Content (be it charatcer, universe, concept, etc) that is inspired by DC Comics and it's imprints and subsidiaries (active and defunct) including but not limited to:

  • All-Star
  • Amalgam Comics (alongside Marvel)
  • DC Focus
  • CMX
  • Johnny DC
  • Tangent Comics
  • Helix
  • Impact Comics
  • Milestone Media
  • Piranha Press
  • Vertigo
  • WildStorm
    • America's Best Comics (ABC)
    • Cliffhanger (merged with Homage Comics to make Wildstorm Signature Series)
    • Homage Comics (merged with Cliffhanger to make Wildstorm Signature Series)

This also includes DC's previous brandings, such as:

  • National Allied Publications 
  • New Comics
  • Detective Comics
  • Action Comics
  • National Comic Publications