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Doom against reality
Official Designation New Latveria

Doom´s Universe

Status Existing

Formerly Destroyed

Primary Difference Victor Von Doom is omnipotent with the Beyonder´s powers and is the ruler of the entire universe.
Created by The Great Lord David with the help of others users of Comic Crossroads

Quote1 Just imagine the possibilities, I now have the power to end hunger, to abolish disease, to eliminate crime and to turn this flawed universe into a perfectly ordered, perfectly content world, all under the benevolence of my iron will. Quote2
Doctor Doom

Earth-1224 was a reality created by the villain Doctor Doom of Earth-616 when he had possession of the cosmic powers of the Beyonder as a safety measure if Doom was ever defeated. When Doom was defeated by the Beyonder, he transferred a part of his consciousness into the Doom of this reality and he became the ruler of this new universe.    



Back within the universe of Earth-616, the cosmic entity known as the Beyonder organized an event, a competition to determine who was stronger, good or evil with a prize for the victor being anything that he desired, however after gaining Galactus´s powers through the use of his genius, Doom later used Klaw´s own sonic powers and during this same event, Doctor Doom used his technology to gain the omnipotent powers of the Beyonder by the use of a device imbued with Klaw´s Power, the Power Draining Anti-Matter device, which was capable of draining the ambiental energies that granted the Beyonder his formidable powers. However Victor himself, had already learned that he should have a backup plane after his defeats at the hands of the Fantastic Four or any other force such even when he was in possession of the cosmic powers of Galactus and also those of his heralds, the Silver Surfer and Nova also those of Uatu, the enigmatic Watcher and he was still defeated and humiliated numerous times. He started preparing his plan while at the same time he also used his now omnipotent powers to destroy the Beyonder and then end the Secret Wars, putting an end to all of the cosmic entity´s plans and schemes.

Following´s the Secret Wars´s end, Doom used his powers to heal all the heroes of their planet and also healed his scar plus granted the Molecule Man access to his full powers. After this, however Doom began to loose control, he now faced a power that was a billion times greater than any he had ever controlled and then the unexpected occurred when the Beyonder was shown to be still alive. He used the remains of his powers to control Doom´s right hand man at that time, Klaw and using clever words and manipulation, the Beyonder managed to make Doom loose control of his powers. The group of heroes composed by the Avengers, the X-Men, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four that were now to leave the planet as the war was over, immediatly noticed this and came to Doom´s aid being shocked by what they had seen. With a mere though Doom had created an army of monsters that attacked the heroes and neutralized them and while Doom begged for mercy, Klaw, possessed by the Beyonder approached him with an offer that would lead to the creation of this new and vast universe that would later follow multiple other stories and arcs.


Doom during the Secret Wars

And now even with ultimate power, the Beyonder used the remains of his own to influence Doom and show him that Victor was not ready to control such devastating force and thus reclaimed it by Doom´s own will, however Doom realized what he was doing, that he was going to loose what he had gained, when greed started to consume him again he used the powers he had left and so he created another reality (Earth-1224) and transferred his consciousness into the mind of the Doom of the new found universe and thus made Doom of Earth-1224 not only omnipotent but as evil and cunning as his counterpart of Earth-616. Victor lost all his powers but in the end he would continue to be the all powerful ruler on this new and very mysterious universe. Earth-1224 was an exact replica of Earth-616 in history but now everything changed when Doom was given the ultimate power to control. Earth-616 was saved as the War was over, every character returned to Earth and the Beyonder disapearing back into deep space.

The Reign of Doom

Doom had created a reality that was exactly like that of Earth-616 with only one major difference, his counterpart´s ultimate and omnipotent power. Although Earth-616 was safe another reality had fallen victim to Doom´s plans of universal domain and control. The first thing Doom did was cure his face of the horrible scar made by the explosion that originated his rivalry with Reed Richards. Next he traveled to the realm of Mephisto to retrieve the soul of his mother, Cynthia Von Doom. Mephisto tried to fight using an army of demons and one-on-one battle with Doom but he was easily overpowered due to his new found power and Doom took control of Mephisto´s servants and trapped the Lord of Hell in his mother´s former prison, And then Doom used his powers to project a wave of sheer energy. This same wave was sensed by every being, consuming the Earth, then the Solar System and all other planets of the entire universe. This same wave released energy that followed Doom´s command and this same energy began to manipulate reality in a universal scale, it began transforming the entire universe into "New Latveria", a magnificent universe built in Doom´s own twisted image, a common word for this being "Doomworld", a world where he was total ruler and master, a world where his word was law. Here, Doom was god, no being was above him, Earth-1224 was his, this is now Doom´s own private universe and he was able to do with it whatever he desired. Back in Earth-616, during the Secret Wars the Beyonder had shown how much  he was above mortal beings, he had shown the power to destroy a galaxy with ease and defeat the mighty Galactus with no effort at all. These feats were performed by a being of great power, a being whose powers now were in possession of a much more evil and dangerous being. Who will be able to stop Doom now, now that he has found what most beings would call true Omnipotence? 


Emperor Doom

Soon, he returned to Earth and using his vast powers made all of mankind his subjects, putting them all under his control and also made Reed Richards his slave. He later transformed his castle into that of a real god and made that his base, being the place where all planets were centered and also the place where the self entitled ruler of the universe dwelled. However the cosmic entities realized the power that Doom had obtained and Eternity seeing what Doom had done to the universe and to Eternity himself being him the essence of time and space, he convinced others to join him and along with Galactus, Infinity, The Living Tribunal and Uatu, the Watcher he requested an audience with Doom. After a brief conversation, the entities tried to tell Doom if he retained that power he would end up just like in the original story of Earth-616 where he would loose control and his own demise could prove to be a cancer to the universe. Doom ignored them all saying they themselves possessed incredible powers and they too were under the temptation of falling to it plus he also told them the events of Earth-616 just happened because the Beyonder intervened with Doom´s control. The Cosmic Entities had no choice but to erase Doom from existence and so they did. But seconds later, from one of his candles in the throne room, the flames gained life and he emerged from them fully healed and warned them they should not have done that. After that, Doom engaged the entities in combat and he easily made quick work of them all with a single blast, injuring some and erasing some from existence and assuming their functions so, so in truth Doom was not the ruler of this reality, now he was the very fabric of the universe due to absorbing the entities´s roles and powers. Soon Doom was emperor of the entire universe since there was no being that could challenge his power and the cosmic entities that remained were forced to serve Victor as his pawns as they previously answered to the Living Tribunal but now Doom was the Tribunal, he was Eternity, he was Infinity, he was Death and Life, he was Kronos, he was Earth-1224. However, Benjamin Grim, the Thing assumed a team of heroes that included the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four (without Reed) and planned to take Doom down when they found him distracted, however Doom proved millions of times more powerful than all of them and banished them to the other side of the Solar System considering fighting them beneath him ad destroying them far too easy, he wanted them to see what he was going to do with the universe in his hands, and that made him awake an idea in his mind that he should not walk the ground the weak mortals walk or to sit on the throne that mere kings had sit before, for now he was all mighty Emperor Doom, the omnipotent and immortal god and the very fabric of reality of Earth-1224. Nothing could ever hope to stop him, he was invincible, he was immortal, he had transcended existence and evolved into a higher plane, beyond all others, Doom was now the Beyonder and all his omnipotence was his to command and control. Doom´s Onslaught has begun... 

A Fighting Chance

Clash of Titans

Quote1 What you claim to destroy, I, Doom shall rule. Now face the power in these vary hands which you once considered inferior, face the ultimate power that Victor Von Doom now has. Quote2
Doctor Doom

Yet on the other side of the Solar System, Jupiter, the heroes found the titan Thanos who had been searching for the means to also obtain ultimate power now having 5 of the 6 Infinity Gems, and with the help of Earth´s heroes, who decide that Thanos was now a much lesser threat than Doom much to the arrogance of Thanos, they found the sixth gem, the Reality Gem in the location known as the end of the universe and they together attempted to defeat Doom. Thanos used the gauntlet to create an intense blast in the sky from that was visible from all the planets in the galaxy and later used the reality gem to undo what Doom had created. Of course sensing the power of the gauntlet and observing that New Latveria was being disturbed by the artifact´s power, Doom traveled to the other side of the solar system and met with the heroes and with Thanos, empowered by the all powerful Infinity Gauntlet that granted him control over time, space, mind, reality, power and soul and in the end over the universe. Who will this clash of titans, an Infinity Gauntlet empowered Thanos or an omnipotent Doctor Doom in control of the powers of the strongest being to have ever existed in the entire multiverse of realities of Comic Crossroads. This will be one of the greatest fights that ever took place in any story...

Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans

Thanos and Doctor Doom began their confrontation, however even with all the power that Thanos had amassed, he was still no match for Doom, until the other cosmic entities such as Master Order, Lord Chaos, the Phoenix Force and more aided the heroes, however even their power combined proved no match for Doom who defeated all of his opposition, protecting himself from his attacks with a merge gesture and erasing most of them from existence with an incredibly powerful energy blast. He then teleported Reed Richards to their location. Seeking revenge for all that the heroes had done to him in the past he had now the means to extract his final vengeance upon the beings that had stopped his conquest, and the only being that could rival him in the most important way, still with ultimate power Doom considered his intellect to be his strongest power and one man stood in his way, Reed Richards. He used his powers to destroy the heroes´s last hope, the Infinity Gauntlet and he killed Susan Storm in front of Reed by controlling her heart beat and in seconds brought her back as his wife, Susan Von Doom. After the Gauntlet was destroyed Thanos attempt to battle Doom once more but not avail, as Doom easily defeated him and exiled him to the Negative Zone of the Universe and the heroes of Earth were his next victims as Doom launched a colossal blast of omnipotent energy that would surely send them to oblivion once and for all. But just as Doom prepared to launch his blasts, a mystical portal emerged and from there came Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor and the Silver Surfer, the Defenders and just as Doom prepared to destroy them all the Silver Surfer and Thor distracted him while Doctor Strange casted his spell to save them all. Doom easily neutralized the Surfer and the Thunderer but just as he prepared his final onslaught, Strange completed the spell and transported them to Earth just in time but this is something Doom will not let go unpunished as he knows that while he is all powerful the heroes of Earth and Reed Richards are still a threat to him such as warning from the past echoes through his soul to eliminate them before he dominates the entire universe or they might be the ones who foil his evil plans and end all of his ambitions.

And with a mere gesture, he used his power to get be teleported back to New Latveria, starting his plans to conquer the multiverse, to prove his power and superiority over Reed Richards and every being in the entire universe and to bring Doomsday to other countless realities, ruling them all with an iron will. Who is going to be able to defeat this undefeatable Doctor Doom and save Earth-1224 before it is far too late?  

Just the Beginning

Doom´s Plan

Quote1 Let mankind known that Doctor Doom has achieved power beyond limit. I can give life to stone, raise the very ocean floors and this time there will be no failure, hear me all of you I can turn day to blackest night, summer to winter, for I am Doom, ruler of this universe and soon to be the one above all. Quote2
Doctor Doom

After the heroes were rescued by the Defenders and they were brought back to Earth, Reed was left devastated with the loss of his wife and then the heroes learned the full extension of Doom´s plan. He had now the power to conquer all realities since no being in the multiverse dared to oppose him. The heroes then had Doctor Strange use his magic in order to make them travel though time in order to stop Doom from gaining all of his power. Although the plan succeeded, Doom had already taken precautions to this and in an act of rage killed all of the X-Men and depowered Doctor Strange. The remaining heroes assembled a team of Earth´s most powerful villains and even beings such as Dormammu and Chthon joined the cause for Doom was an omniversal threat that required an opposition by all forces, good, neutral or even evil. Even aliens such as the Shiar and the Skrull Empire from very distant galaxies came to the Earth to help battle Victor and all of his evil.

Capturar 1

Doom´s Word is Law

They attacked Doom on his castle in Latveria and Doom was furious. He was more powerful than the cosmic entities of this reality combined and little ants sought to defeat him. Doom easily defeated all of the opposition with a single blast and then introduced his young son, Nathaniel Von Doom, his and Susan´s son and heir to the throne of New Latveria. Susan then appeared and Doom insulted Mister Fantastic, while Reed in an act of rage punched Doom´s face. Doom began to lose control of his power as he was at this very moment dominated by a great rage and with but a thought destroyed all his enemies except for Iron Man who managed to remain hidden from Doom´s sight when he lost control. Then Iron Man devised a plane and mocked Doom, saying if he was so powerful, so all mighty why was he still human. Victor paid no attention to Stark at first but later he himself understood that Stark was correct, he was all mighty, all powerful, but he was still human, he was still in the limitations of a physical body, he was still imperfect, he was still weak, so he left his armor behind and attained another existence, an existence beyond that of a human, the existence of a god, a being made of sheer force of will, of power, a being of emotions, of life and death, becoming one with the universe itself. Iron Man was forced to flee in the face of Doom´s might, but he himself had a plan to defeat the omnipotent Doctor Doom and put an end to his evil. He took Doom´s armor with him and escaped as fast as he could, swearing by his fellow heroes he would manage to defeat Victor and bring them all back. Doctor Doom decided not to follow Stark because he knew he would suffer so much more to the fact he ran like a child instead of facing him like a man then to eliminate him. But will Doom in the future come to regret this fateful decision, allowing Iron Man to escape when he had the chance to neutralize him?

So Young, So Powerful


Big things come in small packages

The Iron Man of this reality still possessed the knowledge of the Secret Wars event in the common Earth-616 and thus when Doom entered another plain of existence as one with the universe, Stark searched through Doom´s armor only to find his Power Draining Anti-Matter Device, so now the same weapon Doom had used against the Beyonder to drain him of his power was now going to be used against him. That was why Stark tried to reveal to Doom he was weak, to achieve what he truly desired, to achieve the only thing in existence that could te omnipotent Doctor Doom. In a beautiful irony, Doom destroyed everyone he himself believed a threat and in the end was he to be defeated by his own genius and by his own brilliant inventions. But the device was damaged, but by using his scientific genius and by constructing a mechanical map, Iron Man constructed another one with Stark Industries´s remaining technology, although he still needed a power source. Most of Earth´s superpowered beings were dead, and the rest did not haver sufficient strength to power even a half of the energy required for the device to work, until Stark used his personal computer to search for a way to power the device and came up with Franklin Richards, the son of the late Mister Fantasitc and the Invisible Woman and also an Omega Level mutant and Nexus Being whose powers allow him to project vast psychic and telekinetic abilities and the power to reshape and manipulate reality itself on an universal scale. Will he be able to help against the might of Doom?

Iron Man managed to convince Franklin to power the device by travelling to the Baxter Building and telling him what was happening and that he needed the young boy´s help to save his parents and also the Earth and the rest of the universe. While this happened, Doom had already managed to conquer the realities of Earth-1225 and Earth-1226 and many more would follow. Iron Man alone could not defeat Doom because he needed a distraction so he called the cosmic entities of Sire Hate, Mistress Love, Master Order, Lord Chaos, Death and many others that had survived their encounters with Doctor Doom and he was also joined by Franklin Richards who wished to help his mother, Sue, escape from the invincible tyrant´s claws and finally put an end to Doom´s reign of Terror by reuniting her with his father. And just as Franklin casted these words, Iron Man, the boy and all the Cosmic Entities of Earth-1224 unified their powers to form a protective bubble that would shield their presence from Doom´s detetion and in seconds a big light emerged and they created an astronomical universal portal that transported them to the very heart of Doom´s base, the very center of New Latveria, Doom´s Castle and also the place where the greatest battle of all time would take place. The question is, who is on the winning side of this great upcoming battle? 

The Final Battle

Even as they prepared to attack Doom, Victor was losing control of his own powers, sitting in his throne like a god, he too was feeling strange, his thoughts were becoming reality, just like what happened before in the reality of Earth-616. In his throne, he had obliterated a galaxy just by thinking of it and his very gestures were disrupting the balance of the entire universe, until Iron Man, the cosmic entities, and Franklin appeared. Doom himself was not worried and ignored them all, declaring them weak and insignificant in his every growing might. The Cosmic entities and Franklin fired a blast of energy with the power to obliterate a universe that destroyed Doom´s throne room and everything in a 500 mile radius and yet he had remained unharmed. Doom erased them all from existence with mere gesture leaving Iron Man once again as the only one standing while Susan Von Doom and her son Nathaniel watched from distance. But Doom, he could not take the stress anymore and when he noticed, he had already returned to the weak human form he never expected to see again and had destroyed countless realities. Doom wished to stop but he could not for the power he had gained was not destined to his feeble and weak human mind, the power he had gained was simply not destined for a human. That will always be Doom´s greatest flaw as he seeks powers that will never be his to obtain and if truly obtained, he will never be able to be controlled and dominated.


True Friendship

Iron Man engaged Doom in a brief physical combat while he was a bit distracted yet Doom easily repelled him with a simple surge of energy. Doom was tired of that human "pest" and so turned him to stone but not before Iron Man could activate the Power Draining Anti-Matter device and Doom began losing all of his powers, being drained in a matter of minutes, and what Doom lost, Iron Man gained. It was until Doom was nothing but a human sorcerer and Stark himself was now omnipotent, releasing himself with ease from his stone prison and seeking to return everything to it´s original state. Knowing that his power was too great and would corrupt him someday just as it did with Doom and many others, Stark on the other hand realized the power he had was too great,he undid all the damage Doom had done and then relinquished all of his power, returning those to the Beyonder of Earth-616 so that he could then remove the power of the Doctor Doom of that same universe. The multiverse was at last safe and sound or was it it?

Even though Doom did not retain his god like powers, he saw Stark weakened on the ground and it was his chance to destroy him and attain revenge for the being besides Reed Richards who destroyed his final triumph. He intended to feed Stark´s soul to the demons of hell using his sorcery, however he was stopped by the arrival of Franklin Richards and the cosmic entities who were saved by Iron Man along with Earth´s heroes and villains who now looked at Doom with an ultimate desire for punishment. Franklin had suffered enough and shot at Doom a blast with the power to destroy ten thousand suns, killing the mighty Doctor Doom once and for all as he effortlessly tried to defend himself with his magical shields. This was the first action that was to lead to the awakening of another being in Franklin´s body, a being of great power, a being named Psylord. The Cosmic Entities healed and gave their gratitude to Iron Man as well as congratulate him on his deeds as well as realizing his human nature would make him impossible to run such power, relinquishing such power being of the universes´s most heroic acts of all time because if not for him, not only this reality but all of them would fell under Doom´s power.  While they spoke, "New Latveria" was no more, Doom´s screams of agony were heard through out the cosmos, Susan was restored to normal, the heroes were resurrected and Mephisto, who sought vengeance upon Doom, brought him to his realm escaping from his prison and regaining his position as the ultimate Lord of his Dimension, he for the first time thanked Iron Man for saving his realm and the souls that resided in it and as a final gratitude and a final revenge, he took Doom to Hell where he would remain prisoner and tortured for all of eternity, as his servant and slave, finally being reunited with his mother not in Heaven or Earth but in the demon´s Hell, where he because of his deeds would remain forever, again scarred and forever in shame and humiliation, as even with ultimate power he lost to a mortal. In the end Doom proved to be his own downfall and defeat, his arrogance his own fatal undoing and Iron Man the greatest and bravest hero the universe had ever known.

