"I imagine a world where everyone is equal. I see now that is impossible."

-Curt Connors

Lizard (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Base of Operations His home
Age 37
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Divorced
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes White (Lizard) Brown (Curt Connors)
Hair Bald (Lizard) Brown (Curt Connors)
Skin Leather (Lizard) Caucasian (Curt Connors)
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth New York City
Created by Artemis Panther


Growing Up

As a child, Curt mainly hung out with his friend, Otto. However, as Curt got older, he met a woman named Martha and began to date her. After graduating College, Curt proposed to her and they got married.


Curt Connors (4126)

Curt Connors

Not long after getting married, Curt became an experimental geneticist as Oscorp. When something went wrong with one of his experiments, it exploded and took his right arm, which was the start of his ensuing insanity.


After Curt quit his job at Oscorp and began experimenting with lizards at home, his marriage became strained. Martha tried to get him to take time off, but he refused. It wasn't long until she divorced him, and he didn't care. All he cared about was getting his arm back.

Later Troubles

However, Curt's troubles kept getting worse when he learned he did not have enough money to stay where he is living. A job opportunity opened up at Midtown High, and he became the new science teacher. But he still didn't have enough money. He began experimenting on himself in order to save him more trouble, but the constant doses of Lizard DNA drove him insane.


He stole a car and attempted to rob a bank, but when the police were coming, he escaped, but he was chased by Spider-Man. He chased him to a warehouse where Connors threatened to kill himself, so Spider-Man backed off. When he was far enough away, Curt dropped the gun and pulled out a liquid vial. He downed the toxin and transformed into the menacing Lizard. Spider-Man was unable to defeat him for some time, but after he was returned to normal, Curt was taken to prison.

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