Clay Quartermain or Kurse is a anti-hero in the Earth-69 universe.


Clay Quartermain was a high ranking SHIELD officer alongside Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. During Loki's assault on the Helicarrier Quartermain was severely wounded and close to bleeding to death. He was found by a terrorist organization called AGRIM and kept in suspended animation. When finally released he given Dr. Boudov's serum and was transformed into a super soldier. He then had the same metal Thor's hammer was comprised of permanently bonded to his skin and he became the AGRIM agent Kurse. Sent to steal Thor's hammer. This lead the 2 into conflict however Quartermain remembered Blake fought the brainwash and let Blake take him in. He is later freed by Malekith and Mangog and the 3 attempt to steal the Cosmic Cube. But are interrupted by Blake. Kurse then sacrifices himself to destroy Mangog.

Powers Abilities 

Super Strength: Thanks to the serum Quartermain has strength beyond the average human

Super Speed: Can move faster then a moving car

Super Stamina: He emits almost no fatigue toxins

Healing factor: Boudov's serum gives a slight healing factor

Super durability: His suit is comprised of the same metal as Thor's hammer. So he is nearly invulnerable

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