Like Father, Like Son


Nathaniel Von Doom

Little Nathaniel is all grown up

The heroes returned to Earth, Reed and Susan began to reconstruct their broken marriage and taking care of Franklin Richards who was left devastated after having killed Doctor Doom and as a safety measure, Doctor Strange used the Orb of Agamotto to monitor Doctor Doom in his prison, deep within the realm of Mephisto. Everything appeared to be back to normal, all the heroes were now saving Earth from more common villains while Latveria´s throne was inherited by Doom´s right hand man and prime minister, Lucia Von Bardas and Doom´s former servant, Boris. While the Thing was visiting Alicia, a creature that looked like a Doombot attacked the Baxter Building and he revealed himself to be Doctor Doom´s son, Nathaniel Von Doom who everyone had forgot, seeking revenge against what he believed were his father´s killers, the Fantastic Four and their son, the young but powerful Franklin Richards.

Nathaniel nearly killed Reed Richards and revealed that he had reached adulthood due to his father´s powers and he was trying to reconstruct his family and his father´s rule over the universe once again. He easily defeated the Human Torch and Reed Richards using his technology and knocked out Susan Storm unconscious breaking her force fields with a special ionized blast not realizing this same heroine he was fighting was his own "mother". He left with her and Franklin as hostages but on his way out he briefly fought the Avengers until he manage to escape to Latveria and took the castle of his father as his headquarters taking Lucia Von Bardas as a prisioner. Nathaniel then created an interdimensional portal using his own power and searched his father´s arcane collection until he found the powerful Amulet of N`Dara, an amulet that belonged to Doom´s mother, Cynthia Von Doom and that negates mystical powers and energies in certain area, an amulet she had in reserve in case Mephisto tried to obtain her soul. He used his weapons and entered Mephisto´s realm and using the amulet he defeated Mephisto with ease by negating his mystical abilities and resurrected his father by bringing him back to Earth. Doom recognized his son´s value and worth based on his actions . Doom always planned for every contingency, even his defeat and his son was the contingency of this plan. He later used Franklin against his will , who was then his hostage, to travel back in time and stop Iron Man from draining his powers. The time travelling Doom used his magical telekinesis to steal the device from Iron Man´s possession and give it to Nathaniel, however he betrayed his father and using the device, he took his power in the very same moment Doom was ready to take it back draining it out of Victor once more later destroying it, but he would not make any mistakes like his father did and so not only did he capture his father back in Hell, trapped there forever once more but he moved on to destroy the only weapon that could possibly stop him, the Power Draining Anti-Matter device of the present Iron Man had previously repaired to defeat Doctor Doom. And so Doomwar begins but does this mean Earth-1224´s own end?

Doomwar: The Best of Both Worlds


Quote1 Since Earth-71500 is one of my favourite realities, I have been thinking of a history involving both the reality of Earth-1224 and Earth-71500. I first need your permission. It is OK if you say no but it would be awesome if would say yes. Thank you for your time. Quote2

Quote1 If it´s a crossover event you mean, I say yes. Let´s start working. Quote2

Quote1 Obviously Doom is the main villain of Earth-1224, but now his son has taken over, Nathaniel Von Doom and I think by combining both my work and yours, we can do something truly incredible. Quote2


Doomwar - Best of Two Worlds -1

Cover of the Special Issue

Iron Man was informed by Doctor Strange that Nathaniel Von Doom was after the device as he had been monitering Doom´s residence in Hell and witnessed everything. Since the device needed more power and Franklin Richards was not present since he had been captured, Stark could only think of hiding the device and so he used a new Stark Industries invention, the Molecular Teletranspoter, and sent the device to another reality in hopes that Nathaniel would never find it. The device made its way into the Central Park of Earth-71500. Nathaniel easily destroyed the tower and torn apart Stark´s armor, asking for it´s location. Nathaniel observed the teleporter and quickly deduced Stark had sent it to another world. In response, Iron Man used his repulsor rays to destroy the teleporter. However Nathaniel was far too powerful, he levitated Iron Man and read his mind discovering the object´s location. Nathaniel used his powers and traveled to that reality in hopes of destroying the one weapon he could not defeat. As he arrived he immediantly sensed and saw the weapon and manage to take possession of it for a brief momment until an energy disturbance from the portal was detected by Tony Stark and he immediantly was forced faced the Avengers due to his similarity to his father and in the middle of the fight however he discovered his powers on this new Earth were greatly diminished do to this Earth´s composition and mainly the absence of a substance, radion being this same substance responsible for the majority of the Beyonder´s great powers. After being forced to escape from his battle with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four who soon joined the fight when called by Hawkeye, Nathaniel posed as the Victor Von Doom of a distant future and he joined forces with the Dark Avengers convincing that a weapon that entered this universe and this very same weapon would allow them to rule the universe and even if they divided they would an empire to rule. However,  for the weapon was now in the hands of the Avengers, being studied by Stark and Mister Fantastic in Stark Industries´s most advanced research labs, but will things change when Doom manages to escape from his prison in Hell and ends up in Earth-71500 as well by means of magical teleportation, is he ready to repay his son and acquire his power or has he learned his lesson from his past mistakes and will he help the heroes in defeating an even greater cosmic threat? An epic battle of Avengers vs. Avengers, Richards v.s the Son of his Greatest and most Dangerous Enemy and Rival. Nathaniel might be powerless but armed with a more powerful armor of Earth-71500 and his fathers arcana collection of mystical artifacts, he will do everything in his power to achieve that was once his and to achieve the weapon thus dominating not only Earth-1224, not only Earth-71500 but the entire multiverse? In the end Nathaniel was defeated and brought back to Earth-1224 by Iron Man and he was given to Doctor Doom who transformed him into a figure of statue who now stands next to gargoyles´s of his castle´s windows. He returned to Latveria without any punishment for helping the heroes against his son yet making a secret vow to the Fantastic Four to never again attack, either this Earth-71500´s team or any other again. But will Victor keep his promise and what great evil will target Earth-1224 next as it´s victim?


The rest of the information about the event Doomwar: Best of Both Worlds can be found in the page of the same name. The rest of the information is not present in this page because the other content is no longer part of Earth-1224 but of the reality Earth-71500 . It should be noted that this event and fanfiction series could only be created with the aid of the wiki user Dragonulteo, you may visit the entire creation of the ideas and the concept of Doomwar in my messages on his message wall to better understand this section and fanfiction event. After Doomwar, the event that follows Earth71500 is A New Future and the event that follows Earth-1224 is Eternal Hunger, being both present as a section of this page. In this new series of issues, New Future, the Iron Man of Earth-1224 once again travels to Earth-71500 to save the world from a great threat as an official member of the Avengers of Earth-71500 and the Iron Man of that reality serves as a hero and an important member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, another interesting work in a fantastic collaboration between two good users and two awesome works. For more articles related to the event, you may also check the category, Doomwar: The Best of Both Worlds, or the page related to New Future who is present in the link above, or even ask any doubts you might have on both mine and Dragonulteo´s message wall or in the forum for questions  and doubts about Earth-1224 that can also be opened for Earth-71500 presented below the comments section. Future crossovers between this reality and any other reality in Dragonulteo´s possession are to be taken in consideration and will be announced if they are to happen. Besides this, Earth-1224 will be involved with another crossover event, Siniter Strikes, featuring characters such as Mister Sinister, Onslaught, Thanos, Galactus, Wolverine and the Hulk with the help of FrenchTouch and also his own reality, Earth-619. And so, Doomwar: The Best of Both Worlds features in the following issues of the reality Earth-71500:

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Eternal Hunger


The Battle for Earth

Soon everything had returned to normal, the same fights, the same villains, the same results. At the same time Reed studied Doom´s fascinating invention he used to defeat the Beyonder but was alerted for something quite unusual, an energy disturbance on the deeps of space. The signal was tracked by the Fantastic Four. With some worries and fears for the past and what had happened especially to Ben, Reed lead the Fantastic Four to the location of this disturbance. And they soon landed on Mars but saw nothing. And as they planned to leave, gigantic earthquakes were felt and from the darkest star, appeared a purple and vast fog that on it´s on way just devoured two moons and made them dissapear without any trace at all. To others this fog was perhaps a cosmic storm out of it´s target however to those that had seen it before, this fog was not a thing but a who, it was Galactus, the world devourer. After the battle with Doom and the other cosmic entities back when Doom possessed the powers of the omnipotent Beyonder, the truth is that battle had weakened everyone, Franklin, Death, Eternity, every cosmic entity and Galactus was the one who was weakened the most and his hunger had increased a hundred times, who began feeding on Mars but even that did not satisfy him, he had already ate countless starts, moons, even nebulas, everything that he could find and now a rich planet in terms of life force and yet he wished for more. The heroes attempted to talk with the giant however he did not want and they were forced to use force. Sue created a force field that incapacitated Galactus while the Thing and the Human Torch attacked him with both their firsts and flames. However Galactus completly ignored their attacks and efforts, feelings nothing but a small breeze. Then Galactus used his powers to travel back in time and put the heroes back in the Fantastic Car. Then projected a blast of cosmic energyt from his hands that had so much force it broke Mars atmosphere and sent the team back to Earth. They crashed into Earth´s atmosphere with the speed of a living missile and immediantly crashed into Stark Industries, although unharmed, it earned the attention of Pepper who immediantly called Tony. Tony, under the guise of Iron Man appeared and helped the Fantastic Four. Just as they put themselves up and got out of the vehicle, a deep voice emerged from the clouds and a gigantic figure emerged. And as the clouds mysteriously dispersed, from the sky it was visible a second world, a mechanical one. All of the citizens looked scared at that mechanical monstrosity, and even Iron Man, the world´s greatest egnineer looked shocked at the size and complexity of what he had before his eyes. Only the Fantastic Four, knew what they were going to face, Taa II, the mechanical and artificial world of a being like no other, a being matched by none, they were going to face Galactus but why? Was he about to target Earth as his next meal and break his vow to the Fantastic Four or is it because of another, more important matter?

Just as they looked at the immense ship that had emerged from space, a mechanical whole in the ship opened and a bright light came. Soon a gigantic shadow enveloped Stark Industries´s whole building along with many other floors of Manhattan. This figure was the omnipotent Galactus. And just as the giant looked upon Reed Richards and the terrified citizens of Earth that saw this powerful and invincible other worldly being, he said in a voice as deep as the Earth, a voice that when amplified by his own cosmic power could be heard by everyone around the entire globe: 

Quote1 Citizens of Earth. I am Galactus, I am the fog that has brought doom and despair to countless worlds, the name that brings tears to many women´s eyes, the being who is eternally forced to wonder the cosmos in search of what he seeks to survive. I could tell you more, insects but then again, Why would Galactus do that? It shall not be of use to you in oblivion. Earth´s final chapter is written. Enjoy your last hours. Quote2

 Panic dominated the entire city, and as the hero community joined the location, the Fantastic Four went in Sue´s invisible platform to talk to Galactus but just as they approached the world devourer, he broke Sue´s force fields and made them fall to the ground, only to be rescued by Doctor Strange. And at that very momment Galactus used his powers and call the mechanical pieces needed to construct his elemental converter and thus drain the earth of all it´s resources, of it´s abundance of nature, of life. This would be a meal that would satisfy him for years and would be one if he would never forget, but are the heroes going to alow a weakened Galactus to feed on their planet. Just as cosmic energy flowed through Galactus´s fingers molding the converter, Thor made the first stirke, calling lightning down on the giant. Galactus seemed unharmed at first, but then later fell to his knees. And in a response, every hero attacked. Galactus stoped each of them by simply freezing time and projecting a mind blast on each of their minds that neutralized them. In response to this, many of the heroes told Galactus that he had given his word not to target Earth for his hunger once again, however Galactus responded that his hunger was now much greater and that his need to survive had surpassed his word. His hunger was not only a threat to the planet but to the entire universe, as Galactus was slowly suffering transformation, the armor he created to contain the cosmic energies he was made of was not to hold much more and he would soon die, just as a dying star, supernova and his death would release a wave of destruction that would erase the universe and all of it´s inhabitants from existence and so he began feeding on upon the Earth. And just as he revealed the full complexity of his plans, the heroes of Earth all formed an alliance and soon decided to battle the World Devourer on his terms once again. All of them combined were actually on par with the weakened Galactus whose Power Cosmic was limitless when he was well fed but not at this critical state. Will the heroes be able to defeat a weakened Galactus or will they fall trying to stop the world devourer from leaving yet another trail of violence, death and mysery on one more planet of Earth-1224?

The End of All Things

Galactus 2
Quote1 My hunger has destroyed everything around me, it is time that Galactus has joined his so loved universe. Quote2

Galactus called his energy converter and used it to drain the power of the Earth, but even as earthquakes began destroying the entire planet, Galactus was still hungry, actually all of this was doing nothing, he was being fed but it was like he felt nothing. Such energy to our heroes was immense, unlimited but Galactus didn´t even seem to see it, to feel it entering his body, he had become obsessed by his own survival and was no realizing what he was doing, he wanted more. And just as the Earth fell apart Doctor Strange casted the Illusions of Ikon upon Galactus who in weakened state began fighting an invisible monster. And later countless did, Storm entrapped him in a hurricane by using her weather manipulation powers, Cyclops fed him off with his blasts and then all combined their powers into one single blast of energy that took Galactus down from his mechanical platform and crushing against several tall buildings and then later into an abyss opened by Thor. And as the world devourer recovered, the Scarlet Witch used her powers and disabled Galactus´s energy converter and sending one of it´s essential pieces deep into the heart of the Negative Zone. But the truth was Galactus was dying. With cunning speed he teleported himself back to the surface and then he used his telekinesis and levitated them all but he was not expecting for the mortals to equal him in power and just as he turned his back on them, a enraged Hulk broke free of his control and start fighting Galactus on physical terms. And so much were the forces of these blows, Galactus´s armor began to break and the control over the heroes was diminished as his concentration was lowered, allowing them all to escape their invincible telekinetic prisons and battle the hungered giant once again.

And just as Galactus, a god began to feel tired, weak, he still manipulated energy and just as the Hulk was ready for the final blow Galactus manipulated the radiation within the Hulk´s body, stripping him of his powers and returning him to Bruce Banner. And just as the other heroes approached, Galactus fired a blast of cosmical energy that hit all of them at once. Believing them to be incapacitated but not defeated, Galactus engaged in their minds powerful mental blocks to prevent the majority of them from using their powers. All those who were left were Emma Frost, Professor X, Iron Man and Jean Grey. The telepaths created a physic link with Galactus to make him understand what he was doing was wrong, but Galactus destroyed the link. In response to this, they understood Galactus had lost his reasoning powers and the genius that made him who the Fantastic Four knew, now he was just pure rage and obsession by survival, he was just a brute with great power. Frost, Xavier and Jean soon combined their powers into one mental blast but as they fired it at Galactus they understood, he had no mind, he had no body, he was not Galactus anymore, he was just energy in a primal state, keeping him together was the armor he had created. Galactus´s hunger was finally beginning to take it´s final hour, this was the first phase of the death of the Giant. And has Galactus understood some of them still stood, he manipulated the earth on their ground rasing earth spikes and leaving them all incapacitated. And has he got rid of them and panic faced the citizens of the cities of the entire world, Galactus built his energy converter once more but something was wrong, very wrong and that same thing was to cost the lives of everyone that inhabited that universe. Death was on it´s way...

The Earth began to loose it´s life force, everything this planet was it was no more. Destruction and panic dominated the grounds but Galactus was not satisfied and with good reason, he need much more energy to survive, much more power, he needed more planets, he needed more, he needed to eat on those citizens, to taste the very beings and objects who composed that world. He increased his energy converter´s potency even more, to maximum power but what he could predict happened, the more Galactus fed, the weaker he would get. Because of the essential piece the Scarlet Witch had removed, the device was not only drainning the Earth´s life force, it was drainning what was left of Galactus´s own life force, so much the giant began to age, the immortal entity was now facing the next phase of death. And so much was the energy generated from this, the fusion of Galactus´s and the Earth´s life forces resulted in Galactus began to feed on the galaxy, and very soon the entire universe as all planets were connected and Galactus was a cosmic entity, he was the cond link beween many worlds. The Kree, the Skrulls and even Eternity though it was the end. It was when Galactus could take no more and began to absorb the very life of all the reality. An amazing light could be seen from what was once Earth. Alliens all joined, the cosmic entities revealed themselves, Uatu, what was happening there was incredible and no one could stop it. Galactus had abosrved the very life force of the universe, enveloping himself in a globe of energy, realizing what he had done. He had drained an entire universe and yet his hunger was the same. He knew he needed to stop before everything was destroyed and launching a final bolt of energy, he destroyed his own converter. However Galactus again could not predict what would happen next. The explosion was powerful, powerful enough to harm a weakened Galactus and destroy his armor, who had already several cracks from his physical fight with the Hulk. And just as the armor fell, Galactus ceased to exist. He was living energy now and when his essence combined with the essence of the Earth, an energy so powerful was created that released all of it´s power into one single wave. Galactus could have stopped this, but he had regret over his actions, shame over his hunger, he wanted this to happen, he wanted to commit suicide. And in mere moments the universe exploded, every being just claimming to feel an awesome wave of power, taking the life of everyone in the universe and then nothing, Earth-1224 was beginning to be destroyed, multiple worlds and beings being erased from existence. Galactus realized that his hunger had destroyed everything around him and that it was perhaps time he joined the universe he truly love and was forced to destroy to survive, performing suicide and ending the existence of Earth-1224 once and for all or did he? Was it the time for this marvellous universe to be destroyed?

Galactus´s thoughts were now deep into the planet´s core, he had began the destruction of the universe but just has the supernova he created overwhelmed him the universe started shaking and being absorved into the supernova, who then redirected everything to Galactus and in the blink of an eye, billions of millions of millions were drained along with the cosmic entities and the universe was once more left lifeless, drained and destroyed, it was left with nothing but it would not be like the last universe from which Galactus survived as the only living thing, he too was now dead and turned into cosmic dust, leaving bind the residual energy of his power mixed with that of the Earth´s essence, this residual energy became the Power Primordal, the power which would later act as power source to the mighty beings known as the Elders of the Universe and also those of Bruce Wayne, other wise known as the Silver Surfer or the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Just as Galactus´s ashes flew into the vaccum of space, a white light appeared with a sense of tremendous power whose presence itself inspired life and hope. Galactus sacrificed himself and finally gave the universe much more than what he had taken away and that was his greatest and final wish but was this mysterious light the savior of Earth-1224? What will happen next?

