New Asgard Universe
Official Designation Earth-81699
Status Existing
Primary Difference Lucas Olsen was more aggressive as a child, leading Don Blake to kill him years later. He then established a new nation called Asgard.
Created by PhotonCommander10

 Earth-81699 is the reality designation for the New Asgard universe.


Earth-81699 is identical to Earth-81648, up until Don Blake's childhood. Lucas Olsen was a lot more aggressive in this universe. So when Don completed the 800KW.THOR Armour, he went after Lucas to punish him for his acts as a child. Accidentally killing Lucas, he realised that he enjoyed it and decided to become what he called "the Judge". He began tracking down and killing America's top most wanted, using his electricity-manipulating armour.

Cap Unfrozen

While Don was tracking a fugitive in Arizona, he practised in the desert, where he came across an abandoned, and partially destroyed, S.H.I.E.L.D base. He used the electricity to blast his way in, and came across the frozen body of Captain America. Don used the armour to unfreeze him, and Cap emerged still alive.

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