Blink 90081
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Exiles
Base of Operations Panoptichron
Age 25
Alignment Good
Marital Status Dating (Wolverine)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Pink
Skin Pink
Unusual Features Pink skin, hair, solid green eyes
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-90081
Place of Birth
Created by Artemis Panther/Next X-Man
Quote1 I'm from a world in turmoil. No, no, not Age of Apocalypse. We call it the Age of Xavier, but it is an apocalypse. Quote2



Blink was born on a world ruled by Charles Xavier. She was born in the rebellion, and followed Commander Magneto where he saw fit for her. She loved being on a team called "the X-Men" because it sounded so mysterious to her. She always fought loyally against Xavier. She was mostly involved in stealth missions due to her amazing teleportation powers that also could prove quite deadly. These were her specialties, but she always wanted to be more than an asset, or a weapon. She was trained in combat by her world's Wolverine, who she would later become romantically involved with. Her best friend on the team was Nightcrawler, who looked up to her.


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