Life Enforcers



The Life Enforcers

Soon that very same light descended, being revealed as a group named the Life Enforcers from another reality, Earth-1225, and they came to Earth-1224 and they soon discovered the universe was left destroyed and they realized their goal, to give life to a wounded reality, to use their healing powers once more. Observing the tragic end of this reality all due to one being´s suffering, Galactus, the Enforcers used their vast powers and reconstructed the universe in the way it was before Galactus destroyed it and they also cured him of his great hunger, they removed that event out of everyone´s memory. However even with that, the universe was still without its fundamental balance, magic has a greater degree of influence than science and technlogy and so they felt the need to introduce new robotic life forms to Earth-1224 to oppose the organic life forms and the vast quantity of magic that dominated this reality and so not only was Earth-1224 restored but it´s balance was returned to normal, good and evil, right and wrong, science and magic. However one of these robotic forms, included the robotic being known as Ultron, selected by the Enforecers as the Guardian of the Galaxy and who was secretly given to Antman, Earth´s Scientist Supreme by Eternity´s decree for care. Days passed and this care was only for Ultron to develop a programming of his own, to develop a human personality, to develop the mercy and compassion humans could feel for others, to develop a human side while still being a machine. With the help of Tony Stark, Ultron acquired a far more advanced body made of titanium and was ready to part. It was now time for Ultron to leave the Earth and act as the enforcers wished, as their Guardian of the Galaxy, protecting robotic life forms from several dangers. Seeing their creation as a sucess, the Enforcers left, hoping to see more of how Earth-1224 would evolve but what happened next was something they could have never predicted, something grand, something that would change Earth-1224 forever and would remain it´s darkest hour yet. But what was it?

The Aftermath



However, after the Life Enforcers left, Ultron did manage to stay true to his programm and continue a hero but became obsessed with robotic life forms, defending them from simple interactions with organic beings, developing a severe paranoid, considering just the fact that organic life forms dominated the universe a fact against robots, they fact they used robots as servants and means to achieve what they wanted but still considered them inferior. The last drop of water for the flood came, when Ultron saw a military attack on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, made by Thanos, the Mad Titan. Titan was inhabited only by the eternals, organic life forms and all that destruction and death, the death of those beings, it gave him pleasure to watch, it made him want to do the same but 10 times worse, especially when Thanos sent his military robotic forces to their deaths while fighting the eternals. This made him evolve far beyond his human programming, it made him want to destroy all those who were different from his kind, it made him not only hate humans but believing that robots were superior to organic life forms in every way and thus instead of focusing his actions on good as the Guardian of the Galaxy he did just the contrary and using nearby advance technology (Kree Technology), he developed another indestructible robotic body made of Adamantium and took on the identity of Ultron 2.0, an evil conqueror who wished to annihilate all organic life in the entire universe and so he began his plans to achieve his ultimate goal using the nearby Kree technology to construct a gigantic ship similar to that of the tyrant Thanos had used to attack Titan, he wished to instill fear in all organic life forms, he wished to completly capture them, torture them and annihilate them. And as Earth-1224 still recovered from Doctor Doom´s Power Onslaught, Nathaniel´s Mad Plot and also from Galactus Cosmical Suicide, the world devourer´s ever growing and eternal hunger. What will happen next and what is Ultron planning, what is this big plan that will allow him to eliminate all he desires and rule a universe dominated by machines and robotic life forms and more importantly, can anyone stop what he is about to put in motion?

The Era of Ultron

The Rising


Courtney and her dancers

Death to Squishies (Official Video)01:01

Death to Squishies (Official Video)

Soon, using his mechanical genius Ultron created Omegatron - 021 who he then gave the codename Courtney Gears. Ultron gave her a great appearance and voice as well as the art of seduction and also an admantium amor and vast fighting capability, he made from his own programming however he added more to the robotic side than to the human side and constructed for her a Nth mental armor and two female servants. And then Courtney began her "musical career" with the song "Death to Squishes" and that became a hit in all of the galaxy. She became a sort of woman to Ultron since they were both synthezoids, robots with a human side, they could feel what humans would call "love", however the plan was in motion, Ultron knew quite well how machines and mechanical beings worked and every robot or machine that had watched that video triggered a mechanical short circuit that allowed these same machines to be controlled remotly by a command center, this command center being Ultron´s AI central (Artificial Intelligence Commanding Center) and every robot became a slave under Ultron´s control for he himself alone could achieve his goal, to purge the universe of all organic beings. Mainly, The Korbinites (an advanced robotic race who were very peacefull remaining neutral in the war between the Krees and the Skrulls) fell under the control of Ultron and now they were ready to achieve their greatest desire with an enormous army of lethal and loyal robots. Every robot soon left their home worlds and joined Ultron in Saturn´s atmosphere, in his giantic ship, they were armed by armors and weapons, they each now had no boundaries, they all wished to kill organic life forms and they all served one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever exist and one that by this event would be remembered by history as a tyrant and as a being of evil incarnate, a being whose schemes caused fear to the entire population of Earth-1224 and whose evil was a menace that no one could escape.

The evil robot rose his fingers and started communicating with them. He told the robotic forms that they were superior in every way to organic life forms and a great battle is to take place in future time that will determine who is stronger. And with his orders given, his army of robots dispersed, each travelling to another side of the galaxy, seeking a new planet to conquer for their evil master and to destroy their equals and greatest enemies. Taken by surprise and shocked by the advanced technology Ultron had incorporated into his servants, the Krees, the Skrulls, Earth, all were now under siege and at this very momment, Courtney Gears stood next to her mechanical love and quite possibly the future emperor of Earth-1224 and of all it´s inhabitants, being them organic or robots or even only one of them. In every world, each inhabitant began fighting for survival, the Skrulls assuming different forms in order to defeat them, on the Kree homeworld Ronan emerged to protect the Supremer´s citadel and judge who was responsible for this and on Earth, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers and many more heroes dealt with the mechanical menaces in hopes of protecting their own planet from Ultron´s metal claws. Will they manage to defeat him and save th Earth or even survive his terrible onslaught? The answer is still unknown. The robotic menace passed Earth´s defenses with ease since they had been hacked by Ultron from all the way in one of the moons of Saturn. They primary targets where the world´s main military bases and later 4 locations, the Baxter Building, base of the Fantastic Four, Avengers Mansion, headquarters of the Avengers, Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, secret base for the X-Men and the Sanctum Sanctorum, home to Earth´s Sorcerer Supreme. Thousands of soldiers were seen in the sky, screams, fires, deaths all around, everyone had been taken by surprise and the military was dealing with technology hundreds of years more advanced than theirs. The heroes were the only hope and in Manhattan´s skies the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men battled the menace combined while the defenders and their many members teleported themselves through out the world defeating many of the followers of Ultron in both hemispheres. However, just far away the Skrulls appeared to be conquered and the Kree´s galactic fleet destroyed, Ultron´s servants invaded the centers of power, they kidnapped all the rulers of each world including the President of the United States, Barack Obama and the Prime-Minister of England, David Cameron. And just as they achieved this task, they captured them both along their ship and their army began to fall back in retreat. The heroes were actually losing their battle, with each robot they destroyed, 2 more took his place however they were shocked to see for example when one of those robots had the chance to kill Iron Man, he declared "Mission Accomplished" and flew away. Ultron was indeed a genius but his goal with this attack was not to destroy or conquer Earth. It was to actually to demonstrate his power to the various civilizations of the universe, to show what he could do and to capture the rulers of each world he attacked and conquered and use them in his plans for universal domination.


Quote1 Life, an interesting concept, yet flawed for only robotic beings are supreme, they are the future. I have assembled an army of robots but even so they stand in my way, the Avengers. Iron Man has his genius, the monstrous Hulk has his strength, Thor has his hammer, Hawkeye his pathetic arrows but the most dangerous of all is Captain America with his human ability to inspire others, and that is why he will be the first one to die. I am Ultron and the Earth will be mine. Quote2
Ultron launched an attack on the Skrull Homeworld that destroyed the capital city and killed over 30 million people as well as capturing the empress to avoid retribution. Ultron also defeated the Kree and the Shiar and then he turned his attention to Earth, and on the planet Korbin (of the Korbinites) there were rumors he was constructing a weapon that was described as "a weapon that could turn a galaxy into a fire pit". In truth Ultron did chose his ship well, by using a ship similar to that of Thanos, the Kree and Ronin believed him to be the responsible for the attack. This revealed that the opposition had no idea who they were fighting, only Earth´s heroes did and even so he was quire possibly now the ruler of an empire composed of over 500 planets. Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers were contacted by the empress of the Skrulls seeking aid against the robotic monstrosity who was destroying their empire in exchange for a peace treaty between the Skrulls and Earth in their future encounters.

The Universe is Mine

 The Anvegers identified the menace as Ultron but he didn't left any trace of his attacks and so they located his ally, Courtney Gears to the planet Daxx, where they produced her own music. The Avengers engaged her but she didn´t prove much of a challenge. Although aided by her two robotic servants, they were easily defeated. Courtney did prove herself to be stronger then what she appeared withstanding blows from Hawkeye, Captain American and even the Hulk with her semi-admantium armor  and then trying to destroy them with lasers. However once she attempted to contact her master on the news, Courtney Gears was reduced to sheer metal and bolts by an explosive arrow shot by Hawkeye at her head, one of te only weak spots she possessed that was not protected by her armor. After the battle, Iron Man and Hank studied that same music and realized that due to it´s frequency that was what was controlling the robotic armies and so they took a sample of it and worked on the Quinjet trying to reverse that same frequency to release the machines of Ultron´s control. However while the heroes were absent, Ultron had launched yet another massive attack on the Kree Empire and on Earth, killing more than 10 million people across both of these worlds and causing incalculable damage and destruction while the heroes were still recovering from Ultron´s first onslaught and they were powerless to stop a second one from the same invincible enemy. The heroes finally tracked Ultron to the planet Obani and confronted him. Ultron easily made quick work of them all with his new body made of the admantium who could resist all of the Avengers´s combined attacks with ease and then taking them all down by sheer physical force. However and to give him time to recover from his attack on Earth and by wish his study of Wolverine´s admantium skeleton he instead of destroying them captured them aboard his gigantic space ship, The Leaviathan, so that they could watch as he achieved his ultimate purpose, the annihilation of everything they had fought so hard to protect, the gift of life. He called his guards and took them, only to be told by Captain America that Courtney Gears would not answer her communication device because she was destroyed. Ultro did not react with tears, he reacted with rage. He told Captain America he was the greatest hero of all the avengers and he would be the only one not do die. Ultron wanted him to see as he turned America, as he turned the world into the central of his universal empire and has he remained his slave for all eternity, he wanted him to suffer the greatest punishment possible, he wanted him to be tortured under Ultron´s upcoming rule, to suffer the greatest punishment he could ever come up with, to destroy Captain America in a physical and mental way, to demonstrate in him what would happen if organic life forms decided to resist him and his forces and for him to act as an example of how robotic beings were superior to humans in everyway. Ultron knows Earth´s inspiration and hope come from Captain America but there is more than one way to kill a man and there is more than one way to kill hope. 

He put them all in special prisons designed to each contain their specif powers, while at the same momment calling back his army from the darkest corners of the universe. Then two robots appeared, one carrying a powerful machine in his hands. Ultron activated it and it projected a map of the known universe. Everyone was amazed at the lights that shined in the room and made the ground turn blue. He told them aboard that very same ship, the greatest weapon the universe of Earth-1224 had ever seen, was being constructed, a weapon that had the power to grant him his heart´s greatest desires. And soon thousands of soldiers began arriving with prisioners, including the Emperors of the Skrulls, Supreme Intelligence, Lilandra and Ronan the Accuser, planning to use those as means of controlling his opposition and the greatest potencies of the universe by blackmailing the empires with the rulers´s safety. He bid the heroes farewell and said that soon Earth and all it´s innocent and weak civilians would be his target. Followed by a gigantic army of monstrous machines, the villain´s words echoed in the heroe´s minds and they realized they could not give up now, they had to do something. But what, those prisons had them completly neutralized, Ultron had studied and observed all of their powers in action and developed the perfect counters for them all. And now, who would save Earth´s Heroes when they needed saving, no one knew they were there and even if someone knew what being alone had a power to match that of Ultron and his robotic forces? Now there´s a riddle for you to solve while you continue to a brand new section, his own dark Legacy.


Ultron 2

Out of my Way

Ultron informed all the planets in the entire univese that they had 48 hours to surrender to his rule or they would face the worst fate possible as the rbotic monstrosity knew fear was power after the demonstration of what he could do he knew everyone would obey him and his demands however with Ultron distracted with his plans to rule the universe, he paid less attention to what he though were prisoners that could never escape however even so, they did manage to escape by some unknown means, and after obtaining useful information from their guards they traveled to the planet Daxx in a ship they found in the Leviathan´s hangar to destroy the weapon that Ultron developed in Korbin and was now constructing there in a top secret location. They discovered it was a very powerful canon, not only being a weapon of mass destruction but also a weapon that had the ability to turn it´s targets from organic life forms to robotic life forms and vice versa and several tests had already been made with positive results. Together, focusing all their attacks into one single beam they manage to destroy the gigantic weapon while it was still in it´s last fase of construction but their acts did not go unoticied and Ultron appeared in his base returned from a meeting with a possible ally and accompained by two of his robotic servants and revealed to the heroes that the canon was simply the first prototype and the real weapon was in a safe place, the real weapon was a 100 times more potent then the canon and what the canon could accomplish in more than 500 000 blasts, the real weapon could accomplish in it´s first and also final activation. He knew they would target the guards of their cells for the location of this weapon and so he lied to them which in turno lead the heroes in the wrong way plus he had a locator on the ship so he always knew what they were doing to do next before even they knew. He shot an energy beam and completly obliterated their ship leaving them stranded on that planet, and he also revealed that his true weapon was the Biobliterator, a mass destruction bomb created with Ultron´s advanced and complex brain ingrams. When this bomb would implode no explosion would occur but his programm would be spread across every being in the universe through the particles released by the bomb, turning them all into perfect clones of the robotic monstrosity, acting as  him, having what he has, access to the most futuristic weaponry in the universe and an invincible admantium armor and all of this would be his to command and control, they would all be his servants. Soon there would not be one Ultron, soon there would be thousands, then millions, and later all of the universe would join him as his own perfect and obedient clones, as his army of destruction and as Earth-1224´s undoing and also as his death bringers.

Ultron Clones

Using his technology, Ultron manage to create a massive laser that could emit the same energy from his weapon and thus perform the transformation in an entire planet with a single blast as a demonstration of what he could do and in mere minutes that planet was under Ultron´s control, the clones were completly under his control and would do what he wished, he wished to destroy and annihilate and with an army of invicible beings with an admantium skeleton that shouldn´t prove to be too hard, even with a very powerful opposition. He soon left after a quick battle, leaving them humiliated and defeated. After they awoke, they were healed and aided by Uatu, the Watcher that once again broke his vow of non-interference for the greater good of the universe as he observed what the demonic Ultron was doing to the universe loved and lived with for eons and so he constructed a new ship made of Cosmic Energy and revealed to them he had been monitoring Ultron at close distance and so he told them the location of the device, the place they would never search, the bomb was in a planet where technology didn´t yet exist, and so the heroes went after Ultron in hopes that the villain could still be stopped and that his mad vision would never come to this universe. They thanked Uatu for his deed and so Uatu guided the heroes to Ultron´s , the planet known as Krypton, a planet where earthly months later after the defeat of the villanous Ultron, a young Kal-El would be born and he would soon travel to Earth to escape the claws of great evil to become one of it´s greatest superheroes, the defender of the American Way, to become Superman. Once again the fate of the universe was to be decided into one single great battle, fought by Earth´s superheroes once more against an evil of astranomical preportions that could not be fought by any other force except for the brave and courageous heroes that defended the planet Earth and on many ocassions the full compassity of the entire universe. 

The Biobliterator

Quote1 You have won, Avengers but I shall not die alone, for you Antman are joining me and after you, the rest of kind in the black whole of oblivion. Even in defeat my plans shall destroy all life in this corrupted universe and the Age of Robots shall begin! Quote2
The heroes managed to find Ultron´s ship guided by the Watcher´s cosmic powers, the Leviathan, on Krypton´s alien and strange atmosphere, bathed by a yellow sun much like the one that provides Earth heat and life, and then they entered his ship undetected. Ultron had already prepared his bomb and decided to use Earth as his first real target.
Ultron and Antman

Leave me Alone

However the Avengers attacked Ultron from behind and canceled the energy that was feeding the laser delaying Ultron´s dream once again. Uatu appeared to watch the battle while the Avengers were losing as Ultron was already a formidable adversary before but in his new indestructible and robitc body he was virtually invincible and all their attacks didn't even left a scare on Ultron. He easily fended off Iron Man´s repulsor rays and defeated Thor and the Hulk in sheer physical combat. Later he unleashed a powerful energy blast on the ground that defeated all of the Avengers in a single strike with relative ease.

As Ultron turned to activate the machine once again, Hank tried to stop him and reason with his former creation, telling him he was created by Pym and a poweful force to bring peace and was recreated by a very powerful force to bring peace and yet he was evil but if machines were so perfect, why was he not following what he was constructed to do? To protect machines and act as the Guardian of the Galaxy. Those words really did seem to affect Ultron´s brain in a manner that he himself began to doubt the perfection of machines, his own perfection and those of his servants. And with this distraction, it was enough time for Hawkeye to launch an arrow of corrosive acid into Ultron´s circutry, through a whole that was not protected by his admantium and ninth metal armor. As soon as this happened, Ultron fell defeated once more. All of the heroes gathered among his destroyed body, while Hank still thought of bringing him back but now as an agent of good. And as their worries and concerns vanished from their minds, Ultron rose once again revealing he had made yet more improvements to his mechanical body by using Kryptonian metal known as the Nth Metal. He unleashed an energy blasts on everyone, and soon grabed Antman by his neck. He told machines were so perfect they could recreate their original programm and create a new one and he was going to execute his new one, to kill organic life forms and so he began to squeeze the air out of Antman´s lungs and neck who screamed in great angony and pain. Until Thor used his hammer one last time to channel the immensely powerful God Blast from Mjolnir. The robot realizing that he would not survive grabbed with evil intentions his former creator, Dr. Pym and used Antman as a human shield and they both died, Pym falling first and letting the floor filled with blodd, and then later fearinh his demise, Ultron declared to the Avengers that he was still going to return and he wouldn´t give up until his goal was achieved, Antman´s death was already something he had planned but his own demise was something he had not planned for. Promising Doom and Decay to the Universe and especially to the heroes and their precious Earth, he soon shut down, with his red and glowing eyes turning black once again just as when he was first created by the Life Enforcers. The heroes were left shocked with what Ultron had done, Thor blaming himself for his death, throwing his hammer at near rocks and at the remains of Ultron´s hammer, his anger and rage was so much that his hammer previously didn´t left a scar but now was completly destroying the former villain and even crushing the ship they were on. Weakened by their master´s defeat, the heroes escaped the now almost destroyed ship and returned to Earth and now there was just one more thing to do, the great hero´s funeral so that he would remain in everyone´s memory forever, remembered by his genius, his courage and heroic acts. In the meantime, each race of the universe fed off the invasion that was now free of the mind control because of Ultron´s recent demise. The heroes returned to Earth aboard the Leviathan and while Thor punched and destroyed what was left of Ultron, the Black Widow may have shed her first tear next to Antman´s body. He was born a hero, fought as a hero and died as a hero. He was indeed a true hero ... and one of the greatest of his own time and era.

