Age at War
Official Designation Earth-81616
Status Existing
Primary Difference World ruled by Nick Fury
Created by PhotonCommander10

 Earth-81616 is the reality designation for the Age at War universe.


Nick Fury's Dictatorship

During the late 1950's, Nick Fury became addicted to the drug 'Banshee'. This lead to his job as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D being put in jeopardy. He tried to overcome his addiction, but began hallucinating and his condition decreased. He resurrected the old Monarchs team during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and took advantage of the government's focus on it, attacking the White House, killing then-president John F. Kennedy. After this, Nick threatened the government using his team, and became the new president. However, he made a number of changes, and turned the United States into a dictatorship.

Captain (Not so) Reawakened

Remembering back to a few years after World War 2, and how him and a S.H.I.E.L.D troop found the frozen body of Steven Rogers, Nick travelled to the abandoned facility to try and recover him. The frozen body was taken back to the White House, which had now been turned into more of a fortress, where scientists examined it. They said that he wouldn't survive the defreezing process and that Fury would have to wait if he wanted the Captain alive.

Dawn of the Millenium

On the eve of the 21st Century, Fury decided to try and reawaken the Captain once more. This led to a success, and Steven Rogers was unfrozen. Seeing what the world had become, he joined Fury, due to a mixture of friendship from their World War 2 days, and militant Atheism. He felt that by killing thousands, he would prove there is no God, as "No omnopitent entity would let this much suffering happen!". He took the name Captain Infidel, and began a new reign of terror. He tracked down the mass murderer, Victor Creed, and offered him the position of Second General. Victor then used his army to massacre most of Africa, using a number of Nuclear Weapons and full-on attacks by fleets. Africa became known as 'the Savage Land', as only savage animals inhabited it after what became known as 'the Purge'.


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