Emma Frost
Exiles Emma Frost
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Exiles, formerly X-Men, Generation X, Hellfire Club, Hellions
Base of Operations Panoptichron, formerly Xavier Institute
Age 29
Alignment Good, formerly bad
Marital Status Dating (Cyclops)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes White
Hair White
Skin White, formerly Caucasian
Unusual Features Dilated white eyes, hair, diamond skin
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-497
Place of Birth London, England
Created by Artemis Panther/Next X-Man
Quote1 So, I'm stuck in my weakest form now? I can't access my telepathy? I'm just a diamond now? Great. This diamond is bound to shatter again. Quote2
Emma Frost



The continuity of Earth-497 follows that of Earth-616 up until Emma Frost's diamond form was shattered. When she was reassembled by Jean Grey, Beast did an analysis on her, and found that she would now be stuck in this form. This meant that she had no access to her telepathy, and she would likely never shift into her normal form again. In desperation, she quit the X-Men, but soon rejoined, as the world proved to be very unfriendly to her now. She was made leader of the X-Men, due to her lack of emotion and ruthlessness, but this actually made her the worst leader possible for the team. Also, since Emma could not access her telepathy on this Earth, she and Cyclops had no psychic affair, and Scott and Jean remained a strong romantic pair.


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