The beautiful Gypsy Gwendala is a main character in the earth-460000 universe.


Gwendala is one of the many gypsies at the the Day of the Spider festival. There she meets the Spider-Man. She is amazed by him and develops and attraction for the mysterious man. However her beauty has caught the attention of corrupt Archdeacon Normon. Wanting her for himself he frames the Spider-Man for murder. But as his troops try to kill him She saves him by releasing the goats to attack the guards. She is then taken into custody by the Archdeacon's soldiers. She is then given a choice by Normon be his or die she refuses his offer and she is sent to be hung. However she is saved by the Spider-Man and brought to his house. Where she learns his secret identity. Over the course her stay their romance develops and the 2 become lovers. However Normon learns of her location and she and Peter's aunt is abducted and taken to the cathedral. There Normon tries to rape her However she is saved by Peter and watches as he brutally beats the Archdeacon. But she begs him not kill him. The three then flee she is recaptured then hung

Powers & Abilities

Agility: Thanks to being a skilled dancer she is quite agile

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