Duma is a primitive cheetah who is Allen's best friend and partner.



Duma is a youthful, smart-aleck, overconfident, enthusiastic, self-absorbed, and prone to juvenile humor individual whose characteristics are similar to that of an unruly teenager. He's always looking for action and adventure, while also trying to stay away from threats too big for him to handle, though he's able to stand up to the situation when facing it with his friends and comrades.

He's also impetuous in comparion to his friend, Allen, always doings things without giving any thought of the consequences. He's also a natural prankster, often pulling various pranks similar to Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

Deep down, Duma feels like a loner: as a Primitive, he always thinks of what others might think of him and not get along with anyone outside the Primitive community. He hides this with his usually humorous and youthful traits. This has lessened overtime to the point of being an ally of the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Like Spider-Man, he has a, if not childlike, sense of humor. He enjoys cracking jokes, both to annoy his foes and to relieve the stress of the situation. As his heroic career progresses, he's learned to not constantly make jokes and take the situation more seriously. 


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