Extremis Embodiment81648
Extremis' humanoid manifestation
Universe Earth-81648
Creator(s)/Designer(s) Anthony Stark, Maya Hansen
Place of Creation Futurepharm
Origin Created as "the next Super Soldier Serum"
Owner(s) Tony Stark, Aldrich Killian (Stolen), Maya Hansen
 Extremis is a Nanovirus that allows the infected to communicate with technology, release intense amounts of heat, heal wounds near-instantly and allows super strength.



After an accident that left her left arm burnt, Maya Hansen approached Tony Stark about working on nanotechnology to regrow injuries. Liking the sound of it, Tony funded "Project Extremis" and took part in the design process. The initial tests of Extremis proved to be effective, and Maya began adapting it. With Tony's permission, she turned it into "the key to super soldiers", which became a success.

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