Friedemann Veidt
Character Statistics
Aliases Maksimilian Solomon Lord
Nicknames The Silver Eagle, The Superman, The Superhuman, The Baron
Affiliation None; Formerly Nazi Germany
Base of Operations Rothera, Antartica
Relatives Beulah Bayla Veidt (Wife)
Alignment Anti-Villian
Marital Status Widower
Identity Status Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Education Degrees in Political Science, Biology, and Engineering; private tutoring in multiple forms of combat, medicine; self taught in multiple other subjects
Citizenship German
Religion None
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Weight 190 pounds
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black; Blond on propaganda footage

Unusual Features Unknown
Place of Birth Germany
Date of Birth 1910
Created by RoninTheMasterless

“Hitler‘s dedication to his Reich was akin a boy‘s love of his play-toy. To support such illogical immaturity in an adult would simply be unwise. I merely used his unnaturally vast power to further propel my own. I manipulated the master manipulator, much like Schmidt did, only I did it better… I can save this world from its own inadequacies. Isn't that what you wanted?”

"I remember friends corrupt themselves, and believe the nonsense Hitler spewed; how the sneered at my wife who was the nothing but kind and loving, because of the nonsense Hitler spewed. I remember reading history and learning of the terrible things humans can do when they accept the absurd. How can someone as intelligent as you possibly believe that freedom to do these things would make them any better?"

"I can agree that Veidt is misguided and must be stopped, but don't you dare equate him to a monster; deep down, Veidt is trying doing something noble; the cost - is just too high for us."

Early Life to Word War II (Man Ahead of Time)

Baron Friedemann Ercanbald Veidt was a wealthy aristocrat, officer, and philosopher of sorts in Germany during the height of Nazi Power. The Baron’s magnificent family castle was a glorious fortress. Joining the SS June 22nd, 1928(at 18), and the Gestapo on April 30th, 1933(at 22), Veidt used his influence, power, and intellect create one set of super soldier serum for himself; granting him true superhuman power. Veidt married a Jewish woman named Beulah Bayla Goldberg; this decision severely slowed Veidt's ability to ascend ranks, marking his marriage to her, as the one "poor" decision he made career wise. Before the outbreak of the war, Baron Veidt rose quickly through the ranks of Hitler's “Personal Guard"; a euphemism for his top assassins/super soldiers. Veidt became one of the most feared assassins for the Third Reich. His exploits garnered him the code name of the Silver Eagle, because of the silver eagle-like helmet worn to masquerade as a mascot of fascism. His main enemy was The Destroyer (Kevin Marlow), and they fought relentlessly until Veidt's apparent demise at the end of World War II... Eventually Veidt’s disappointment in Hitler’s short-sightedness and ridiculous hate doctrine, caused Veidt to separate; humorously, had it not been for Veidt’s separation, the Allies would have failed to win the war against the Nazis. A fateful battle raged between Kevin Marlow, the resulting climax left the small island of Crete with a large underwater crater blast from an experimental Tesseract powered warhead, which Veidt had planned to fire on Berlin to end Hitler’s embarrassing leadership (Marlow was unaware); Veidt presumed dead…Veidt wasn’t; In reality, He had been cryopreserved for almost eight decades.

Man Still Ahead of Time

Veidt awoke to find himself in the modern world, which he considered vastly superior to the 1940s, but woefully behind in his mind, as religious zealotry, and ignorance still overwhelmingly permeated the human society; he sought to cleanse the world of inferior minded people, and usher in a Utopia, with people of supreme intellect, and wisdom.

The Greatest Rival


  • Friedemann is a German name composed of the elements frid "peace" and man "man," hence "man of peace.
  • Ercanbald is a German name composed of the elements ercan "genuine" and bald "bold," hence "genuine courage."
  • Veidt is the last name of Watchmen character Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias.
  • Veidt became an Atheist at age 14 after studying the Bible, and science, which ironically his parents encouraged, but he practiced all the semi Christian-Pagan practices of his time.
  • His favortie books are The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.
    • He was very fond of Nietzsche's concept of the Super-human, and at one point believed everyone could someday be one, but years in Nazi Germany, and reviving in an equally decadent modern world convinced him otherwise.
  • This is the Original Friedemann Veidt. Veidt has been adapted for Earth-874 by PhotonCommander10.

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