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Designation Crossroads Universe
Aliases CU
Status Existing
Created by FrenchTouch,
Various other contributors
Licensed under CC-BY-SA


1. History
2. Characteristics
3. Participants
4. Timeline

4.1. 33rd Century BC
4.2. 32nd Century BC
4.3. 31st Century BC
4.4. 30th Century BC
4.5. 29th Century BC
4.6. 28th Century BC
4.7. 27th Century BC
4.8. 26th Century BC
4.9. 25th Century BC
4.10. 24th Century BC
4.11. 23rd Century BC
4.12. 22nd Century BC
4.13. 21st Century BC
4.14. 20th Century BC
4.15. 19th Century BC
4.16. 18th Century BC
4.17. 17th Century BC
4.18. 16th Century BC
4.19. 15th Century BC
4.20. 14th Century BC
4.21. 13th Century BC
4.22. 12th Century BC
4.23. 11th Century BC
4.24. 10th Century BC
4.25. 9th Century BC
4.26. 8th Century BC
4.27. 7th Century BC
4.28. 6th Century BC
4.29. 5th Century BC
4.30. 4th Century BC
4.31. 3rd Century BC
4.32. 2nd Century BC
4.33. 1st Century BC
4.34. 1st Century AD
4.35. 2nd Century AD
4.36. 3rd Century AD
4.37. 4th Century AD
4.38. 5th Century AD
4.39. 6th Century AD
4.40. 7th Century AD
4.41. 8th Century AD
4.42. 9th Century AD
4.43. 10th Century AD
4.44. 11th Century AD
4.45. 12th Century AD
4.46. 13th Century AD
4.47. 14th Century AD
4.48. 15th Century AD
4.49. 16th Century AD
4.50. 17th Century AD
4.51. 18th Century AD
4.52. 19th Century AD
4.53. 20th Century AD
4.54. 21st Century AD
4.55. 22nd Century AD
4.56. 23rd Century AD
4.57. 24th Century AD
4.58. 25th Century AD
4.59. 26th Century AD
4.60. 27th Century AD
4.61. 28th Century AD
4.62. 29th Century AD
4.63. 30th Century AD
4.64. 31st Century AD
4.65. 32nd Century AD
4.66. 33rd Century AD

5. Residents
6. Locations
7. Comics
8. Films
9. Games
10. Gallery

10.1 Drafts
10.2 Contextual References

11. Author's Note
12. Notes and References
13. Trivia
14. Feedback
15. Questions
16. Commentary



The Crossroads Universe is characterized by its more logical and varied approach on things. It is still unrealistic at times, but it mostly pertains to a logical irrealism, which means it's fantasy but it's still rather justified, more or less eloquently - magic might be involved, but it will not take up the majority of the reality and will stay relatively confined to certain stories.

The reality also tends to have more variation in its tone, but the tones will be set to be realistic, and if not, to have a point, to be coherent at all times, some stories may be extremely dark and macabre, but some stories may be very humourous or optimistic as well, but not in an extreme or irrational way.


I'm the creator of the Crossroads Universe, an administrator here, I'm present all over Wikia and busy with my personal projects, but outside of that, I hope to be able to share stories that are worth to be given a shot.

"Hello, I am Draft227, but you can call me Draft. I am a chat moderator in this Wiki, as well as a good friend and collaborator of FrenchTouch. Although in relation to original projects I have mostly been evasive, this is a different case. I'm eager to start working on such universe alongside French and the other marvelous members of the community, as I know we together can pull amazing feats" 


