Friedemann Veidt is a former Naxi Extremist, who became what is considered a "super soldier" and turned on his people.


Quote1 Freedom is but an illusion in the convoluted mess of society. Hitler was a remarkable man in the sense that he realised that. Our formerly glorious planet Earth needs to be punished. I will kill millions if I have to. People will realise that the freedom they so cherish is nothing more than a veil thrown over them by the higher powers, but the only way they'll realise that is by the deaths of thousands, even millions. The bloodsoaked streets will be a constant reminder that their freedom is false.

I have lived for decades in this doomed network of societies. I swear that I will bring chaos to this planet! Chaos that would ravage it to near lifelessness! And only then will you know true freedom. Only then will people realise I am right! Only then will I be recognised as the true visionary of mankind! It's either protect or perish! Quote2



Friedemann was raised in a cruel, poverty-stricken neighbourhood. He was regularly beaten by his father, and met with a loveless eye from his mother. Brought up in a society of criminals, with few exceptions spread far and wide, Friedemann became obsessed with Friedrich Nietzsche "Übermensch" philosophy, that spoke of superhumans. His entire childhood became a mad obsession with a superior state of humanity. He eventually came to believe himself to be a superhuman, as he was stronger and smarter than the other children in his area, and saw himself as above them.

Road to Superiority

As Friedemann descended into complete madness over what he saw as the future of humanity, his parents, who had until that point thought nothing of him, began to fear their own son. Friedemann got whatever he wanted, using their fear to his advantage. He went completely mad, writing on walls and keeping journals of all his thoughts on the inferiority of the Human race. However, he hit his lowest point when his parents were killed by a Russian, and he saw perfection in the murderer of his parents. He idolised the murderer of his mother and father, believing him a true superhuman. It was from this point, that he dropped all of his "insane attributes" and instead began working toward the future he envisioned.

Super Soldier

Friedemann Veidt874(2)

Friedemann shortly after becoming a Super Soldier.

Friedemann's search for superiority led him to "Project überlegene", a German program created for the sole purpose of producing super soldiers for the inevitable war. He volunteered for the experiments, and initially failed the examinations. But after several months of exercise and self-training, he volunteered once more and passed. The serum was injected into his bloodstream, initiating the first of the changes to his body, muscle growth. Friedemann was left in a dark, dirty cell for weeks while the Serum took effect. In this time, he merely thought to himself, contemplated his vision for the world, and his plan to achieve it.

Days of the War


  • This character is an adaptation of the character of the same name created by the user RoninTheMasterless for his universe, Earth-13.
  • Friedemann is a German name composed of the elements frid "peace" and man "man," hence "man of peace.
  • Veidt is the last name of Watchmen character Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias.
  • Despite his ruthless actions, Friedemann is considered a hero, as his actions are for the greater good, it's just a bloody path to his goal.

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