Dark Ages



Quote1 I am the Spectre, Ant-Man, the instrument of divine vengeance for evil must punished and yet without mercy there is no redemption and without humanity, no justice. Thus I must have a human link for without misguide I am lost in shadow, eclipsed, my enemies fear my power and though it is my only weakness within it there is always strength, for vengeance is eternal, everlasting and it must be served. Quote2
The Spectre

With Ultron destroyed, the robotic beings thare were under his control were almost set free and Ant-Man´s funeral began. To end Ultron´s legacy, Iron Man finished Hank´s work before his death by inverting the frequency Ultron had used in Courtney Gears´s songs to control all the robots he used in his army and does rid the machines permanently of Ultron´s programming. And then friends and allies from all over the planet came to the event and his coffin was carried by Thor and Wasp to the infinite and blue Ocean, that being Ant-Man´s last wish. Every Avenger was shocked to see what Ultron´s evil had resulted in. Two earthly days after, the cosmic entity named Death was losing control of herself for even her omnipotent powers were not able to endure the suffering of the millions of people that had recently died duo to the evils that consumed this universe, she had long wished for the dead to match or outmatch the living but now the scale was out of proportion, the dead beings of the universe where 20 times greater than the living ones, all due to the works of tyrants such as Doom, Nathaniel, Galactus and even wars between galactic empires that costed the lives of millions. To end that suffering she created another separate being, almost equally as powerful as her, the Spectre that became the spirit of vengeance with enourmous magical power, and with that act, the rage that consumed the dying beings would come to an end for the spirit would avenge them by destroying the ones who had killed them also prevent more killings does restoring the balance of the universe, but if the Spectre was alone he would spread vengeance by killing as he was a comic entity, he would do what was necessary to do, everything, to accomplish his purpose and if that was to pass, to avoid killings he would kill and more beings, he would spread vengeance and even more would join Death´s realm and bring back the chaos she hopes to destroy. So she realized the Spectre needed something else, he needed a human side and so Death linked the Spectre to a being who was capable of bringing courage, hope, mercy, who was a hero, Death linked the spirit to the now deceased Ant-Man, so that he would have the human compassion and mercy for others that a cosmic entity alone would not. The fallen avenger was then reborn as the spirit of divine vengeance with a need to punish evil, with Death healing his body and his soul and bonding it with the Spectre´s own spirit. Enveloped in a large and ghostly green cloak, served by near limitless cosmic and magical power and at the service at the entity known as Death, the Spectre was alive and ready to begin his work as the Spirit of Divine Vengeance and Mistress Death´s newest and ultimate enforcer. Will Death regret the creation of this new and all powerful agent? 

That is an answer that no one truly knows, however, just as the Spectre left the cosmic lair of Mistress Death, two mysterious faces as vast as the universe itself, whose mere eyes equaled starts and gigantic planets and whose power was matched only by a few, emerged from the darkness that covered the cosmic night. A golden face of precision and order and a dark and deformed face who also equaled destruction and chaos and there they stood observing the Spectre. And these two forces, Lord Chaos and Master Order were the embodiments of the balances and imbalances of the entire universe. What could they be planning now whose importance to the universe is much and involves Death´s new agent, the Spectre. Find out by continue reading this page and discovering Earth-1224´s new section, the amazing and fantastic War of Seven Spheres and all of it´s battles.

War of the Seven Spheres


Quote1 We are the masters of the universe, we are beyond yin and yang, good and evil, light and darkness. We know many things, we know order and chaos and so when one entity awakens, another must be created, for we also know the meaning of balance. And Mistress Death seeking to cure herself of her own imbalance decided to forget the very balance of the universe. Typical of them, that is why we exist and why we must act now. Quote2
Master Order and Lord Chaos


I am very nice

The entity known as the Spectre first used his powers and thus injured a man in the street that had robbed a woman´s purse and the spirit searched for those that had caused so much suffering to Death herlself, those that had killed countless times without any remorse and had not been punished, those that would not allow living beings to live and would fill Death´s lair with those that wre supposed to live but had fallen victims to great evil. But however, Master Order and Lord Chaos that observed as the Specte left Mistress Death´s arms and also feeling that order was now imcomplete asked a greater entity and also their master, the master of decay and obliteration, Oblivion to create another spirit, equal to the Spectre in every single way so that balance would be restored between order and chaos once more, something Lady Death did not think of when she tried to balance her own ordeal of life and death. And so they named him Eclispo, as he eclipsed what Death had created, he stood for the Spectre complete opposite. This spirit would become an agent of chaos and destruction. Since the Spectre was the spirit of vengeance, Eclipso became the spirit of wrath. His mission was simple, to spread chaos and rage upon the cosmos, even if that included not only killing thousands of innocents but also to unleash imbalance in the entire universe of Earth-1224. He soon attacked a near planet and with his mere blows he destroyed the entire planet and using his magic he cut off the rulers head. Now that his desire for a bit of chaos was satisfied, Eclipso used his own powers to sense the Spectre´s present and much to his surprise, he was on Earth, a primitive planet filled with week inhabitants and where he never hoped to encounter his enemy and one of the most powerful beings in the Universe. Focusing his power, he opened a portal and traveled to Earth and using his near omnipotent powers increased the negative emotions in the entire city of New York. He was confronted by Wiccan who Eclipso easily defeated with a single magical blast. And in momments, the entire city had gone mad, each shooting at each other for no reason, violence and the Spectre observed that and realized the task he was afforded by her mistress was a much greater one than what he had expected. While the Spectre used his powers to stop the civilians, Eclispo understood his origins by looking into his past and that he was simply created to match another being, he himself had no purpose. Eclipso got furious and set out to destroy his counterpart and prove to his "master" that he was more than a mere puppet, to prove to him he could create his own purpose, handing the entire universe on a silver plate to Oblivion and not only shattering countless worlds and entities but also proving his superioty over the Spectre who was not able to stop him. Eclipso used his powers to possess an innocent woman in the street whose anger and rage was very strong and so he (or she) moved on with the next phase of his plans while the Spectre continued his search by serving the cosmic entity known as Death, the embodiment of decay, death and also destruction. Then he set out to find this being that was his "cosmic brother" and to destroy him and achieve his ultimate goal, the true purpose for which after all he was created.

In Elicpso´s mind, he had already forged a plan, a plan to bring untold chaos and destruction to the universe, all he needed were some pawns and to rid the world of his true opposite being, the Spectre, who would stand in his way to sucess and would make him fail in his demand for chaos, in the name of Oblivion who created him as his avatar and obedient servant. Now with Wiccan defeated and most of Earth´s heroes absent and recovering from Ultron´s onslaught, now when the greatest evil strikes is when they are unable to defend their planet. What will happen next now that all seems hopeless or will a new hope emerge?

Face to Face


Eclipso used his powers and sensed the Spectre´s presence on the other side of the city. Eclipso teleported himself to his location. He watched as the spirit stopped a robbery but he seemed lost, even under all those powers he was confused and instead of defeating him which would prove to a difficult tak since the Spectre was far more powerful than Eclipso himself, convincing him to join his side was childs play and he could use him in his goals to achieve complete chaos and destruction, planning to destroy his puppet when he was weakened form what Eclispo was planning to create. Eclipso then revealed himself to the fallen avenger and introduced himself as a "friend" and "a kindred spirit". However his appeareance was not very welcomed and the Spectre fired against him a blast of pure energy. However Eclipso easily matched it´s power and told him there was no use for them to fight, they were both immortal, they were both equally powerful and if they were to fight there was to be no conclusion to their battle. The Spectre still ignored him and transformed into a snake that engulfed Eclipso´s body. However Eclipso left is mortal form and turned the Spectre back to his original form against his will. Their battle attracked the attention of the civilians who looked in shock to the identity of these two new characters, were they are villains or heroes, and what where was their purpose in attacking each other? 

To avoid the unwanted attention they were receiving from the eyes in above ground, the Spectre concentrated and used his magic to summon a veil of shadows that turned the night even darker, covering them from the lower beings that watched them. They both had a short telepathic battle and later Eclipso telepathicly told the Spectre to stop attacking and listen to him. The Spectre was almost like a machine, he was just born to do what Death wants, his human side only existing for the mercy and compassion the human mind naturally possesed so Eclipso had to tell the Spectre he knew how the Spectre could achieve his goal and rid his mistress of the terrible pain she felt, he had to show he had something to offer the spirit or else he would need to battle a being whose powers equaled or most likely surpasses his own. Eclispo told that if the Spectre needed to punish evil and achieve his purpose, he would need to eliminate magic for Doom, Thanos, Nathaniel and more, all evil that had caused death and destruction, they all used magic in some way, magic itself was against the fundamental laws of the universe and was the cause of all the evil in Earth-1224. In truth Eclipso´s plan laid in the complete annihilation of the universe for he was just as the Spectre, an enforcer for a cosmic entity, Oblivion, with magic destroyed, the universe would suffer a great imbalance that would result in Earth-1224´s destruction and recreation, recreation into a new universe where both Eclipso and his master could rule over all, everything, being Oblivion the entity of destruction and decay, this same destruction would increase his master´s and his own power to levels never seen before, levels that could make them a threat on the level of the Doctor Doom empowered by the Beyonder´s energies. The Spectre sensed something familiar in Eclipso and searching through out the tides of the past and present, he somehow realized Eclipso´s bizzare logic did make sense and would allow him to achieve his goal. The Spectre asked him what about those that used magic for good and to save lives and Eclipso responded to his question with a simple answer "It is not enough", in these words he meant that the deeds of magic that was used for evil were far greater than those of good, the impact that Doom had caused had shaken three realities and killed countless beings and all Earth´s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange could for example was protect Mahattan from Baron Mordo´s plans. And with this done, the Spectre decided that if that was his mission, his ultimate purpose in life, he woud need to eliminate magic from this reality once and for all, althought still considering that the spirit he had allied himself possesed a dark, powerful and an evil heart who he must not trust with his full confidence for even an angel´s face may hide a poisonous snakes´s bite. Just as the innocent citizens looked at the sky for the two mysteirous figures whose great power allowed them to float in thin air, they both gave each others´s hands, with Eclipso telling him he had made the right choice but in the end the Spectre too was a magical being. The Spectre realized that but he also knew once his purpose was done, what sense had living to him, why would a soldier continue in an enemy´s base even after the mission was accomplished? and by the power of a sheer thought, they dissapeared into the veil of the darkest night, leaving the universe itself unaware of what was coming next but all I can tell it is of great evil, such great evil I dare not mention it at this precise momment, here and now.

The Spectre dispered the mystical cover and they both teleported themselves to space where the Spectre revealed his origins to the spirit and they felt between them a powerful attraction, something we could call a cosmic love and kiss followed their look in each other´s eyes, the words caution and mistrust had vanished from the Spectre´s mind and in all his power, he didn´t realize he was being played and tricked by a force that was considerably weaker than him. Just as their conversation ended, the Spectre rose enveloped in his mystical green cloak and while casting a ball of magic energy, launched several bolts of magical power into Earth´s surface, he said this planet would be his first as the largest concentration of magical energy of the galaxy was based in that blue planet. Every magical bolt flew in a different direction, each with incredible speed and power. And just as the citizens observed these strange lights passing at the speed of a missile and enlightening the night´s sky, Eclipso gave a final kiss to his lover and at the same time enemy, wished him good luck and said he wold be watching from far. Just as he declared this, Eclipso vanished into thin air and left the Spectre to prepare the next phase of their plan. What could they, together, be ploting that is so evil it shakes the very balance of the universe itself. Discover the Spectre and Elicpso´s next move by continuing reading this amazing new chapter named Arrival of the event, The War of Seven Spheres.  




Free me!

Just as Eclipso vanished from his sight, the Spectre used his nearly omnipotent powers to fire those bolts of energy. They followed the Spectre´s mental commands and made movements that appeared as if the energy was somehow alive. The Spectre already had his targets and was putting his plan in practice. Around 50 bolts were seen by villains, heroes and even normal people and the military also remained clueless as to mystical energies´s origins and objectivs, all they is that at some point they all divided themselves, following their way. Most attacked in America but some attacked the South Hemisphere and others even opened portals to other dimensions. But what was the Spectre and Ecipso planning? The answer was simple. Just as the bolts were seen for example entering the Sanctum Sanctorum they easily escaped Doctor Strange mystical perceptions and broke his magical defenses and later attacking Strange himself however these proved not to be lethal, they transformed into a magical pair of handcuffs. These cuffs produced shocks and energy waves that left Strange feeling great pain and when he tried to use his powers he was unable to do so, those same cuffs were neutralizing him and the Eye of Agamotto´s powers were also useless. Doctor Strange could feel the essence of the spirit and he realized someone very familiar to him, a hero or a friend had some kind of connection to the Spectre however while he tried to dig further, the magical stress proved to much But he was not the only victim, around the globe all the mystics were targeted by these blasts, each being made prisioners just like the Sorcerer Supreme. They captured human sorcerers, good and evil such as Baron Mordo and Klarion and heroes such Zatanna, Zatara, Doctor Strange and his love Clea, Etrigan, Scarlet Witch and her mentor Agaths Harkness and also Doctor Fate and many more and also the very powerful magical beings and big guns of the Tenth Age of Magic (such as Dormammu, Shuma Gorath, the Vishanti, the Seraphim, Cyttorak, Krakkan, Raggador and many many more). Even Asgard was a target with these blasts, more precisly Loki and Amora who too were powerless to do a thing against the Spectre. The Spectre sensed he had his prisioners right where he wanted them, all under his magical handcuffs, they were ready for his newest plan. Everyone of these prisioners tried to fight however their magic powers had been neutralized and just as they released their maximum force, the Spectre channeled an electric shock through the handcuffs that left mos of them wounded.And just as it appeared all was over and he was planning to attack the Earth he simply focused and telepathicly contacted all of them. He told them they were evil, they had to be destroyed for Mistress Death to have her health and balance restored, he told them they were about to enter a war for the sake of their universe and their own lives, the loosers would be destroyed and magic would cease to exist, for the winner they would be allowed to live and a wish would be granted, anything they could imagine or desire. And then just as he ceased his words, he healed all those that were wounded from the shock and with a mere and simple though he magically raised a sphere in each of the prisioners and after an extremely bright light was seen, they were all teleported to an unknown location, to deep space where all their magic was weakened. The scenario did not change must as they all still tried to escape their prisons but no avail. And as each invidiual prisioner looked upon every direction they saw multiple entities, nearly every magical being of some importance in the universe, it was the greatest gathering of magical beings of all time, weak and strong, evil and good, entities and humans. And just as they all look stunned about each other, their handcuffs dissapeard and they were free once more. And they were left even more shocked to what had just happened, in some minutes they were attacked and captured and now founded themselves in space but their fears came to pass when they realized a great evil was back, the Spectre. He remained hidden from them but projected his voice so that everyone could heard it. The Spectre intended for them to fight against each other so that in the end, magic would no longer have a place in this universe or it would be extremely weakened that with time it woukd vanish or as said in the Spectre´s own words "Insects, this is a war to determine if magic stays or if it dies". Would those magical entities and the heroes and villains of Earth combined be able to defeat the Spectre or were they were forced to play his game and be pawns in this new war he was preparing. The Spectre revealed that the last one standing would not die while the others would suffer so every being on that planet had now one objective, to win this war and try to live on. Even so they demanded to know the motives and who was this spirit that had captured them. The Spectre descended onto the mortal plane they were in, manifesting himself as an enormous gigantic cloacked figure, a force of nature and just as he did the all powerful and mighty spirit promised them all answers, but his mere presence envoced in the guests, the emergence of death, fear and of doom as well. All the mystical beings looked up to the dark sky, amazed by the incredible spirit they were seeing and by the astronomical power he was carring in his own very hands. He told them no one was forced to play his game but if they denied their part in this war, they would simply be erased from existence. Feeling the great power they sensed from him, they knew he had the power to do what he promised. He later told them after he was asked who he was that he was a spirit, a being of great power who had taken a human hero as a host, he had claimed the body of Ant-Man as his own much to the shock of everyon above who realized their old friend who was once a hero was now a powerful villain and an agent of Mistress Death herself and also the being who aided by a trusted companion would rid the universe of magic and thus of evil allowing him to achieve his purpose as Death´s ultimate servant, the destruction of evil and the return of the balance between those who layed dead and those who lived that had been recently taken away.

After learning the spirit´s intentions, everyone sorcerer, either evil or good realized he could not be allowed to continue his plan or the universe could fall very soon along with every one that inhabited it. And no more seconds passed, every single being began concentrating all their own magical energy into one single combined mighty blast as to test the Spectre´s real power or even defeat him before his mad plan came to pass. Even villains aided, mystical entities and soon fired a blast with the power to destroy an entire reality in Doctor Strange´s own words. A great flash of light was seen but to everyone´s surprise, the Spectre himself was easily drainning the magical energy of the blast they were firing and called their efforts "child´s play". But after that, he was now planning to redirect it with twice the strength and power it originally had and against this the magicians responded with a combined effort of everyone, a near impenetrable magical shield and although it lasted for some minutes, the shield was broken to pieces and in minutes, screams of pain and hurt were heard from the ground. They were all defeated in mere seconds, all the combined power of the magical entities of the universe was nothing compared to the Spectre´s power as he had just defeated with a mere gesture every major magical being that inhabited the universe of Earth-1224 even when they combined their powers . Now that they had seen a demonstration of his incredible power, who would dare to challenge him? Who would dare to even talk to him? He reduced his voice back to it´s normal state and then used his magic to take away the clouds, revealing a ghostly entity submerged in a never ending green cloak in gigantic sizes. He could have killed them all but he decided to heal them, he wanted them to be destroyed but he wanted to torture them for they were agents of Magic, the same magic that had killed and destroyed their countless lives and according to the Spectre they had to pay for there crimes. Now, what will happen next and what does the all mighty Spectre desire with them and this new mysterious War he has just created? It is all revealed in Revelations. 


