Comic Crossright is a sort-of equivalent to copyrighting, for users of the Comic Crossroads Wiki. It is a list of pages that the creator wants protected, and kept from ever being used in any other article. 


  • Any pages on these lists are protected by the admins of this wiki, and as such copying these ideas will result in a warning, then a week block from the site if continued after that. After that block, any more breaches will result in a longer ban, each ban longer than the previous one.
  • The pages of other users should not be edited without their permission, even adding simple categories and correcting mistakes is an infraction but only a minor one whose consequences might be none. You should ask the creators to edit their pages and remember that you would like for the other users to do the same for you.
  • Only pages on these list will be protected, copying of pages not shown here won't be punished. A mentioned category signifies every page that belongs to it.
  • Images sourced from an external site or other body can't be crossrighted and are not included, as they do not belong to the user. However, if the user created the image in question (or edited the image in a noticeable way), the image can be crossrighted. The designs and images created and edited by FrenchTouch are unique to each project, so that usage of those in projects other than the one they're made for is prohibited, unless it is used to illustrate the project the design's made for.
  • You can always leave exceptions to a user that you are familiar with and that you want him to be able to use your idea. Once that exception is made, the copying of an idea from that same user will not either be warned or punished. 

List of Crossrighted Pages

Quote1 Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof Quote2
Alan Moore[src]


Artemis Thorson

Mr. Xemnas

Lord Caesar


  • Created by M, all content is crossrighted. No known Exceptions

Gwen Stacy-Parker

The Next X-Man

Created by Next X-Man. All articles completely Crossrighted. No names, origins, histories, possibly powers, or ANY aspects are to be copied, as everything in this category is Crossrighted. In fact, nothing is to be edited without my permission. And though I'm not here anymore, I will know.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy 9001. No known Exceptions


All pages linked to Created by RoninTheMasterless

  • If you want to use anything linked above, contact me; you'll most likely get a yes for asking.



  • My character "Time-Man"
  • From "The Immortal Time-Man #1" made by JS2H aka Randall Pickle II.
  • My friend named Matt E. Brown also made a character for my book, his name is Shadow Relic and is, therefore, crossrighted.


  • Iron-Jake (Earth-14299), all of his characteristics, specific to Earth-14299, are crossrighted.
    • Sidenote: Iron-Jake belong to designer Steven Lefcourt and, therefore, can't be crossrighted.


  • Earth-114999
  • Omega metal - effects and use
  • Jacob Stark - Name, powers, abilities, origin
    • Subject Omega



The Great Lord David

  • All pages linked to Fan Fiction by The Great Lord David
  • All pages linked to Created by The Great Lord David
    • Sidenote: All of the pictures can be used, as none are compatible with crossright. Although, the covers and original pictures created for it are crossrighted by their authors.
  • I should warn you the image of the Christ Project is crossrighted as French Touch created for me.


  • You can edit each of my pages freely, but to use its content and/or ideas, you'll need my permission.
    • Sidenote: In agreement with the Crossright Rules, my pictures can't be used without any permission either from me and/or the beneficiary of the picture.

Red Average


Imperial Wyrm

  • Anything that is in the reality.
  • Also, anything that is in the .

Tekken LSSJ

  • Any origin story from Earth Infinite.
  • Anything involving The Real Justice League
    • Sidenote: This user was blocked forever, and globally. Therefore, his projects can't be used in any way, whether it be the designation, or even the work in itself.

Jacky 50A

  • All pages linked to Earth-70709, as well as the reboot, Earth-70710 (currently in the Sandboxes and a blog in my profile).
  • The names and origins of all super-heroes and super-villains, both real and "hero/villain" names, of Earth-70709, plus 70710.
  • The hero origins of Earth-RSR. While some retcons may be on the way, still, do not copy the current biography of the characters there. Although coincidences are allowed.




  • Anything related to Earth-112 or characters therein.



  • Any ideas borrowed from Earth-61610 must be credited properly.