Chitauri Soldier
Vital statistics
Universe Earth-81648
Base of Operations Kleiser
Body Type Humanoid
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Skin Green
Number of Limbs 4
Special Adaptations Able to change their form at will (Shape-shifting)
Notable Individuals Klrt (Emperor, the original Chitauri soldier)
Home Planet Kleiser
Origin A race that was forced to travel the stars after the homeworld became highly volcanic, later becoming a war-mongering race.
Created by PhotonCommander10
 The Chitauri are a race of aliens from the planet Kleiser.


Quote1 We are the Chitauri. Our thirst for blood never tires, our hunger for flesh never dies. We are the scourge of the galaxy, and we won't let anything stand in our way! Quote2
Emperor Kl'rt

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