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The Nemesisaverse (also known as Earth-2345678) is an alternate reality. In this reality the world was Taken over by Spider-man.


Earth-2345678 started out incredibly similar to 616. However this universe's Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was more resentful. After his Uncle Ben died, he became Spiderman, but soon after, when he turned 18, his Aunt May passed as well. And after being slandered by the media and losing Gwen Stacy and many other friends, including Mary Jane in a battle with Venom, he lost it and began to kill criminals. He was eventually opposed by Daredevil, but swiftly defeated him. He then retired from being a superhero. However, he was pushed over the edge when he was accused for murdering a seven- year-old, which was actually Mysterio. He was then hunted by S.H.E.I.L.D and the Avengers. After evading capture for days, Spider-Man then hunted down Mysterio and brutally killed him in public. Finally driven mad, he sought to seek vengeance on the world that had tormented him, and the Age of the Spider began. An age no different than the Holocaust.

Notable differences

  • Many heroes and villains were killed by Spider-Man
  • SHIELD is taken over by Spider-Man and becomes a terrorist group
  • Maria Hill is raped by Spider-Man
  • Secret War, Civil War, Dark Reign, Siege, Age of Apocalypse and Infinity Gauntlet are all retold with Spidey as the villain
  • Aunt May is dead
  • Spider-Man never became an Avenger

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