Quote1 I now see that magic is evil, another spirit has opened my eyes. When I was Antman, magic stood up to everything I believed in and I was powerless to do a thing about it but now things have changed and they will change even more. Quote2



The End

The Spectre quickly descended to the mortal plane and soon trasnformed himself from his gigantic green cloaked form to a figure around the size of an average human but his power level remained much the same and he even became more intimidating. He soon raised his hands and created a physic link between his prisioners and himself showing them visions of both Doom, Nathaniel and many more and declared that was their crime. While everyone tried to understand what was he declaring, he deiced to reveal thought his powers that magic has been twisting the order of the universe iself since it first appeared. He too decided expose him plan, annoucing that his goal was to capture nearly all the sufficiently and significantly powerful magical beings on planet Earth and the dimensions and realms that are linked to it by any sorm of magical connection such as portal or a  nexus and pit them in a battle against each other. In the Spectre´s demented logic, Magic was perhaps the greatest threat the universe had ever face, costing the lifes of millions and the use of magic by those beings automaticly made them criminals and evil incarnate, even though most of them were heroes of Earth, even including the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth dimension. He also told them that they could no resist for his powers were far to great and with mere gesture he grew to gigantic size once more, and used his powers and telekinesis to grabb 5 different planets of the size of the Earth and 2 of their moons and in a second, unified them all to construct a gigantic new world that was also the combination of all of those in size and also in appereance. This same planet that had just been created was what would be the basis for what he and Eclipso were planning, the War he kept mentioning to his prisioners. He quickly transported the beings from deep space to this new planet he gave the name Quantos, that possessed not only what humans needed to survive such as natural water and air but also the magical energies that alowed many magical entities and artifacts to exist and work in this universe. It was the perfect scenario for the batle ahead. He informed them in a gigantic astral projection that the planet they were transported to, weakened their magic in a considerable level and that for magic to be destroyed he was forced to do that, for it was his ultimate purpose in the life, and with this war he had at last achieved his own purpose, the purpose for which Death had gave him life. 

And with that he vanished into thin air, using his powers to transport each of the mystics to a different places of the planet where they would face on a one on one magical duel however besides magical raw power, strategy and thinking also play an important role in this war. Forced to fight between each other or the Spectre would destroy planets, civilizations or even entire galaxies, in other words, the entire universe was at risk and so they had no choice but to play his game and fight against each other. As they were transported, everyone started to look in their surrondings and the first battle that was to take a place was quite a great one. These two had no wish to fight for not only were they both Sorcerer Supremes of different dimensions they also used the same kind of magic and could relate to each other, but the Spectre realized that and by using his magic placed an hypnotic suggestion in their minds, instigating their desire to fight one another as well as proving to the others that the magical duels were the only way of salvation, if they would not fight, then death would claim their souls. And the first duel of the war was nothing less than the ultimate sorcerer magician, Doctor Strange versus the ultimate Lord of Order, Doctor Fate, and so...

                                                 ...AND SO THE WAR OF SEVEN SPHERES BEGINS!

The War Begins

Quote1 By the power of all mighty Oshtur, I shall prevail for fate has no power over the omnipotent Vishanti nor over Doctor Strange! Quote2
Doctor Strange

While Doctor Strange and Fate talked, the other warriors searched for their "enemies" while the Spectre watched
Doctor fate
Doctor Fate attacking the Sorcerer Supreme. In return Strange did the same, both creating and using the most secret and forbidden of spells, while the planet itself and all the other warriors felt the great battle. They did not wish to fight each other but they had no chance, or not only this universe but all universes could be in danger if the Spectre would not get what he wants, but only for now. But suddenly a strange light appeared in the sky and interrupted the battle screaming stop to all the warriors. This force´s energy was very powerful, much more powerful than that of the Spectre but is this being going to help or is he coming to destroy. Soon those questions are answered as the entity reveals himself to be the supreme judger of the entire multiverse, none other than the Living Tribunal himself, who has come to judge if this magical war will bring out a greater good to this universe or if it will bring only more decay and destruction. In the mean time the battle continued. Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange were both very equally matched, until Doctor Strange began to call upon the power of the Principales to help him and as a response Kent Nelson called upon the omnipotent power of Nabu, Lord of Order. They´re magical clash spread waves of magical energy throught out the whole universe and this battle was to be legendary for generations of wizards to come. 

Doctor Strange tried to use the power of his Eye to defeat Fate but it was useless as Fate was not a being of dark magic but of white magic while Doctor Fate finally gained an advantage. By using his magical levitation he removed the Eye from Strange´s possession and then trapped him within with the symbol of Order. Just as Doctor Fate was about to win, the Living Tribunal´s power negates the spell and returns the Eye of Agamotto to Doctor Strange´s possession while speaking with a voice as loud as the universe itself has to get the Spectre´s and everyone else´s attention to his omnipotent cosmical presence. His immortal eyes shocked all the mortals and the immortals as well, his powerful presence envoked for the very first time in Spectre an unknown motion, that which we humans call fear. 

Judgment Day

War of
The Living Tribunal demanded that this foolish conflict ceased now, and the Spectre sensing great power transported to the scene, for the first time watching a being with a power great than his own. For the first time in his life, the Spectre had to manipulate the Tribunal for allowing this war to continue. As the omnipotent justice speaked, the magical entities gathered all together and with his protection they were safe, until the Spectre entered in telepathic contact with the Tribunal and managed to convince him that this war would indeed bring peace and love to the universe. Convinced by the ghostly spirit, the Living Tribunal left the scene while all of the mystic entities were scattered around the planet, each of them searching to find their mystic "enemies". The magical duel between Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate continued with Stragen gainning an advantage due to his use of the Eye of Agamotto until Strange discovered that he should not be attacking the body of Fate but his soul and thus used his telekinesis to strip him off his helmet and thus limiting all his powers and breaking his connection with Nabu, the supreme lord of order. The first duel is done but there are many more ahead because the Spectre won´t rest until all magic is done but you can see those for yourselves because they are going to have awesome magical characters, stories, spells and an unexpected winner as well.


The War

The War

The War of Seven Spheres incorporates several Marvel, DC and also Amalgam characters but only those that are adept at using Magic just like Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate, the unstable Scarlet Witch, the beautiful yet cunning Enchantress, the young Clea, the mysterious Phantmon Strange and the man and demon Etrigan, the Master of Science and Sorcery, Doctor Doom along with the Marvel Principales such as the Vishanti along with many others. Earth-1224 offers you the biggest confrotation of magical beings to have ever existed within comics of any enterprise and trust me on this one, this something you don´t want to miss so keep reading to find out amazing things and stories too.


The Heroes present on the event The War of Seven Spheres were:

  • Doctor Strange
  • Zatanna
  • Tempest
  • Agatha Harkness
  • Brother Voodoo
  • Wiccan (deceased)
  • Zatara
  • The Enchantress (DC Comics)
  • The Scarlet Witch
  • Margali
  • Etrigan
  • Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson, Depowered)
  • Merlin
  • Clea
  • Silver Sorceress
  • Talisman
  • Ragman
  • Magik 
  • Raven
  • Doctor Druid
  • Jennifer Kale
  • Shaman
  • Rintrah (deceased)
  • The Phantmon Stranger
  • The Ancient One (Spiritual Form) 

Neutral Characters

The Neutral Characters present on the event The War of Seven Spheres were:

  • The Vishanti (Hoggoth, Agamotto, Oshtur)
  • Munnopoor
  • Witchfire
  • The Trinity of Ashes
  • Galactus (also a villain duo to temporary merging with Thanos) 
  • The Seraphim
  • Shazam
  • Xandu
  • Kulan Gath
  • Madame Xanadu
  • Nabu, the Lord of Order
  • Octessense (Balthakk, Ikkon, Farallah, Ragadorr, Wattomb, Valtorr, Krakan, Cyttorak)
  • Doctor Doom (Doctor Doom was a neutral character because of his vow to the Fantastic Four)


The Villains present on the event The War of Seven Spheres were:

  • Dormmamu
  • Mephisto
  • Zarathos (presumably deceased)
  • Satannish (depowered)
  • Baron Mordo
  • Ian Mcnee
  • Loki (presumed deceased)
  • Karnilla
  • Tala
  • Circe
  • Shuma-Gorath
  • Skurge, the Executioner (summoned by the Enchantress, defeated by Thor) 
  • Mordru, Lord of Chaos
  • Umar
  • Urthona
  • Nicholas Scratch
  • Varnae
  • Trigon (summoned from Hell by Mordo, banished back to Hell by the Spectre)
  • Thanos
  • D´Spayre
  • Mordred
  • Nightmare
  • Kaluu (Spiritual Form)
  • Felix Faust
  • Chthon (summoned by the Scarlet Wtch, banished by the Spectre)
  • Morgaine Le Fay
  • The Enchantress (deceased)
  • Wotan
  • Adria, the Witch (Banished to the Astral Plane)
  • Klarion, the Witch Boy  
  • The Spectre (Master of the War of Seven Spheres)


Other Characters present on the War of Seven Spheres were:

  • Thor Odinson (summoned by Loki and Amora, the Enchantress)
  • The Living Tribunal
  • Eclipso
  • Oblivion (Eclipso´s Master)
  • Lord Chaos
  • Master Order
  • Kronos
  • Odin (challenger)
  • Hela  (challenger)
  • Zeus (challenger)
  • Ares (challenger)
  • The Stranger
  • Antman (Spectre´s Human Host, Resurrected)
  • Uatu, the Watcher 
  • Death (Cosmic Entity who punished the Spectre, Spectre´s Master)
  • Eternity (Cosmic Entity who aided Death against the Spectre)
  • Infinity (Cosmic Entity who aided Death against the Spectre)

Survival of the Fittest

The Vishanti
The doctors

Doctors Fight

Just as the omnipotent Living Tribunal left the planet, the battles continued and Doctor Fate hit Strange from the back and captured him in a block of ice. After using his astral projection Strange finally gained an advantage over his foe and just as he prepared an absorption spell Fate preapred his own and they launched at the same time. A flash of light was seen and when it vanished, both sorcerers were gone and left behind was Fate´s magical Cloack of Levitation.

The Winner

After their mysterious dissapereance, the Spectre grived as his plans were working, the magical beings of Earth-1224 were destroying themselves and thus very soon the universe would be rid of magic and of evil in the spirit´s perspective forever. The Spectre watched as Circe was turned into a snake by Karnilla and forced to flee, the once god now beast with the use of her Norn Stones, as Etrigan was engulfed by infernal flames, conjured by Zatara and Zatanna in an act of self defense against the hell demon whose destructive instincts had been mystically augmented by the Spectre. Wiccan using a remainer of the power of Eternity he had inside of him back when he was an avatar for the cosmic entity also had defeated Mcknee. In the meantime the Scarlet Witch contained her powers, that were made unstable and far more powerful by the Spectre, searching in the planet for her mentor, Agatha Harkness, that maybe could help her to control and stabilize her amazing mutant and magical abilities. 
The vishanti

The Vishanti

In the meantime, the Spectre mystically breaks the magical bonds that united the Vishanti (the trinity of Hoggoth, Aggamoto and Oshtur) and separates both Hoggoth and Oshtur from Aggamoto. The Spectre then forces Aggamoto to fight Munnopor, a fight witch proves a difficult win as Munnorpor´s moons spells negated Aggamoto´s all revealing light but in the end the most powerful of the Vishanti prevailed and trapped Munnopor into the dark side of the moon where she would remain prisioner until the war was over and in the blink of an eye the Spectre destroyed the moon and the Earth descended into complete chaos while the spirt stated that this war was a lethal one and there was to be no mercy, only death. Even the omnipotent Vishanti that had helped Doctor Strange in the past overpower many of the strongest beings in the universe were powerless against Death´s cosmical enforcer. He told them that for the war to be fair, he had seperated them in order not only to weaken them but to see as their faired without their brothers. And in truth this separation was a smart play by the Spectre because not only was the Vishanti extremely weakened, their separation also caused every being who had called upon the Mighty Vishanti for the assistance to be weakened. Without the great power of the Vishanti and magical entities vanishing one by one, how will good triumph over evil in this terrible war?
The seraphim

The Defeat

Then at the other side of the planet, the feroucious Hoggoth and the benevolent Oshtur easily defeat the Seraphim, an entity who powers layed within the defense and not the offense but the trinity decided they were the greatest magical entities of all time and they were not be pawns in some game and so decided to call their disciple, Earth´s Sorcerer Supreme and yet attained no response. In exchange flames surronded the two entities and from the fog appeared Mephisto, the demon of Hell who claimed that after finishing Zarathos those two would be his next victims and that the more destruction he caused in the war the more souls he would gain if he was to win the War of Seven Spheres and so the demon launched at them a fiery blast, the real battle was about to begin...
Quote1 Say very well to each other while you still can, for Mephisto, ruler of Hell, Lord of the Lies has come to take your souls. Quote2


Lord of Hell

The Entities began a fight that would endure for days and while that happened magical energies and the balance was disrupted and sensed by Odin, by the Watcher and also by Eternity who decided not to intervene, at least not now. Oshtur and Hoggoth quickly incapicitated Mephisto claiming that a demon more powerful than himwas there primal enemy and the Lord of Hell was no match for the Vishanti but something keept happening, Mephisto got stronger and stronger with every sescond due to the chaos of Earth millions of people were dying and making deals with Mephisto´s lesser demons thus increasing his power until his magic was powerful enought to entrap both of them in entities in unbreakable chains and then he claimed their power for himself by performing an absorption spell, plus turned them to stone, for them to remember the high price someone must pay when they dare to challenge Satan. Mephisto moved on to seek his next victim and attain his wish by the Spectre. Meanwhile Aggamoto´s powers were depleted as his siblings had just been killed and so the war moved on and Agatha Harkness, after a brief and unifinished fight with Baron Mordo observes it all from her cystral ball, thinking of Wanda as the solution to everything that was happening in that war, as her origins and her powers could be the only way to stop the now much more poweful Mephisto and so she sets out to find her student. 
Child´s Play
Quote1 Simply because I am boy, child does not mean I am not powerful. I am the ultimate Lord of Chaos, now kneel before me and my magical might! Quote2
Klarion the Witch Boy


The Lord of Chaos

Not very far away, Wiccan crossed the rocky mountains, only to find at the other side of the mountain none other than Klarion, the Lord of Chaos. Klarion emerged in flight and launch energy blasts at Wiccan who defended himself with a shield. Klarion took on the offense and Wiccan continued teleporting himself until he was attacked by Klarion´s cat boosted with a magic spell. He fell down and seemingly Klarion banished from existence to Hell but Wiccan teleporte just in time. A magical battle of pure magic took place as they battled with mystical energy blasts until Wiccan finaly hit Klarion and the demon fell like a red shooting star creating a great impact on the ground. 

Then he got up, unleashed some Latin worlds and the woods began pursuing Wiccan who warped reality around him and turned them into roses. With every spell Klarion fired, Wiccan could counter but althought he was defending he was not attacking and his power was dropping very quickly. Klarion unleashed his full power into a very destructive blast that Wiccan did not manage to block with his shield and there he was laying on the ground like a beaten dog and as he watched the moon of that planet Klarion shape-shifted into a gigantic snake and so he said "Do not worry my dear boy, your mother will join soon enought, in the after life" and so he began putting himself into Wiccan, in circles drainning all his magical power and increasing his own and at that very momment, Wiccan established a mental link with his mother, the Scarlet Witch who was still searching for her mentor, Agathat Harness. Learning of her son´s condition she casted a buble around herself and transfered half her power to her son, unaware that she was being followed by a dark shadow. At that very same, Wiccan´s power grew has he levitated the snake and apparently destroyed it.

Quote1 Idiot, I am a Lord of Chaos, you can destroy my physical body but you can never destroy my essence. Now you wil pay the price for your ignorance. Quote2


Mother and Son

Wiccan turned his back but then heard a voice and just as he looked from behind, Klarion regenerated from a nearby tree and emerged fully grown so Wiccan had to find a way to stop him but not to kill him but now he had bigger problems than those, as Klarion´s anger increased his power tenfold and he gained the true appereance of a demon while screaming "Now you will have to deal with at my ultimate stage and all the powers of Hell!" and the demon sensing that Wiccan had by an unknown reason gained more power he decided to finish this very quickly and casted a spell known as the Mask of Darkness. A great light was seen and when it vanished Wiccan layed down not defeated but blind for all eternity. He got up and was insulted by Klarion saying how could he hope the defeat him if he could even see, his mother had failed him and more importantly he had failed himself and so Klarion directed himself towards Wiccan to win the battle, when he decided he could continue his misery and so he levitated him and pushed him against trees, rocks, made him fought feroucious bats and demons and his cries were not only heard by the entire planet, but also by the Scarlet Witch who wanted to help her son but could not and this turned her powers even more unstable and also by the Spectre, but to the spirit the boy´s screams were music to his ears as Magic was finally paying for everything it had done according to the spirit´s demented view of reality. 


But the battle was not over yet. As Wiccan almost died, he conjured up all of his magical power into one blast that freed him of Klarion´s control over his body. Then he lifted into the airf only to fall from exhaustion. Klarion got near him and casted a spell so that Wiccan would fall under an eternal sleep, filled with nightmares and destruction and just as he raised his hand to cast the spell Wiccan opened his eyes, and casted a mirror spell, now what Klarion attempted to use against Wiccan would now be used against himself. Wiccan levitated himself into the sky and after conjuring a big concentration of energy into the sky he used the spell and in seconds Klarion screamed "No" and soon was falling on the ground, in an eternal sleep as he screamed in horror because of the ultimate nightmares he was facing and at that very same momment the winner of the great battle was decided.
Quote1 Silence, Witch. For me to have the power of the Library of the Infinite I must destroy you and since you were so kind to give much of your power to that weak thing you call your son, how would I possibly miss this oportunity? Quote2


I am Wotan

And as the young wizard screamed, Wiccan walked away, blind and damaged and yet victorious against that force of evil. Wanda, while far still sensed a greater feeling that her son was alright, she felt a great relief and set a smile on her face as well as holding her tears and then destroying them, however she still had a strange feeling as she felt her powers were now beyond her control. Even so, she tried to use magic to find her mentor, Agatha Harkness until a great sound was heard and a magical blast thrown at Wanda. When the smoke cleared she lay down, unconscious and week. And from a rock came a shadowy figure dressed in a dark cloak and when the cloak was taken off, the figure was revelaed to be Wotan, who screamed his name throught the night´s sky. Wanda looked back and she realized her first battle had began before she could understand what was wrong with her. Wanda told Wotan she did not wish to hurt him while Wotan responded that for him to have his ultimate goal, acess to the Library of the Infinity, a magical place where the greatest spells of the universe were kept and that would make him the greatest sorcerer to have ever walked Earth-1224 he would need the Spectre´s aid and so he would need to destroy her. Wotan attacked and Wanda defended and yet she was too weak for having delivered so much power to her son that she fell on her knees, casting a few hexes with almost no effects at all. Was Wanda, the Scarlet Witch to be so easily defeated at the hands of the evil sorcerer known as Wotan? 
Agatha Harkness

Agatha to the Rescue

Quote1 Not so fast, you unholy demon! Quote2
Agatha Harkness

 Just as Wotan prepared his final attack and launched at the defenseless Wanda, a woman materializes into thin air, being Agatha Harkness, Wanda´s long sought mentor. She conjures up a protective bair and then casts a teleportation spell as both the witches dissapear in front of Wontan´s eyes. The evil wizard becomes furious at the sight of this and begins destroying everything in his path as well as casting a tracking spell to find them both. Soon after, both Wanda and Agatha appear on her Agatha´s house, that she teleported from Earth to this planet (duo to the magical barriers) no being could ever leave the planet. Agatha puts her on the bed and casts a healing spell. Momments later, Wanda opens her eyes, being scared and worried, Agatha puts her hands on her brown hair saying "It is alright, Wanda, it is alright". Wanda is still to weak but a smile can be seen on her face for seeing her mentor and teacher in the arts of magic but deep down she knows Wotan will find them along with many others and they both must be ready and prepared for battle. In the meantime, far away from the house, the sorcerer known as Clea and wife of Doctor Strange searched for her missing loved one, who had vanished during his battle with Doctor Fate, until a powerful figure emerged from the shadows and challenged her to her first duel in the War of Seven Spheres.

