Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations None (Constantly travelling)
Team Leader(s) Thor (Earth-81631)
Current Members Venom (Earth-81632), Psylocke (Earth-81664)
Former Members None
Allies None
Main Enemies None
Origin Formed by Don Blake (Earth-81631) and Peter Parker (Earth-81632) to stop cataclysmic events such as what happened in Don's universe.
Place of Formation Manhattan, Earth-81632
Creator PhotonCommander10
The Exiles are a team of heroes from across the Photonverse.



After a cataclysmic event in Earth-81631, that universe's version of Don Blake used the experimental, government-built "Tallus" to jump into the next universe. Here, he met an alternate version of Peter Parker, who had taken possession of that universe's Venom, and used it to become an even greater hero. The two of them decided to form a team, to stop events such as what had happened to Earth-81631. From here, they went universe travelling to find more members.

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