Thunderball Dialogue

Elliot Franklin or Thunderball is a villain in the Earth-69 universe. He is 2nd in command of the team the Wrecking Crew.


Elliot Franklin had an easy life, and rich parents. Anything he wanted was his. He went to the best schools, where he studied at West Point and became a strategic expert. But he felt empty, so he joined a group of criminals to raid his family's neighbors house. However, one of the criminals, Henry Camp, kills the owner. Elliot, along with the others, flees. But they are captured, and put on death row. He was given a second chance by SHIELD, if he agreed to be a test subject for Operation Rebirth II. He agreed, and was transformed into a super soldier, and made strategic expert over the Wrecking Crew. The team handled many of Nick Fury's covert operations, however, they were becoming too dangerous and hurting innocents, and were to be canned by Fury, in favor of nanite based super soldiers. On a mission to Africa, they were attacked by Fury's assassins, but they managed to defeat them, and they started a journey back to the United States. Upon arrival, their revenge was opposed by Thor, and they were defeated. Later, during Malekith's attack, they attempted to escape but were stopped.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the serum Elliot has strength on superhuman levels

Super Speed: Because of the serum Elliot can move at speeds faster then an olympic level athlete

Super Stamina: The serum eliminates most fatigue toxins in Franklin's body

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