33rd Century BC

32nd Century BC

31st Century BC

30th Century BC

29th Century BC

28th Century BC

27th Century BC

26th Century BC

25th Century BC

24th Century BC

23rd Century BC

22nd Century BC

21st Century BC

20th Century BC

19th Century BC

18th Century BC

17th Century BC

16th Century BC

15th Century BC

14th Century BC

13th Century BC

12th Century BC

11th Century BC

10th Century BC

9th Century BC

8th Century BC

7th Century BC

6th Century BC

5th Century BC

4th Century BC

3rd Century BC

2nd Century BC

1st Century BC

1st Century AD

2nd Century AD

3rd Century AD

4th Century AD

5th Century AD

6th Century AD

7th Century AD

8th Century AD

9th Century AD

10th Century AD

11th Century AD

12th Century AD

13th Century AD

14th Century AD

15th Century AD

16th Century AD

17th Century AD

18th Century AD

19th Century AD

20th Century AD

21st Century AD

22nd Century AD

23rd Century AD

24th Century AD

25th Century AD

26th Century AD

27th Century AD

28th Century AD

29th Century AD

30th Century AD

31st Century AD

32nd Century AD

33rd Century AD


Crossroads Cast


Crossroads Setting
  • CRHQ, Pershing Square, New York, NY 10017, USA
  • Earth-Moon system
    • Moon
    • 1991 VG
    • 2002 AA29
    • 2004 GU9
    • 2006 FV35
    • 2006 RH120
    • 2008 TC3
    • 2009 BD
    • 2010 SO16
    • 2013 LX28
    • 2014 AA
    • 2014 OL339
    • 2016 HO3
    • 3753 Cruithne
    • 6Q0B44E
    • J002E3
    • Theia
    • WT1190F
    • Earth
      • Global ocean
        • Arctic
        • Atlantic
        • Indian
        • Pacific
        • Antarctic
      • Afro-Eurasia
        • Africa
          • Algeria
          • Angola
          • Benin
          • Botswana
          • Burkina Faso
          • Burundi
          • Cameroon
          • Cape Verde
          • Central African Republic
          • Chad
          • Comoros
          • Congo
          • Congo, the
          • Djibouti
          • Egypt
          • Equatorial Guinea
          • Eritrea
          • Ethiopia
          • France
            • Mayotte
            • Réunion
            • Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises
              • Amsterdam Island
              • Crozet Islands
                • L'Occidental
                  • Apostle Islets
                    • Le Caillou
                    • Le Clown
                    • Le Donjon
                    • L'Enclume
                    • La Grande Aiguille
                    • Grande Île
                    • Le Hangar
                    • Les Jumeaux
                    • L'Obélisque
                    • La Petite Aiguille
                    • Petite Île
                    • Rocher Fendu
                    • Rocher Nord
                    • Rocher Percé
                    • Rocher Sud
                    • La Sentinelle Perdue
                    • Les Sentinelles du Diable
                    • Le Torpilleur
                    • Unnamed islet
                  • Penguin Island
                  • Pig Island
                • L'Oriental
                  • East Island
                  • Posession Island
              • Kerguelen Islands
                • Grande Terre
                • Île Altazine
                • Île Australia
                • Île de Boynes
                • Île Foch
                • Île Gaby
                • Île Haute
                • Île Howe
                • Île Longue
                • Îles Leygues
                  • Île de Castries
                  • Île Dauphine
                • Île Mayès
                • Îles Nuageuses
                  • Île du Croÿ
                  • Îlot du Rendez-Vous
                  • Île du Roland
                  • Îles Ternay
                • Île de l'Ouest
                • Île du Port
                • Îles du Prince-de-Monaco
                • Île Saint-Lanne-Gramont
                • Îlot Solitaire
                • Île Violette
                • Île des Voyageuses
              • Saint-Paul Island
              • Scattered Islands
                • Bassas da India
                • Europa Island
                • Glorioso Islands
                  • Île aux Crabes
                  • Île Grande Glorieuse
                  • Île du Lys
                  • Rocher du Sud
                  • Les Roches Vertes
                • Juan de Nova Island
                • Tromelin Island
          • Gabon
          • Gambia
          • Ghana
          • Guinea
          • Guinea-Bissau
          • Italy
            • Pelagie Islands
          • Ivory Coast
          • Kenya
          • Lesotho
          • Liberia
          • Libya
          • Madagascar
          • Malawi
          • Mali
          • Mauritania
          • Mauritius
          • Morocco
          • Mozambique
          • Namibia
          • Niger
          • Nigeria
          • Portugal
            • Madeira
          • Rwanda
          • São Tomé and Principe
          • Senegal
          • Seychelles
          • Sierra Leone
          • Somalia
          • Somaliland
          • South Africa
          • South Sudan
          • Spain
            • Albaran Island
            • Canary Islands
            • Ceuta
            • Melilla
            • Plazas de Soberanía
              • Alhucemas Islands
                • Peñón de Alhucemas
                • Isla de Tierra
                • Isla de Mar
              • Chafarinas Islands
                • Isla del Congresso
                • Isla Isabel II
                • Isla del Rey
              • Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera
          • Sudan
          • Swaziland
          • Tanzania
          • Togo
          • Tunisia
          • Uganda
          • United Kingdom
            • British Overseas Territories
              • Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
          • Zambia
          • Zimbabwe
        • Eurasia
          • Abhkazia
          • Afghanistan
