Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Brotherhood Founding 5
Founding roster.
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Bad
Base of Operations None
Team Leader(s) Scarlet Witch
Current Members Post,Arachne, Mystique/Deadpool, Havok, Xorn
Former Members Magneto, Quicksilver, Toad, Mastermind
Allies None known
Main Enemies X-Men, humanity
Origin Formed by Magneto to destroy humanity
Place of Formation Unknown
Creator Next X-Man
Quote1 So, Xavier has a group of mutant children, does he? Well, two can do that! I can form my own brotherhood. A Brotherhood...of Evil Mutants! Quote2

Quote1 father, and humanity, will not see the end of me, or my Brotherhood, for a VERY long time. Quote2
Scarlet Witch

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is exactly that, a group of evil mutants bent on destroying humanity. They were formerly led by Magneto, and are now led by his daughter Scarlet Witch.


The idea of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was created by Magneto. He wanted to create an evil counterpart to Xavier's X-Men. So he took his children Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and the lowlifes Toad and Mastermind. They first fought the X-Men in an explosives factory. When Cyclops shot at his son, he missed, and set off all of the explosives, killing them both, along with Mastermind and Jean Grey. After this point, Magneto made peace with Charles, and he merged the Brotherhood with the X-Men, adding him and Toad to their ranks. But the Scarlet Witch fled the scene, seemingly never to return.

In fact, she had thought her father was right. She also was extremely distraught over the death of her brother. So she decided to form her own Brotherhood. She went around picking up mutants from various points all over the world. First she found the still childish, but extremely powerful Post. Then she found the arachnid-studying super-scientist Arachne, the shapeshifting, teleporting assassin Mystique, and the experiment-turned-celestial figure Xorn. Finally, she approached Cyclops' brother, Alex, and told him that his brother died. He was happy, but did not want to be on the team. She then altered his personality, and he agreed, becoming her last recruit titled Havok. This Brotherhood would give the X-Men trouble, and though they were cool to look at, you can't appreciate a threat, so the X-Men always get to business and take them down.

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