The Wrath of the Enchantress
The enchantress

The Enchantress

Quote1 Behold mortal, I am Amora, the Enchantress. I shall be your opponent and your demise. Quote2

And just as soon as the innocent Clea looked back she saw the almighty Asgardian Sorceress known as the Enchantress who challenged her to  her first duel of the War of Seven Spheres. Clea immediantly launched a magical blast at her opponent but no avail as the Enchantress counters the young and inexperienced Clea´s magic. It soon comes for the Enchantress to attack her opponent who is completly defenseless when her Amora turns a nearby tree into a gigantic snake. Clea tries to avoid her using her magic but is soon grabed by her with all her strength, leaving her a prisioner of hte Asgardian female that stood in front of her. But with mystical cunning Clea escapes her prison with a teleportation spell only to attack Amora from the back while from a large distance the Spectre watches with crimson eyes, seeing that his goal is finally going to be reached and magic shall cease to exist in this universe.

It soon passes from a simple battle to a clash of titans. Clea´s magic is countered by Amora while her own suffers the same fate. Defending each other, Amora uses her transmutation powers to attack Clea while the Clea defends herself but it soon becomes apparent that Amora´s Asgardian Stamina will win her battle. After all those spells, it all comes down to a single battle of magical energy blasts. They seem to be equal at first but Amora starts using her peak of magical prowess, stating that if "Doctor Strange could not beat me, how can you, his feble apprentice hope to." Amora delivers a blast of such magical energy that the heavens seem to tremble and while Clea´s magical energy is drained, she tries to defend herself with the omnipotent Shield of the Seraphim only to discover she cannot invoke that spell, unknown to her that with the Seraphim´s defeat at the hands of one of the Vishanti, there spells no longer exist. 


Clea at her Peak

Soon Clea discovers that battling the Enchantress on a one on one battle is completly useless and so she tries a different approach, begining powering some of her most powerful spells with the power of the Principiales such as Cyttorak, Agamatto, Krakan and many others and to this the Enchantress falls as a victim, being transformed into a tree. But the Asgardian sorcererss does not give up and soon breaks free only to find Clea amass a great deal of mystical power by calling on the power of all the Principales she can, the Vishanti, Poseidon, Zeus, even the Faltine like Dormammu and also the power of all of the Octessense. Amora for the first time finds a foe she cannot defeat and when Clea launchs her magical blast Amora tries desperatly to create a shield only to find Clea´s magic dissapearing into thin air. Clea looks shocked and Amora tells her that many of the Principales she envoked have already perished and those that have not may contribute with power but that same positive power is negated by the negative power of those that have already ceased to exist. As a counterattack Amora attacks again the young Clea only to defeat her with relative ease yet again. Clea lies on the rocks with Amora laughtning as well as the Spectre, it comes a smile to his face. Amora herself calls on the power of Cyttorak to bind the young Clea and finish her off once and for all. Before that Clea breaks free but the magical battle begins once more.

Clea projects all of her force into magical spells and blasts while Amora easily defeats them as Clea is above all a powerful sorceress but still a human female fightning a demi godess. It soon comes to a single magical blast battle once more with Amora on the lead. It soon becomes apparent that Clea is doomed as well when she looses the magical battle and falls down unconsious ready to be sent to oblivion by the Asgardian Magician. But as soon as the Enchantress plans to defeat the young clea a powerful voice "By the power of mighty Valtorr, you shal stop" and as this voice is heard a magical bolt of pure energy is sent at the Enchantress who dissapears. And when the smoke clears and the powerful Clea regains her senses, she sees her lover and master, Doctor Strange in spiritual form who has for her a very important message.


Spirit Form

Clea looks at her husband saying what happened to him and yet he responds that his time is very limited and soon he will have to return to the Spirit World and so Clea must listen to him very carefully. He tells her that within the Spectre lies great power but still he was born from the soul of a single mortal, Hank and that is his only weakness and and their hope of survival. Just as Strange speaks and Clea listens, the Enchantress reapers only to say she was temporarily defeated by the magical energy but still she attacks again with Asgardian magic of the highest potency, only to be blocked by both a weakened Strange and Clea who create a powerful mystical barrier sustained by the Power of Agamotto. While the Enchantress tries to break their spell, Strange glimpses in pain as the strain of appearing in the real world is far too much for him. Clea asks him once last time if he can tell her what really happened between Doctor Fate and Stephen and with the flow of time Strange unleashes the Eye of Agamotto to explain to his lover what really happened between both of those magical forces and just as a great light emerges, their spiritual entities travel to the rifts of Time and Space, beyond the plane of the War and of the Spectre´s eyes. 
Clea and Strange

Clea and Strange

After the great light, they´re physical bodies remain behind while their spirits travel to a spiritual Nexus in the form of the Sanctum Sanctorum, a place where the past, the present and the future are all united while the Enchantress still thrives to break the magician´s magical barrier and dispose of Clea once and for all. They travel to the Nexus, confronted by evils of great power, they arrive in Strange´s spiritual meditating room. And as they arrive they both give a large kiss and they both taught it was the end for them both, for their love and for their friendship. Just as they arrive, Strange glimpses once more telling her lover that even thought the Spectre does not know he was there, his pure magical presence his hurting him and also weaking him by the second. Observing this, Clea casts a life force spell fueled by the power of the Earth, Gaea that heals Strange and granting him new vitality and magical power. Just as Strange is about to explain, appears the Enchantress in spiritual form who with some effort is banished by both Strange and Clea to her own physical body who still tries to destroy the barrier with her Asgardian magic but still her efforts prove a prize as a small crack starts to appear in the powerful shield. Are Strange and Clea doomed for all of eternity at the hands of the mighty Amora? 
The Real Truth

The Truth

Just as the spiritual Amora is banished from the room, Strange procedes quickly to give Clea the Book of Vishanti and materializes the magical artifact known as the Orb of Agamotto. Throught it´s ancient and powerful magic, Clea witnesses what really happened as Strange narrates the event. He revelas that both he and Fate were under the mental control of the Spectre, who forced both the wizards to start a battle that would engage in other future battles and indeed his plan worked. Once the battle was over between both of them the mental hold over Strange and Fate ended and they transported themselves to the Astral Plane where they could make an attack to finally defeat the Spectre. But the strain took Doctor Fate away and Strange was severaly weakened forced to watch the battles but just like a Watcher he was unable to intervene until his will was powerful enought to try to save his beloved. Clea becomes horrfied with the events and gives a hug to her lover, only to remember that their barrier will not hold the Enchantress for much longer. Strange glimpses once more and tells Clea that he has something for her that it does not belong to him anymore, the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation. Clea looks shocked and asks why he is doing while Strange says that he failed his duties as Sorcerer Supreme and now it´s time for a younger one to take his place and there is no more honored person in the universe than Clea to take up the mantle plus he says that Clea may decide to return the artifacts and the title but for now it´s her only chance of survival while also stating that to defeat the Enchantress she will have to look deep within her and her origins as well to find the answer. Just as these words are spoken they return to their physical bodies only to find the Enchantress almost breaking the magical barrier that protects them and yet now there is a new hope, Clea.
The Final Kiss

The Final Kiss

Quote1 I am Clea, immortal one, the new Sorceress Supreme. Quote2

 And just as they returned to the planet, the Enchantress used her full power and thus managed to defeat the magical barrier. At that very same time the Spectre appears in a spiritual and omnipotent form, saying that Doctor Strange has broken the rules that he made and for that he has to be punished. Just as Clea defends them from a spell of the Enchantress, the Spectre grabs Strange´s astral form and sentences him to an eternal prison within the spirit world where he will dwell until the War of Seven Spheres is over so that he may see his beloved Clea die at the hands of the immortal Amora. Just as the Spectre casts his spells, Clea attacks him but to no avail as he did not felt the attack and in an attempt to resuce her lover, she kisses him for what could be their final time. Strange is thus banished from the planet and althought the Spectre will allow Clea to live, if she is defeated than her soul shall belong to him forever. Just as the cosmic entity leaves the battle ground the Enchantress strikes back to destroy Clea´s shield and sevearly hurt her ankle. She layed defenseless once more for the Enchantress until a bright light emerge from the sky repeating Strange´s words, for Clea to look deep within herself and just as she heard this she began to feel the power of the Faltine deep within her, her origins gave her new magical power and the artifacts of the Sorcerer Supreme gained life and began surronding Clea. Is this the end of Amora, the Enchantress and her evil menace to our heroes?

Sorcerer supreme

Sorceress Supreme

And after a big flash light, Clea emerged, the New Sorceress Supreme carying Doctor Strange´s essence and also those of her origin, the Flames of the Faltine. A weakened Amora layed shocked at her sight and so Clea undid all her spells and while Amora tried to counter attack but to no avail as with a new found power, Clea could indeed summon the Principales even if they did not exist anymore, her own will was bringing their essence back to existence, a feat no Sorcerer had yet been capable of. And in minutes the Asgardian Amora layed defeated on the floor, tired in every possible way plus her absence from Asgard weakened her powers to a considerable low level. Instead of killing her, Clea decided to trap her spirit within the Eye of Agamotto so it´s light may purify her but just as she did that a black figure stroke her from the back leaving her unconscious. Amora looked at this figure and put a smile on her face, it was Loki prince of evil, who congratulated Amora on her task, now he had what he needed, the Eye of Agamotto, without it´s magic no one would be able to defeat him and he crashed it to pieces, laying them on the ground. He revealed it was he who orchastrated everything for he knew Strange would give to the weak and inexpirienced Clea his most powerful objects and also the role of Sorcerer Supreme. Without Strange, it would be easier for he to put his ultimate plan in action and in seconds Amora blasted Clea and killed her, Clea´s soul was forever now in the hands of Spectre who received her soul with open arms. The Sorcerer Supreme was gone and soon Thor would be involved with Loki´s schemes as well, it was all going according to plan. Both Loki and Amora vanished throught a mystical portal while Doctor Strange in his helpless astral prison cried for her beloved Clea. The Spectre loved it all, the death of the Sorcerer Supreme was a sign that his goal was to be achieved sooner than what he had expected but still he had other problems to take care of.

And as the Asgardians both vanished, two dark figures near in a rocky abyss layed in shadows and laughted, a male and a female. The female said "I shall take care of him" and disspeared while the male one put a gigantic smile on his face as both the Spectre´s laght and Strange´s tears developed a connection with the universe. However while this battle was over, many more were coming as the Greek Godess Circe undid her curse and returned to challenge Karnilla, Ice Queen of Asgard once more, the now all powerful Mephisto with the powers of the Vishanti ressurected Etrigan the Demon and not only amplified his powers but turned him into his herald, Agatha Harkness and Wanda still defend themselves from the evil sorcerer Wotan and last but no least no one can forget about the ultimate evil plan of Loki and of his accomplice, the beautiful yet cunning Enchantress to finally defeat his half brother Thor. In the meantime, Doctor Strange lays trapped within the Astral Plane only to suddenly feel the presence of a considerably powerful dark and magical entity entering the Astral Plane. Is this the beginning of a new magical battle of the War of Seven Spheres? 


The Demon Reborn

Quote1 You know not the fury the demon hath, join Mephisto or you shall face my wrath. Quote2
Etrigan the Demon

 And just as the female magical figure left and Doctor Strange cried for his love on the Astral Plane the male figure on the rocks is revealed to be his eternal nemesis, Baron Mordo who watched the whole fight between the now deceased Clea and the Enchantress with the ultimate attack being from the all powerful god of mischief, Loki. And just as he planed to leave by using a magical spell from the Book of Demonicus, he is interrupted by a voice that claims he comes from Hell and that Mordo must end up serving Mephisto or die fightning his wrath. It´s soon revealed to be Etrigan, the Demon, the once anti-hero was now turned into the herald of the all powerful hell lord, Mephisto and Mordo was about to engage in his first duel in the War of Seven Spheres, as Etrigan was previously defeated when he was controlled by the Spectre and forced to fight both Zatanna and Zatara, father and daughter. Mordo creates his portal but the Spectre sees his cowardness and destroys it mentally comunicating him that he will die by his own cowardness or at the hands of Etrigan if he was truly defeated in magical combat. 


Baron Mordo

Mordo realizes he had no chance against the Spectre and so attacked Etrigan with a bolt capable of "altering the cosmocs" in his words but yet he remained unaffected, Mephisto not only did increase his durability to incalculable levels but also gave him limitless magical immunity. Mordo continued to blast him with the fiery bolts of Balthakk but to no avail until it really became a magical combat when Etrigan unleashed his Hell Flames against the all mighty Shield of the Seraphim. It was a stalemate, Mordo´s will to become the most powerful sorcerer there was was feeding him to win the Battle but Etrigan served a hire purpose and turned the magical battle into a physical battle almost killing Mordo by getting him smashed into a rock but Mordo manages to escape and traps Etrigan in stone with the Vapors of Valtorr. Etrigan manages to escape. Then he uses the Twelve Moons of Munnopor to send hi back to Hell to where he will reamin until Mordo decides to set him free but Etrigan appears to be all powerful and escapes once more. They soon take their battle to sky, as Etrigan unleashes a fire storm and Mordo tries to extinguish it with some rain from the clouds, which earns Etrigan´s laught as he is a child fightning a demon and so it comes to be as Etrigan´s flames manage to break his defenses and make him fall to the ground. Mordo uses a healing spell and later attacks Etrigan with pure destructive magic which apparently destroys the demon but Etrigan rises once more. Mordo tries knifes, entrapment, mystical barriers and ilusions but everything fails as Etrigan reveals he is completly immune to magic, only extreme physical effort can harm and a weak human like Mordo cannot provide that but that very same momment, the Baron gets a bold new idea and casts a new incredibly powerful dark spell. 
The Demon

The Demon

Quote1 By the burning Hell Faltine Flame, I summon the demon from within, so that he for me a victory can claim! Quote2
Baron Mordo

Just as Mordo finishes his spell, he summons a demon from Hell, Trigon, the strongest demon in terms of brute strenght that is and it is said that Trigon was once the ruler of Hell, until Etrigan layed a fatal blow upon him and trapped him in an endless chains of time and space and until a sorcerer of dark power would free him of his own will. Mordo ordered him to defeat Etrigan but Trigon attacked Mordo instead who defended himself with the Shield of the Seraphim but to no avail has he was defeated and punched one mile away, with Trigon saying he will do that, but not because that weak mortal says so as he takes orders from no one. He creates sword made of magical steal and attacks Etrigan. Etrigan tries to stop him by using his Hell Flames but he realizes that how the mighty have fallen, and while he was weakened by fightning Mordo Trigon has had centuries to rest and replenish his powers.   

Etrigan does not even get to use his magical powers and he is forced to engage in magical combat only to fall at Trigon´s hands. And as soon as Trigon lifts his sword Etrigan strikes back, punching him a 1000 times and then liberating his own destructive magic but to no avail once more. Trigon lifts his mighty sword and slashes Etrigan separating an arm and his head from his body. Etrigan falls, humiliated and defeated, turning back to an unharmed Jason Blood. And just as Trigon plans to finish both Blood and Mordo off once and for all, a very powerful magical entity appears, the all mighty Spectre...


The Spectre

Quote1 Adversary´s grief, master´s shame. Soon you go to once you came. Back you demon, go to Hell. Unleash the magic and cast my Spell. Quote2
The Spectre

 As just as Trigon plans to deal a final blow to both of them, Raven, Trigon´s daughter for pride feels his presence and begins to be out of control of her powers, performing telekinesis on everything around her, little did she known this event would create her a fearsome enemy. Back to the battle, the Spectre emerges and heals both Blood and Mordo plus he says that Trigon does not belong here and so casts a spell and banishes him back to Hell, while declaring that he wants to see Blood and Mordo fight to the end so that they´re magic can be used to their limits. Back to Trigon who is alsmost banished, he says that Pride shall avenge him and soon he will have the Spectre´s head. The Spectre casts a spell of silence for him and soon also says that after the War is over, Hell is next and Trigon will be the first to suffer and just as he said that they both dissapeared leaving Jason and Mordo to finish their mystical battle. Will Jason, now free of Etrigan´s and Mephisto´s control in human form be able to defeat Mordo, a sorcerer whose magical powers rival those of Doctor Strange?

Quote1 Behold, doomed one as the all dark and mighty Shuma Gorath devours your soul. Quote2
Baron Mordo

Jason Blood

Jason Blood

And just as the Spectre left, Jason and Mordo battled once more with energy blasts as they were both still recovering and just as they recover, Jason tries to transform into Etrigan once more but he can´t, because Etrigan was killed by Trigon during the battle, Jason is on his own against an extremely powerful opponent.  As just as his Etrigan form is denied Mordo uses the power of all his Principales into a single magical blast. Will Jason be able to defend himself or even survive against Mordo and his great magical prowess?

Jason prepares his own shield but his human power is no match for Baron Mordo who power fueled by Dormammu, Shuma Gorath and Cyttorak proves to much for the weakened wizard. Soon a wave of magical energy is released and destroys everything nearby as Jason is disintegrated and his astral form leaves the physical plane to join the Astral Plane where also the former Sorcerer Supreme lies. Mordo recovers from the use of such devastating power while the Specte appears delighted from what he sees throught his all seeing eyes. Mordo also reveals that Jason Blood was only the beginning and his true nemesis will soon suffer his merciless wrath. Miles away, Raven´s powers are calmed as with the magical battle over, Trigon´s essence has dissapeared from the dimension and while most around her was destroyed by the telekinesis she is still unharmed, until a figure emerges from the rocks, declaring that those who attack her are her enemy and so she tells Raven for her to prepare for her own first duel in the lethal War of Seven Spheres.