          • Albania
          • Andorra
          • Armenia
          • Australia
            • Cocos Islands
            • Christmas Island
          • Austria
          • Azerbaidjan
          • Bahrain
          • Bangladesh
          • Belarus
          • Belgium
          • Bhutan
          • Bosnia and Herzegovina
          • Brunei
          • Bulgaria
          • Cambodia
          • China
          • Croatia
          • Cyprus
          • Czechia
          • Denmark
            • Faroe Islands
          • Estonia
          • Finland
            • Åland Islands
          • France
          • Georgia
          • Germany
          • Greece
          • Hungary
          • Iceland
          • India
          • Indonesia
          • Iran
          • Iraq
          • Ireland
          • Israel
          • Italy
          • Japan
          • Jordan
          • Kazakhstan
          • Kosovo
          • Kuwait
          • Kyrgyzstan
          • Laos
          • Latvia
          • Lebanon
          • Liechstenstein
          • Lithuania
          • Luxemburg
          • Macedonia
          • Malaysia
          • Maldives
          • Malta
          • Moldova
          • Monaco
          • Mongolia
          • Montenegro
          • Myanmar
          • Nagorno-Karabakh
          • Nepal
          • Netherlands
          • North Korea
          • Northern Cyprus
          • Norway
            • Jan Mayen
            • Svalbard
          • Oman
          • Pakistan
          • Palestine
          • Philippines
          • Poland
          • Qatar
          • Romania
          • Russia
          • San Marino
          • Saudi Arabia
          • Sealand
          • Serbia
          • Slovakia
          • Singapore
          • Slovenia
          • South Korea
          • South Ossetia
          • Spain
          • Sri Lanka
          • Sweden
          • Switzerland
          • Syria
          • Taiwan
          • Tajikistan
          • Thailand
          • Timor-Leste
          • Transnistria
          • Turkey
          • Turkmenistan
          • Ukraine
          • United Arab Emirates
          • United Kingdom
            • British Overseas Territory
              • Akrotiri and Dhekelia
              • British Indian Ocean Territory
              • Gibraltar
            • Guernesey
            • Isle of Man
            • Jersey
          • Uzbekistan
          • Vatican City
          • Vietnam
          • Yemen
      • America
        • North America
          • Antigua and Barbuda
          • Bahamas
          • Barbados
          • Beliaz
          • Canada
          • Colombia
            • San Andrés y Providencia
          • Costa Rica
          • Cuba
          • Denmark
            • Greenland
          • Dominica
          • Dominican Republic
          • El Salvador
          • France
            • Clipperton Island
            • Guadeloupe
            • Martinique
            • Saint-Barthélémy
            • Saint-Martin
            • Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
          • Grenada
          • Guatemala
          • Haiti
          • Honduras
          • Jamaica
          • Mexico
          • Netherlands
            • Aruba
            • Bonaire
            • Curaçao
            • Saba
            • Sint Eustasius
            • Sint Maarten
          • Nicaragua
          • Panama
          • Saint Kitts and Nevis
          • Saint Lucia
          • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
          • Trinidad and Tobago
          • United States of America
        • South America
          • Argentina
          • Bolivia
          • Brazil
          • Chile
          • Colombia
          • Ecuador
          • France
            • French Guiana
          • Guyana
          • Paraguay
          • Peru
          • Suriname
          • United Kingdom
            • British Overseas Territories
              • Falkland Islands
              • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
          • Uruguay
          • Venezuela
      • Oceania
        • Australia
          • Australia
            • Ashmore and Cartier Islands
            • Coral Sea Islands
            • Norfolk Island
          • Fiji
          • France
            • French Polynesia
            • Wallis-et-Futuna
          • Kiribati
          • Marshall Islands
          • Micronesia
          • Nauru
          • New Zealand
            • Cook Islands
            • Niue
            • Tokelau
          • Palau
          • Papua New Guinea
          • Samoa
          • Solomon Islands
          • Tonga
          • Tuvalu
          • United Kingdom
            • British Overseas Territories
              • Pitcairn Islands
          • United States of America
            • American Samoa
            • Baker Island
            • Guam
            • Howland Island
            • Jarvis Island
            • Johnson Atoll
            • Kingman Reef
            • Midway Atoll
            • Northern Marianna Islands
            • Palmyra Atoll
            • Wake Island
          • Vanuatu
        • Zealandia
          • Australia
            • New South Wales
              • Lord Howe Island
              • Elizabeth Reef
              • Middleton Reef
          • France
            • New Caledonia
          • New Zealand
      • Antarctica
        • Argentina
          • Argentine Antarctica
        • Australia
          • Australian Antarctic Territory
        • Chile
          • Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region
            • Antártica Chilena
        • France
          • Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises
            • Adélie Land
        • New Zealand
          • Ross Dependency
        • Norway
          • Queen Maud Land
          • Peter I Island
        • United Kingdom
          • British Overseas Territories
            • British Antarctic Territory
        • Marie Byrd Land



