Christine Collins is a villain in the Earth-69 uinverse.


Christine Collins was a mercenary alongside Henry Skurge. One day they were contacted by Nick Fury one their old employers, and given a  mission to Don Blake aka Thor. And in order to compete with his power Fury used the nanites he had stolen before his exile to transform Christine and Henry ino The Enchantress and The Executioner. Ready to complete their mission Fury sent them to ambush Blake. Pretending to be a damsel in distress Christine lured Blake to a surprise attack by the Executioner. Blake fought back with all his might but could not over power the 2 and and was captured. Christine then watched as Fury attempted to extract the nanites from Blake's bloodstream. However used his hammer to free himself then fought Executioner. Fury fled as Executioner was defeated. Christine then fought him but was outmacthed then fled with Executioner. However fury had  installed cripple machine in their nanites and once activated they lost all use of their bodies. Fury then took their Nanites and used them to become Bloodaxe.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the nanites she has strength far beyond the average human.

Super Stamina: Her nanites give him limitless stamina. He produces no fatigue toxins

Technopathy: Has control over machinery and tech to a digree

Immunity: Her nanites will kill any type of virus or disease

Flight: She can fly thanks to nanites

Energy Projection: Thanks to her nanites he can manipulate energy.

Super Durability: Her enhanced biology gives him greater durability.

Healing Factor: Nanites repair most damage to her body

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