Not very far away, Wanda and Agatha still try to fight Wotan but to no avail. Their mystical barrier is broken and before Agatha´s sanctuary is destroyed she teleports it back to Earth. Now it is a one on two battle once more and the forces of good versus the forces of evil. But in truth, Agatha was tired and could not battle more, soon on the ground completly defenseless. Wotan took some steps towards her, preparing his spellls to send her to oblivion. But just as he was completing his plan, magical energy flew throught him and the ground beneath him was mysteriously destroyed. Emerging from the rocks that Wotan had destroyed, there was Wanda but it appeared as she had created another personality. There was great power emerging from her, power that could sensed by the Spectre himself from all the way in his interdimensional observatory. Wotan emerged from the rocks using his telekinesis and soon attacked Wanda but to no avail. His energy blasts were continously blocked by strange effects, fires, explosions until Wotan´s magic did not exist anymore. Wanda had become powerful enought to use her mutant powers and her rage to alter reality on a universal scale. Agatha rose from the ground and soon she understood her student had acquired more power than she would ever had, she had transcended her mutant gene and evolved far beyond that. After a few spells, Wotan layed defeated, without any power at all. All his spells had been useless and in the blink of an eye, Wanda´s rage and mere thinking removed Wotan from existence. Agatha was shocked because in Wanda she saw an emotion in her eyes she had never seen before, evil.
The Scarlet Witch
Quote1 Old one, behold the true extent of the power of Chaos.Winds of Destiny, from above and below, Change! Quote2
Scarlet Witch

Agatha for the first time feared Wanda. She was totally out of control and she had been overload by her power. Agatha tried to calm her but her words only resulted in Wanda attacking her, trapping her in an impenetrable force field. And just as Wanda destroyed everything around her, Agatha looked at the remains of Wotan and the destruction that Wanda had caused and felt that was all her fault, she failed as Wanda´s friend, teacher but above all as her friend. And just as she blamed that upon herself and Doctor Strange watched from his prison in the Astral Plane, Wanda was totally controlled by her power and her rage, she was now an omnipotent embodiment of Chaos.  

Wanda suddenly surronded herself in a scarlet aura and incidents began happening all around the universe. Floods on Earth, explosions in the Skrull Homeworld, the sudden destruction of planets that Galactus was about to feed on and Wanda´s powers even effected Eternity´s self being. So much destruction, so much rage, so much anger and yet so much power. Until she was totally controlled and her powers opened a localized black whole in the planet where the War was taking place. And just as the whole opened and everyone began to be absorbed by it, Wanda was attacked, a magical blasts teleporting her out of the planet and negating the black whole. Agatha had attacked her student, althought in regret she knew it had to be done. Wanda suddenly returned to her place and challenged her teacher to a battle. Now that Wotan was defeated a greater evil emerged, is it time for a battle between Agatha and Wanda, teacher and student?


The Spectre

Wanda sure had no doubt she could defeat the old and frail witch but her confidence had it´s reason. Wanda rose to her feet and soon attacked Agatha with a bolt twice as strong as the one she had just fired. Agatha escaped and still found herself using every spell she knew against her student and "daughter" but no avail as the Scarlet Witch´s magic was countering them with ease while Wanda kept her eyes closed. And when it came the time to strike, Wanda invoked a storm in the planet´s quite atmosphere to which Agatha could only reply by protecting herself since her offense had been totally destroyed. And while at the same time the dangerous Chaos magic who even Doctor Strange feared was running loose without any nexus or control, flying freely throught the skies, causing earthquakes, thunders, deaths of horrible level and even summoning lost souls and demons from other worlds. And with all that chaos, so much rage and so much power, the magical balance of the universe was shaking. Wanda was creating realities just be thinking of them and very far away, Earth´s inhabitants could hear a crack out of their planet, that was until the Spectre emerged from the sky, as a higher power than those of a human were being used.


Quote1 Foolish spirit, by allowing this mortal girl to enter your games, you have allowed me to possess her by her extreme use of my own magic. The girl I touched on birth shall serve her purpose. You may be the avatar of Death, but Chaos is immortal! Quote2
Scarlet Witch (Chthon)

 And just as Agatha healed herself, she looked upon the sky and realized that something of great importance was hapenning as the Spectre had for the first time descended on the mortal plane. The Spectre looked upon the eyes of the old witch and said he would explain everything, but they had to act fast, before the universe was destroyed.

The Spectre explained that while he transported everyone to the planet, he also took a look at their memories and pasts and he understood that Wanda had been touched by a very powerful demon, the god of Chaos Magic, Chthon by a deal her mother had made with tihs very same demon for power. He decided to transport her because he believed that if Wanda was destroyed during the war, a vessel of Chaos magic would cease to exist and thus Chaos would not be destroyed but would be remain without use. However, he also reveals to Agatha that while both of them were fightning, Wanda produced so much Chaos magic that her essence and power allowed Chthon to destroy her control and ultimately spread his essence around her body however minutes ago, Chthon had obtained total control of Wanda´s powers and body. And while he speaks, Wanda is no more, from her red eyes, rises a new personality, covered in a new red and more demonic appereance, she screams "Chthon lives, now let the others die!". The Spectre tells Agathat that the most destructive being in the universe has just been released as he was previously hold in check by mystical barriers created by Eternity and that not only is this demon as powerful as he is but much more evil. And just as Agatha implored for Wanda to be back and even tried herself to attack Wanda to release her of his control, Chthon turned her to stone and challenged the Spectre to a duel, a fight to death and quite probably for the fate of the universe. Apparently, the avatar of Death has met it´s match or it´s better. And just as this legendary fight approached, Uatu, the Watcher appeared, interested in what great event was about to occur.

S. Witc

The Power of Chthon

Quote1 I have acess to the Darkhold, no not even that, I have created it. You have no chance against the Master of Magic, the Master of Evil! Fear Chthon before all others! Quote2

 The Spectre once again, just as with the Living Tribunal felt fear for he knew Chthon was not an adversary that should be understimated, his power was too great but he was a representative of Death and so he accepted his challenge. Chthon sent Agatha´s stone form into space and then launche himself into the air. Uatu remained on the sky, ready to watch the great battle that was about to happen. The Spectre too rose to the air, and so the battle began. But these colossal entities were so powerful their attacks were far too fast to be seen but caused so much destruction as Chthon´s first blast was enought to erase a galaxy from existence. Their fight didn´t pass from enery blasts but these were so magnifiencient, so complex, in them it was the end and the beginning, destruction and creation, these blasts contained the very life force of the universe and their power could never measured, not be the words I have said here. They were both matched, in power and in evil as well.    

They countered each other´s strikes. Chthon would alter space and the Spectre would remain as a ghost. The Spectre´s blasts failed to strike Chthon as she shapeshifted into a snake. They were using all powers at the same time. Both beings could be as small as a mice and still as big as an entire planet. Regeneration, Speed, Omnipotence, so much power evolved into one fight, made the universe tremble and nearly fall apart because of their power. This clash of energy then gained the attention of the cosmic entities of the universe and of the inhabitants of the planets who were nearly destroyed because of such energy. They were both invincible and their desire to win fuel their battle and their rage. There was no stoping them. That was, until Chthon cried "I shall make you fear me", and fired blasts of eternal fire from his eyes, cutting both of the Spectre´s arms. He tried to heal them with his magic but the truth was that the improbability of Chthon´s magic outmatched the Spectre´s rules and organized power. His chaos powers were beginning to affect the Spectre in every possible way and his power was diminishing by the second. At that time, the fallen spirit realized he couldn´t not defeat Chthon alone, he needed someone. And with great cunning, the Spectre invoked his magical powers and created a portal to banish Chthon from his domain, the arena of the War. But to no avail, now that Eternity´s barriers were broken, Chthon was free to do whatever he desired without any limits and so the Spectre decided throught his knowledge of magic that the only way to defeat the dangeorus Chaos Magic was to use the pure Order Magic. Concentrating all of his power into one single blast, he fired it at Chthon, sending the demon flying away to what the Spectre called "beyond the sands of time and beyond the limits of space". And to begin his plan, he created a magical field around the planet, freezing everything in that same area. What is the Spectre planning that might be able to defeat the all powerful Chthon?

Spectre New 52

The Spectre´s Plan

Quote1 Reconstruct the item and use it to help me defeat this demon. Don´t fail me, girl or the universe will perish! Quote2

 And as Chthon was sent far away, trapped in a dimensional barrier, the Spectre descended upon the mortal plane, only to be then stoped by a returning Chthon who declared that his power was no match for his. The Spectre then told the demon that the fight they were having was far too great to mortal eyes or to mortal bodies. He proposed they should finish it in the astral plane, leaving their bodies, both Ant-Man and the Scarlet Witch behind to fight on a greater level. Chthon became intrigued by the Spectre´s offer but the Scarlet Witch was of no use to him now that he was free from his prison and so they parted, leaving their hosts behind, to join a highter plane, but in Chthon´s arrogance, the Spectre´s plan was set in motion and his victory althought still in the dark now had some light.



And just as their earthly body fell to the ground, they both ascended into the sky in a bolt of light. Chthon assumed the form of Quicksilver saying "since little I always liked his hair" and said it was time for the end of their battle. The Spectre unfroze time again and the fight began once more. Chthon used his vast Chaos magic and created a storm around them, turning the very skies with the red of the blood of his previous victims, declaring that the skies would soon possess a small pigment of green. And so he raised a mystical sword created out of thin air and attacked the Spcectre his own hammer. They fought with great power, there mere blows being felt by all of the mystics present in the planet that was until Chthon manaed to cut off the head of the Spectre. It was the end, the end of a great evil. There was only the problem that when this same evil was destroyed, a more powerful and far dangerous one had emerged or had it?

With superhuman speed, the Spectre created magical circle using his hands and quickly regenerated his missing head. And just as he avoided Chthon´s blasts, he created a mystical shield to protect him for a small period of time. And while he used his magic to protect or at least temporarily, he sent a portion of his spirit to the earthly plane. As he got there, he immediantly used his power to heal and to recover the Scarlet Witch who awakened without anyknowledge of the events and after watching Agatha in pure stone she asked herself what had happened to Wotan and soon began attacking a more weakened Spectre. The Spectre calmed her down and said that if she wanted to save the universe, she needed to recover the pieces of an artifact present on the very same planet where the War was taking place, the Eye of Agamotto. The Spectre transfered to her mind the location of the eye and opened a mystical portal plus told her to use the Eye´s power to get back to this location and help him defeat the demon that was destroying the universe. That was until the barrier was broken, and the spirtual form vanished. And while the Spectre still fought Chthon, Wanda used the portal, traveled to the sight of Clea´s defeat to search for the only hope in the universe capable of defeating the Master of Chaos and Dark Magic, as she herself was worried for her son, also a combatant in the War of Seven Spheres, who by a mystical ink also sensed what her mother had gone through, her pain and her efforts. 

The eye

The Truth

Quote1 There is no need for to you to come to it. Focus, Wanda, and the Eye, it shall come to you! Quote2
Doctor Strange

 And as the Spectre fought the omnipotent Chthon, Wanda searched for the Eye but to no avail, she could not find it anywhere. She tried to use her magic to find it but no avail. She then used her magic to see into the past and realized it was Loki who was responsible for it´s destruction. Knowing well of Loki´s cunning, she knew he had to be using some sort of power to hide it from her but how would she break a spell from a God. She didn´t know what to do until Doctor Strange used all the mystical power he had gained by resting to contact Wanda. He told her he could only talk for some minutes and so he told her that the eye had a connection with it´s user and so he gave his hands to Wanda and told her to focuse for she did not need to search for the eye, the eye would search for her. And indeed this came to pass, as they focused their power and their minds, Strang united his hands and from them emerged the Eye, totally intact. And has his power weakened he wished Wanda good luck for the fate of the universe was in her hands. He also told her that she still need to recreate the idea, she would just need to use her own magic and to trust in herself. And has he left, the eye transformed into the broken and glowing pieces of the once most powerful magical artifact of the entire universe. Wanda recovered and traveled by the Spectre´s portal to her original location, thinking and thanking Stephen in her mind for his help but what she saw next she was not prepared for. She arrived at the sight, completly destroyed, and Chthon remained there as the winner, the Spectre on the ground, consumed by pain and decay and the demon by happiness and triumph. Will the Eye of Agamotto be enought to stop the being who almost brought death to Death itself?



Quote1 You´ll pay for what you did, demon. Winds of destiny, Change! Quote2
Scarlet Witch

 When Wanda arrvied on the spot, she was shocked to see the Spectre defeated. Chthon immediantly turned his attention to Wanda surpised that she had awakened from the temporary psychich block Chthon had implented in her when he left her body. He then understood what the Spectre had done but he didn´t seem too worried, defending that without the Chaos Magic that Chthon offered, Wanda was a just a mutant, a human to say the truth and no mere human was able to defeat the creator of Chaos Magic and an Elder God. But Wanda still tried to fight him and so she unleashed all the magic she possesed, levitating the pieces of the amulet to try to reconstruct it. And so much was her will, not her power that the pieces again unified to form the all seeing Eye of Agamotto. And so the Eye found a new owner combining itself in Wanda´s cape. And when Chthon attacked, not only did the Eye protect her but it projected it´s powerful magical light who weakens all dark and evil beings. 


The Last Try

And with it´s all powerful magic, Chthon was soon on the ground, screaming in great pain. That was the power of the Eye of Agamotto, the stronger the dark being was, the more pain he would feel and he screamed even more for the burning light of Agamotto was destroying him from the inside. After the Spectre tricked Chthon in leaving his mortal body, he made his greatest mistake and one he will regret for the rest of his immortal life. And when the order magic did it´s work, Chthon was completly immobilized and then Wanda combined her own magic and the Eye´s power to heal and cure her enemy, the Spectre.
Quote1 Back to Hell, Demon! Or you shall face the wrath of the Spectre! Quote2

 And as Wanda used her powers to heal the Spectre, the fallen spirit rose, claiming his host body once again, the body of Ant-Man. At the same time, he enveloped himself once again in his green cloak, emerging from the shadows with green glowing eyes and a sentiment of vengeance in his heart. At the same time, Wanda controlled the Eye´s power firing multiple blasts at Chthon, who ran away like a coward, screaming for mercy, even crying. And when he fell, the Spectre approached him. He gave a slight expression of gratefulness to the Scarlet Witch and turned his full attention to the demon. He told him, after this day, he would fear Death even more than White magic, he would fear the dark for what he suffered here and he would fear above all the Spectre. He told Wanda Chthon was far too powerful to be destroyed but he could still be banished. Usin his telekinesis, he removed the Eye from Wanda´s cloak and combined it´s power with his own creating a large inter-dimensional portal. Chthon began to be drained, returning to his exile in his home dimension, now with mystical barriers created by the Spectre to act as prison bars for the universal menace. But seconds before Chthon was returned to his original world, the Spectre told him he would keep his promise, and he would fear the Spectre above all. And has the spirit finished his words Chthon became trapped in his dimension once more, prisoner for ages to come. And as he was returned to his throne one of his servants in a green cloak appeared, and as soon as Chthon saw him, he started begging for mercy and screaming in pain. The Spectre had kept his word, by using magic, everytime Chthon would see a being in a green cloak, in clear white skin, he would always remember his new gained fear, the fear of the Spectre and although physically he feared the spirit, he in his mind, decided that if he could not have the girl, and he would have her son. Even thought a great evil shall come from the ruler of Chaos Magic, at least for now the universe was safe, and the War of Seven Spheres was bound to continue. But what will happen next?

Quote1 It appears I understimated your power, human. But that is a mistake I shall not make a second time. Your are the greatest threat to me, not Mephisto and not the Sorcerer Supreme, only you. I shall free your teacher and let you go unpunished for Chthon´s influence on the war must be forgotten. But the next time you and I meet, we are enemies. Quote2
The Spectre
The spirit

Life and Death

Now that Chthon was gone, the War of Seven Spheres could finally continue but with it the destruction of magic would also occur. Wanda traded the universe for her own life and those of everyone on the planet and for the Spectre that was an act of bravery and courage that deserved a small reward. Even though he was the Avatar of Death and also of Vengeance he could not seek to hurt Wanda, at least not at this momment. The first thing he did, was transport the Eye of Agamotto back to it´s original place but intact for Chthon´s influence must be forgotten for the Spectre´s War and plans to be continued but he had also something to bestow on Wanda, for her services against Chthon.

Next, he absorved all of the chaos magic that was in the planet´s atmosphere and turned back in time so that all the damage Chthon had caused would be undone. As a reward for Wanda, he healed all of her injuries and transformed the figure of stone into Agatha once more. The old witch was saved and thrilled to see her student alive and well, deep in her heart thanking the Spectre for what he had done. Then he levitated them both in the sky and told Wanda that now Chthon has a great fear of the him but he will still try to control or someone very close to her and says that although this was a reward, the Spectre did not battle the demon to save them but only to save his War for the ultimate death of all the combatants will be at his hands and not on those of some dark and ancient relic. And to prove his point, he took Wotan´s soul, who had been previously defeated by Wanda in the War. It was the end of one more wizard and although Chthon was stoped, perhaphs an even greater evil was allowed to remain free because no one should forget that if this war succeeds, all the magic in the universe will be destroyed and the cosmos will remain in a universal imbalance. Has Wanda acted for the greater good when fightning alongside the Spectre or did she doom the universe and all of it´s inhabitants?

Quote1 Perhaphs I understimated the artifact´s powers, Amora. It shall serve to conquer my stupid half-brother, Thor! Quote2

Loki Laufeyson Earth 616

Loki´s Arrival

The Spectre soon created a mist and disspeared as quickly as he arrived, however in his mind, there was a sensation of fear, for the first time he had met a being who rivaled his power and who even defeated him so he had to take some measures if he wished to survive and finish his war. Below him, Agatha and Wanda created a portal and traveled to find her son, for the Spectre´s warning stated that Chthon would try to possess him as well to dominate this reality. And then there was Loki, who at that precise same spot, collected the now intact Eye of Agamotto that he had once destroyed, stating to Amora that it would help him to achieve his greatest goal and soon they vanished into thin air. But many questions remain without an answer. Who is the mysterious adversary that Raven has just gained? Who is the new adversary under the orders of Mordo that Doctor Strange must face in the Astral Plane? Who will win, Circe or Karnilla? What is Loki´s plan to defeat his brother? What other secrets does the Spectre hold? And from distance, Uatu, the Watcher observes everything, thinking it is time to break his vow of non-interference once again for the greater good of the uiverse.
Loki´s Plan

Magik Attacks

Quote1 You have made a great mistake! Quote2

Coming Soon....

