Demyan Zarov
Dark-knight-rises concept-art banes-mask 03
Zarov's Death Mask
Vital statistics
Aliases The Masked Man, Zaroff
Affiliation The Hand (excommunicated)
Base of Operations Mobile
Relatives Unknown
Age 46
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Weight 215 pounds
Eyes Green
Hair Black; Bald
Skin White
Unusual Features Unknown
Origin Me + Bane + General Zaroff
Universe Earth-13
Place of Birth Russia
Created by User:RoninTheMasterless

Early Life and the Hand

Deyman Zarov was born in Russia; his mother  died during childbirth. Orphaned, Demyan was taken by a member of the mysterious ninja organization, the Hand; he displayed natural talent in anything that involved violence. He was an excellent strategist, but he had two major flaws: he was both easily angered, and sadistic; this combination led him to be seen as too violent and a liability to the Hand, and was excommunicated. Demyan did not take that well, and slaughtered nearly everyone at the Russian Sanctuary; he was dismayed to learn that killing all of his former compatriots, and some of his mentors... was unbelievably easy. Demyan now lives to find the greatest warriors he can, and beat them to death with his bare hands... a trait he that was passed on from

Zarov in the Hand

Demyan in the Hand

Embarrased by the Masterless Rōnin one too many times, Demyan sought other methods of acieving dominace, as natural means were proving fruitless. He led an assault on A.I.M. after learning of the invention of something called "Extremis."

Demyan Extremis

Evolution: Obsolete

The End of the Line

"When I know everyone is safe: then you have my permission to die."


  • The name "Demyan," is a Slavic variant of the Greek "Damianus," which means "to tame or subdue" or more euphemistically "to kill"
  • The surname "Zarov" is a reference to the main antagonist of The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff.

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