was also present with them during their battle with Spider-Man. He possibly is the one who dislocated his shoulder. He also aided in the 2nd battle against Spidey and Jackie Grey, who had defected while battling Spidey who was being beaten. Jackie used her Psychic powers to drop rubble on him. He was assumed dead, but it turns out he survived.

The Goblin War

Thanks to there prolonged stay in the dimension a portal to there dimension opened and more goblins emerged and took the names of various goblin villains in the marvel universe. They were Neilk(Proto-Goblin), Jashaun(Demogoblin) and Harlok(Grey Goblin) Norlun's own son. Claiming this universe as there territory Hobgoblin and Green Goblin fought the foes and put lives at risk but Spidey and Leo helped them defeat the other goblins which made. Afterwards He and Norlun agreed to go back to there dimension untill they found a way to  escape. He and his partner were later stopped by the F5 while trying to escpape


Like Norlun, it is questionable as to whether not Rodius is evil, since he just appears to be having fun.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength

Fire Bombs




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