Children of the Omega
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Bad
Base of Operations Conquistador Facility
Team Leader(s) Master of the Omega
Current Members 53 "Soldier" Members, 62 "Builder" Members, 24 "Science" Members, 2 "Judge" Members, 60 "Food" Members, 8 "Council" Members, 349 "Children" Members, 15 "Teacher" Members
Former Members Unknown
Allies None
Main Enemies Consider all Humans and Mutants their enemy
Origin Established to create an advanced race of beings superior to Humans and Mutants.
Place of Formation Conquistador Facility
Creator PhotonCommander10
 Children of the Omega is a society of highly-advanced, evolved humans living in an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D facility in the Murzuq Desert.


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