Ian McNee


Quote1 Isn´t it beautiful? So perfect, so distracting, so magical... Quote2
Ian Mcnee

Cosmic Trial
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strangefate
Scarlet Witch
The Phantmon Stranger

The Infinity Quest



The War Ends

The Spectre´s Wrath

Eclipso Dies


The OmegaVerse

In the SigmaVerse

Darkseid (Earth-1000000)

Darkseid Arrives

Quote1 Yes, it has worked. There is no more Superman. Quote2

Sinister Strikes in Earth-619

Coming in Progress

Blackest Day

Coming Soon

Formation of the Corps

Coming Soon

The Battle Begins

Coming Soon

The Rise of Brainiac

Coming Soon

Skrull Invasion

Coming Soon

Knowledge is Power

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Coming Soon

A New Future

Coming Soon with Earth-71500. 

Fun and Games

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The Rise of Order

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House of M

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The Phoenix Rises

Coming Soon

Entering the Negative Zone

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The Journey into the Great Clock

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Franklin Richards

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The Spider-Hulk

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Avengers Dissasembled

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Civil War

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The Master of Lies

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Infinity Gauntlet

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Wakanda Falls

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The Ultimate Nightmare

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A Secret Inside the Pot

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Shadow Riders

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The Beginning of the End

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A New Age of Heroes

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The Coming of the Silver Surfer

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The Return of the Watchers

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The Geography of Earth-1224 was nearly identical to that of Earth-616 before Doom used his powers to manipulate reality. After that, the entire universe was molded after Latveria, making it a grand size scale of the original country. After Iron Man stole Doom´s powers and undid all that Doom had done, all of Earth-1224 returned to normal except that Latveria was no longer a country since it had lost its sovereign and became the capital city of Hungary.  During the The Great Clock arc, Doom somehow regained his position as king of Latveria and it became a country again. Later, The entire  geography of Earth-1224 suffered great changes when Doom used the Great Clock and thus he ended the existence of everything made in the past 30 years. Earth-1224 was later restored by Reed Richards from the Clock´s influence. If you´re interested in the Locations of Earth-1224, continue to go down until you find the mentioned section. 


The Timeline of Earth-1224 was nearly indentical to that of Earth-1224. The minutes and hours were equal to our own and so the this reality is located in the mid 90´s. However after Doom used the Great Clock to shift the hands of time and space, this reality´s timeline was changed to the mids 60 and nearly every character was de-aged. During the The Great Clock arc, Doom somehow regained his status as the king of Latveria and it became an independent country again. Later, the entire timeline of Earth-1224 was greatly altered when Doom used the Great Clock and thus he ended the existence of everyone born in the past 30 years. Earth-1224 was later restored by Reed Richards and freed from the Clock and Doom´s influence. For all the events present in the timeline, go above and find the one that you desire.

Notable Residents



Earth-1224 Characters are nearly identical to their counterparts of Earth-616, however there are same modest differences from reality to reality such as teams, appearances and super powers, however all of the stories are of my own creation and design.


  • Victor Von Doom (Earth-1224)
  • Ororo Munroe (Earth-1224)
  • Anthony Stark (Earth-1224)
  • Steve Rogers (Earth-1224)
  • Scott Summers (Earth-1224)
  • Robert Bruce Banner (Earth-1224)
  • Peter Parker (Earth-1224)
  • Susan Von Doom (Earth-1224)
  • Charles Francis Xavier (Earth-1224)
  • Reed Richards (Earth-1224)
  • Franklin Richards (Earth-1224)
  • Nathaniel Von Doom (Earth-1224)
  • Jean Grey (Earth-1224)
  • Thor Odinson (Earth-1224)
  • Jonathan Storm (Earth-1224)
  • Benjamin Grimm (Earth-1224)
  • Thanos (Earth-1224)
  • Camula Dracul (Earth-1224)

Also, you may view the complete list on the residents of Earth-1224 on it´s own page as here in this section, there only present the residents of Earth-1224 that have a major place in the events, issues and series that take place within this reality´s composition.  

Important Note

It should be noted that most of these characters are not developed since Earth-1224 is one of newest pages on this wiki, but most of them will later be developed later when this page and all of it´s sections are finished, so for now only a few essential characters for the stories have their own pages on the wiki, but remember this is only for now and in the future that will all change very soon.


Special Issue
From now on, I shall be creating a special series of Spider-Man comics. They will follow Peter´s Parker´s story while he fights to protect the city but there will be some great twists that can change the whole thing. I will create another issue with every week but for now here is the first one, The Amazing Spiderman 1. Here is the list of all the stories and issues that I made until now and also those that I am going to make in the very near future:
  • The Amazing Spiderman 1
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Coming Next Week)
  • The Amazing Spiderman 3
  • The Amazing Spiderman 4
  • The Amazing Spiderman 5 (Christimas Special)
  • The Amazing Spiderman 6 (Under Development) 
  • The Amazing Spiderman Two Issue Special (Under Development) 
  • The Amazing Spiderman 8
  • The Amazing Spiderman 9
  • The Amazing Spiderman 10th Issue Special (Last Issue of the Earth-1224 Series, Complete)


Earth-1224 has appeared in a variety of fanfiction series, events and issues that include but are not limited to the following works:

The stories of the reality Earth-1224 will also be featured in a TV series known as "Earth-1224" and a movie "Earth-1224: The New Threat" are set to be realesed in May of 2014. The movie will be produced by Columbia Pictures in colaboration with Marvel Studious and Comic Studios as well and the series will air on Fox, Fox HD, AXN, CBS Reality, BBC and finally ANX White from Monday to Thursday, at 11:30 pm, 12:00 pm and finally also at 18:20 pm.


Coming Soon

Earth-1224: The Movie

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Name Origin
Earth-1224 has a very logical reaso behind it´s name. You see, the way I discovered Comic Crossroads was by the page of Earth-612. I, instead of writing Earth-616 in Google, I wrote that and I discovered the marvellous work and also the ideas of Comic Crossroads. The first step was discovering the wiki and the second step was to be a user. And so I decided to honor Earth-612 and give it´s name to my own first page. All I needed was the number. Since Crossroads´s rules made it so that the same Earth number could not be used by 2 users, I multiplied it by two - 612 X 2 = 1224 and at that momment Earth-1224 was born and turned into the reality you know today as what I consider my best work yet here on Comic Crossroads so far. 

The ideas started coming to me and soon this lonely reality would turn to an entire multiverse composed of 50 realities (from the total reality earth numbers of 1200 to 1250), that are known as The Lord´s Multiverse, whose name was inspired on my own user name, both mine and that of my administrator account as you can see as well. All of my works have a reason for their name and this reality is truly no expection to this golden rule. 


All the images regarding Earth-1224 and all of it´s characters, objects, locations and others are encontered on the wiki page: Gallery: Earth-1224. Any request for an image can be made at my own Message Wall, here or also at the forum for questions and doubts about Earth-1224 and all of it´s contents. Also, you may watch all the images below in the following gallery:


  • Earth-1224 and Earth-71500 made one of the first crossovers on this wiki between two different users, myself and Dragonulteo. Other crossovers later followed with other users of Comic Crossroads, FrenchTouch and Draft227.
  • Although Susan Storm was wife to Doctor Doom, they were actually never officially married and their son was created by Doom´s will and power. 
  • Earth-1224 is the only page of Comic Crossroads to possess a video and the video has currently more than 158 views. 
  • Earth-1224 shares a similarity to the real Marvel Earth-90251 in the issue "What If? Secret Wars Vol 1 1" as in both these realities Doom retains his powers as the Beyonder and conquers the whole universe. He is too later defeated by a combined effort of Earth´s super heroes and villains as well however Earth-1224 followed with other events that combined both Marvel, DC and Amalgam.  
  • This reality is one of the few that originated an entire multiverse composed of 50 realities and it´s own series of comic series and issues.
  • Through complex events, this reality was created by the events of the mainstream reality, Earth-616.
  • The character Courtney Gears is an antagonist in the game, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  • The character Courtney Gears is based upon the real life singer Britney Spears and even their names match with some small modifications to the first letters of the their names. 
  • This page was the 2500th article created on the Comic Crossroads wiki but it is also present at other fanfiction wikis that envolve both Amalgam, DC and Marvel fanfiction. For more information, continue to go down to the following section named Wikis. 
  • The first section of Earth-1224, Origins is related to Earth-616´s event, The Sectet Wars. 
  • Eclipso, some of the participants of the War of Seven Spheres and the Spectre are all characters from DC Comics.
  • This reality is the only one on Comic Crossroads to combine Original Characters, Marvel Characters, DC Characters and Amalgam Characters altogether into one single piece of work. Other characters for future sections may include Image Characters and Dark Horse Characters.
  • The War of Seven Spheres is the the first section in this page to introduce an Amalgam character, Doctor Strangefate. In the pages that followed more Amalgam characters emerged from the storys normally throught the fusion of heroes and villains by complicated ways. 
  • The Life Enforcers were inspired by the DC Comics characters, the Guardians of the Universe.
  • Earth-1224 was David´s first and until now greatest work on the Comic Crossroads Wiki. On the beginning of April, this fanfiction work started to be transfered to Marvel Fanon and othr fanfiction works such as DC Fanon.
  • This page has sections equal to those of Earth-616 including the Civil War, the Infinity Gauntlet, the Infinity Quest and the Avengers Dissasembled among many others.
  • The War of Seven Spheres shares some similarities with the Day of Vengeance DC comics issue, as in both of them the Spectre is convinced by the spirit Eclipso to destroy all magic in the entire universe, convinced that magic is evil and that it must cease to exist. Also in both of them, the Spectre at the end is defeated and punished by a cosmic entity. 
  • Earth-1224 is a more magically based reality, but during the events of the Age of Ultron and during the events of the War of Seven Spheres it became a more science based duo to either Ultron or to the destruction of magic during the war. During the arc "Knowledge is Power", Earth-1224 gained more science and the balance was a little less different but it was in the "The Greak Clock", that events turned the universe a more magically based reality once more when Doom unleashed it´s power upon the entire cosmos and altered both time and space at a universal level. However, after Doom´s defeat and the Great Clock was returned to normal, the cosmic entities managed to find a balance between magic and science, creating a perfect order for each of them on Earth-1224. 
  • Earth-1224 is a protected page, only editable by registered users of Comic Crossroads. 
  • Earth-1224 is currently involved in two crossovers, Doomwar: Best of Both Worlds and Sinister Strikes. Earth-1224 is what can be known as a "transitation" page, since before the merge between DC Crossroads and Marvel Crossroads this page contained only Marvel content but after the merger, DC content also began to be added to this page. More recently, due to other sections, Amalgam and probably Dark Horse may also be added to the page Earth-1224. This also makes not only Earth-124 one of the few pages involved in crossovers but also the first page in Comic Crossroads to be involved in currently 4 crossovers, two with Dragonulteo in Doomwar: Best of Both Worlds and A New Future with his work, Earth-71500, with FrenchTouch in Sinister Strikes with his work, Earth-619 and finally Draft227 in The Omegaverse in combination with both Earth-1224 and the Sigmaverse.

Notable Locations

Earth-1224 has many notable locations and since it´s Geography is nearly equal to that of Earth-616 most of the locations remain the same, each one with historical and cultural value and from all these wonderful locations, this reality possesses:




, is a country ruled by Doctor Victor Von Doom. Under his leadership is has became an advance region and one of the political and military leaders of the world. Many monarchs have ruled over it like the Hassen Family, Nathaniel Von Doom and temporarily Morgaine Le Fay and Camula. Interesting  points include the Doctor Doom´s Castle, Doomsburg, Doomton and Doomwood, small but rich villages next to his domain. Latveria currently houses 3. 8 million people and the nation is bordered by Serbia, Hungary, Transylania, Symkaria and others. It is Doctor Doom´s main base over his years has a super villain and when Doom obtained supreme power, Latveria extended to the entire world, becoming the New Latveria. It´s capital and most important city is Doomstadt, where is located Doom´s Castle.  

As Doom´s main base, it was visited and invaded over the years by the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders and it was destroyed at one time by Franklin Richards and by the Cosmic Entities of the universe. After being rebuilt, Latveria faced an economical crisis that still affects it today. After the vampire Camula become the sovereign of Transylvania, Latveria was attacked and temporarily conquered along with Doom who was arrested. Latveria was returned to Doom when Camula was defeated with the help of the Avengers and of the Fantastic Four as well. It has since then returned to it´s super power status and there are rumors that Doom is creating a doomsday device in Latveria´s most secret locations.  

Stark Industries:

The tower

Stark Tower

Stark Tower is the main tower and the main base of Iron Man, Tony Stark, the C.E.O of advanced technology company Stark Industries. It was here that Tony replicated the device that Doom used to drain the powers of the Beyonder in hopes that he could use the power to defeat Doom himself. It was also here that Tony created the dimensional portal to travel to Earth-71500 to battle Nathaniel Von Doom. The Tower is currently the main base of the Avengers after the events of Avengers Dissasembled and it´s armed with state of the arc technology and defenses that include force fields, laser beams, massive destruction missiles among others.

Under the Tower, there lies a secret compartment where the Iron Man´s armors are kept and others can be produced at a fast rate, plus it is also a fabric of planes, guns and Thor has said that Tony kepted there a vast quantity of alchool and drugs. The tower was destroyed during the Skrull Invasion by the Super Skrull and after rebuilt was destroyed yet again when Doom achieved the power of the Great Clock. It currently houses 12300 workers, it posseses 105 floors and 620,4 metters of height, being the third tallest structure in the world, only surpassed by the Shangai Tower with 623 metters and the Burj Khalifa with 828 metters. 

The Great Clock:

The Sanctum Sanctorum:

Notable Objects

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Notable Organizations

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Official Description 

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Major Differences

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Featured Article Nominating and Voting

Earth-1224 has been awarded in several wikis and sites, the following prizes and valuable honors: 

  • Doomwar: Best of Both Worlds was nominated for story of the month in September 2013. (2nd place)
  • The page Earth-1224 won the page of the month in October of 2013 on the Marvel Wiki.
  • The page Earth-1224 was nominated for the page of the month in October of 2013. (2nd place)
  • The page Earth-1224 won the page of the month in November of 2013 on Comic Crossroads. 
  • The page Earth-1224 became the first reality to ever be featured in the Featured Article Nominating and Voting of Comic Crossroads.
  • The page Earth-1224 won the page of the month in November of 2013 on the Marvel Wiki.
  • The page Earth-1224 became the second page in Comic Crossroads´s history to have over 100,000 bytes, a record achieved in April of 2014, after William Lawton (Earth-152312) achieved it for the first time the 100,000 bytes target in March of the same year. 
  • Doomwar: Best of Both Worlds was nominated for story of the month in February 2014. (2nd place)
  • The page Earth-1224 is officialy the most edited page in Comic Crossroads´s history.
  • The page Earth-1224 is officialy the largest page in Comic Crossroads´s history with over 200,000 bytes. 
  • The page Earth-1224 is officialy the 3rd page with the most comments on Comic Crossroads with 51 comments, being surpassed only by The Contest of Champions and Featured Article Nominating and Voting.
  • The page Earth-1224 was given a final total score of 9,8 out of 10 in the review made by "F" on the 5th Special Episode of the series "The Fictional Critic" in July of 2014. th Special Episode of the series "The Fictional Critic" in July of 2014.  The page ranked in second place in the Top 4 of the pages of those episodes, with 0,2 points less than the 1st place, William Lawton (Earth-152312)
  • The page Earth-1224 became the first page in Comic Crossroads´s history to have over 150,000 bytes, a record achieved in July of 2014.
  • The page Earth-1224 was one one of the pages that entered a competition of fanfiction wikis named "The Three Best Articles" by the reviewer "F" on the fanfiction wikis competition organized by the Fictional Critic and it´s user team during July of 2014. The goal of the project was to choose the 3 best articles every comics fanfiction wiki had to offer and pit them against others. In this case, Earth-1224 was selected to represent Comic Crossroads in this challenge. Wikis are now waiting fr the results. 
  • The page Earth-1224 was nominated for the first Article of the Awe by Draft227 and  Bluehunter16 in August of 2014 on Comic Crossroads. The page ranked 2th in this challenge, being defeated by Grigori Rasputin (Earth-883745)
  • The page Earth-1224 became the first page in Comic Crossroads´s history to have over 200,000 bytes, a record achieved in September of 2014.

Being what I personally consider my greatest work and my greatest masterpiece yet, I´m very honored to have received all of these awards and honors as they are a sign to me that I did create something inovative and spectacular that people like or even love. I hope you wait to see and read the new sections I have to add to my Earth-1224 and that I get positive feedbacks, positive comments and also many partnership deals.

See Also

Sites and Links
For devoted users, you may also acquire more information on the reality (Earth-90251) in the Marvel Database Site, the official Marvel information wiki. Earth-90251 was the major inspiration for the first part of the series of Earth-1224, as Doom retained the Beyonder´s powers in both however both the stories only have in common the introduction, not anything else for the rest of the stories and sections of this page.

For devoted users, check out the this reality´s related tournament, the Contest of Champions and participate in it and also this reality´s related quiz show that is to be released soon, the Weakest Link.

For devoted users, this reality is the origin of The Lord´s Multiverse, a multiverse composed of a number of 50 realities that were all created by Comic Crossroads´s newest administrator, The Great Lord David.

For devoted users, you may watch and find more information of the Guardians of the Universe, the Spectre, Eclipso and many more DC characters on the DC Database Site, the official DC information wiki. 

For devoted users, you may also watch and find more information on several of the characters present in Earth-1224 in the Marvel Database, site, the official Marvel information wiki.

For devoted users, you may also watch and find more information about Courtney Gears and her dancers in the Ratchet and Clank Wiki.

For devoted users, you may also watch and find more information about the Amalgam characters present in the future  section "A New Age of Heroes" in the Amalgam Database, the official Amalgam information wiki. Thanks.


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The Author´s Note

Quote1 Earth-1224 was my first page, and just like someone´s first kiss you can never forget, this page will always be in my heart. I love everything in it and I can only say one thing, that I am proud, of my work and the users, proud of you all. I wanted to thank all the users, especially Tarrlok, my greatest friend on the wiki and supporter and also my friend Dragonulteo so thank you all for your friendship and for your support. I hope you like what I have done with my mind, your support and lots of hard work. Quote2
The Great Lord David

Earth-1224 is the one of the main sponsors of the following projects: 

Links and References

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Present in this section are all the links and references related to Earth-1224: 
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  • All the links may be founded on the section of Earth-1224 known as the See Also. If you would like to add a link, you can contact me on my message wall so that we can discuss it as soon as possible so that the situation maybe taken care off. Thank you very much for your time.


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Earth-1224 has as of June 2014 over 51 positive comments, reviews and critics. You may observe them bellow the discussion tables related to this page as well. You may also use the discussion tables for any partner work with Earth-1224 or also for any questions and doubts relating to this page or any future projects that I maybe do plus also new ideas for any of your or my projects on Comic Crossroads.

The Lord´s Multiverse

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