Radioactive man

Chun Lu was a scientist specializing in Radioactivity. He was hired by the Chinesse government to recreate the Super-soldier serum.


Chun spent 27 years of his life studying radioactivity in hopes of somehow finding a way to master it. Through his studies he gained knowledge that no one else on earth had. He was chosen by Chinesse governemnt to make a new version of the super soldier serum by using radioactivity. Seeing this as a way to truly master Radioactivity Chun readily agreed and began his experiments. The serum proved to be a success However all the test subjects died do to radiation after a few weeks. After the deaths Chun was threatend to have his funding cut so he took the serum and subjected himslef to multiple waves of radiation. Surviving he was granted the abiltity to control radioactive waves. Finally fufilling his life long dream he declared himself a god and waged war on the chinesse government  building himself a radioactive resistent suit in the process. His war was interupted thanks to the arrival of Thor. The 2 battled but he was defeated after suit was pierced by Thor's lighting.  He was then brought into custody. Months later he was freed by Loki so that he could aid him in unlocking the cosmin cube's power. Hoping to make himself a god he joins Loki and even manages to unlock the cubes full power. But loki betrays then kills him

Power Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the serum coursing through his vains he has strength beyond the average human.

Super Stamina: Because he is powered like Radioactive battery he has almost limitless stamina

Super Durability: His suit protects him from a reasonable amount of harm

Radioactive Blasts: because he almost compltely comprised of Radioactivity he can project it and maniuplate it as well.

Immunity: His radioactive blood elminates all types of disease

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