Crossroads (TV Series)




Contextual References

Author's Note

Notes and References


  • The Crossroads Universe is a revival of the Crossroads series and Earth-619 in a revamped, fully-original form.



  • Why does this exist?

Once I had emancipated from writing fanfiction, my most ambitious project, Crossroads—a comic series focused on character based on members of this site—was shut down and dead without really having been worked upon at all. It was not a wish but a consequence of my sudden departure, which also led to the death of other projects like Earth-19999 and its alternate counterpart that was supposed to be launched and be much larger as well, Earth-4552 and its expansive lore that needed collaboration to exist or Earth-619, which was basically my sole solo work here, for I had the desire to make it as large as the MARVEL Universe, and to do that all by yourself, you gotta wake up soon. But I wanted, and still want to bring these projects back in some form—In the case of Earth-619 it is the Crossroads Universe, which brings back Crossroads as well in a complete community collaboration, as 619 in its last years, and a training ground for the future of all the members of this site.

  • Why a community-based work? Why not a classic collaboration or a solo project? How does it work?

The third question being the more interesting and the answer to the first one, I'll answer the second one: My work is very sparse and everything I do mostly happens underground, when it comes to actually putting everything to text, it gets complicated fast, so, to keep the reality living, working alone is not a good idea, and, as much as I like collaborating, I do not want the entire thing to fall down if one member doesn't have the time to do anything at the moment, hence the reason why it involves everyone and no one at the same time, the only real restraint there is would be the rules I apply to keep it all coherent, but other than that, I wanted everyone to be free to do whatever they want and come here whenever they feel like it. Working with everyone also allows for more idea processing, and more ideas, simply, so I'll always have something to write about, and if I don't, I'll stay one day here with everyone and I'll come back with a full head. It's also much more professional, while staying a hobbie more than anything.

  • Why making this universe a home for so many projects, why not focusing solely on Crossroads?

Well I will be focusing mostly on Crossroads, in fact I've made this page to get it out of the way so I can start working on it directly. As I already described it faintly, the Crossroads Universe is an idea repository, another reason for that, more relevant to this question, is that I have lots of desires. I'm very indecisive when it comes to what to work on, and sometimes I'll have surges where I frenetically edit over a week and makes considerable advances, sometimes I do little to no thing in months, and most of the time I tend to want to work on something completely new, but I don't want the burden of it being a reality, because that will give me supererogatory work that I don't want, nor need. Allegorically, it's like as a policeman, you can either do your arrestation but then have to fill a shitload of paperwork, or you can kill the culprit... And still fill a shitload of paperwork but if you don't get caught you fill less paperwork. That's the idea there. Except it's not illegal.

  • Don't you feel you're growing this reality out of Comic Crossroads, given the presence of other media?

I'm aware I'm walking a fine line between what the Comic Crossroads allow and what it doesn't, in terms of content, but I want to make sure all of my Crossroads work outside of comics will be tied in some way or another to what is shown in the comics, the only place where I might allow myself more freedom is when it comes to Crossroads, not the universe, the series, because you can hardly tie something more to Comic Crossroads than by having the entire cast of characters based on actual members.

  • Don't you think you might deviate from your statement and subconsciously take a little too much inspiration from other works?

Yes, it is a concern for me, a concern that will fade the more I write, I think it may happen more than once that my work becomes too close to something else, but I also think that I will be told about that, which could allow me to grow better, after all it's quite easy to see I do value feedback, in fact, having some of it directly included onto my pages helps me understand my strong points, and my weaker spots as well.



Crossroads Universe
Crossroads Cast
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