Exiles (Team)

The Exiles

Exiles: the Animated Series is a television show featuring Marvel’s original team called the Exiles. The roster and storyline mostly follow that of the comic series, but slight and massive changes occur at times.

Exiles Roster

Character Reality Designation Image Additional Notes First Appearance
Blink Earth-62955
Founding Member

From the Age of Apocalypse

Nocturne Earth-2704
Founding Member

Daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch

Has teleportation powers, unlike comics counterpart

Morph Earth-1215
Founding Member

Formerly had a relationship with Rogue

Only member to never leave the roster

Thunderbird Earth-555542
Founding Member

Former Horseman of Apocalypse Comatose for most of series

Mimic Earth-6
Founding Member

Leader of the X-Men

Does not die, unlike comic counterpart

Magnus Earth-90032
Founding Member

Son of Magneto and Rogue

First Exile to be killed

Sunfire Earth-28102
Magnus's Replacement

Mariko Yashida

Is still a lesbian, though it is never outright mentioned onscreen

Zero Tolerance
Sasquatch Earth-7700
T-Bird's Replacement

Eventually leaves field team and aids them from the Panoptichron

Exiles vs Skrulls Part 3
Magik Earth-43
Blink's Temporary Replacement Magik Trick
Angel Earth-6161
Nocturne's Replacement

From the animated mainstream reality

Earn Your Wings Part 1
Tanaraq Earth-7700
Takes over Sasquatch's body Kneel
Sabretooth Earth-62955
Tanaraq/Sasquatch's Replacement

From Blink's reality

Former Weapon X member

Banished (Hologram)

Wrath of the Hulk (First Physical Appearance)

Nemesis Earth-62955
Angel's Temporary Replacement

From Blink and Sabretooth's Reality

Led the raid against the Timebroker

Eye for an Eye Part 2
Longshot Earth-0
Added to the team by Heather to help defeat Proteus House of M Part 2
Spider-Man Earth-2099
Joins team to help stop Proteus and escape from his life

Is Miguel O'Hara from the year 2099

World Tour Part 1
Power Princess Earth-1616
Is told to join team by Hyperion Return of Hyperion Part 1
Proteus Earth-35813
Joins team by inhabiting Morph's body House of M Part 1
Psylocke Earth-6161
Is added to the team by Heather to help defeat HYDRA Hail Hydra Part 1

Season 5 Roster

Character Reality Designation Image Additional Notes First Appearance
Forge Earth-40050
Is married to Storm in a world where HYDRA is waging World War 3 on the rest of the world. The New Guys
Black Panther Earth-50040
Black PantherETAS
Son of Storm and Black Panther The New Guys
Blink Earth-62955
Blink S5ETAS
Blink joins the New team of Exiles but pretends she is as new to it as everyone else Banished
Polaris Earth-810
Comes from a Days of Future Past variant reality The New Guys
The Witch Earth-1460
The WitchETAS
Comes from a Renaissance-esque reality where she is one of the only mutants alive and being hunted while all she wants to do is restore her brother, Pietro, back to life. She was branded by village people, exclaiming she was a witch. The New Guys
Beast Earth-25252
Beast and Wonder Man were a couple and both fought on the Avengers The New Guys
Scarlet Witch Earth-743
Scarlet WitchETAS
The Witch's Replacement

Phoenix Force turned humans into mutants

Season of the Witch
Iron Man Earth-1000230
Forge's Replacement

Russia is the dominant world power and Piotr has a genius level intellect.

Age of the Machines

Weapon X Roster

Voice Cast

  • Blink: Laura Bailey
  • Nocturne: Vanessa Marshall
  • Morph: Tom Kenny
  • T-Bird: John DiMaggio
  • Mimic: Travis Willingham
  • Magnus: Nolan North
  • Sunfire: Lacey Chabert
  • Sasquatch: Kali Troy (Heather Hudson) Fred Tatasciore (Sasquatch)
  • Magik: Stephanie Lemelin
  • Angel: Liam O'Brien
  • Tanaraq: John DiMaggio
  • Sabretooth: Peter Lurie
  • Nemesis: David Kaye
  • Longshot: Nolan North
  • Spider-Man: Christopher Daniel Barnes
  • Power Princess: Susan Eisenberg
  • Proteus: Crispin Freeman
  • Psylocke: Grey DeLisle
  • Forge: Clancy Brown
  • Black Panther: Khary Payton
  • Polaris: Ashley Johnson
  • The Witch: Kate Higgins
  • Beast: Fred Tatasciore
  • Scarlet Witch: Kate Higgins
  • Iron Man: Phil Morris

List of Episodes

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

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