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Bastion is a Sentinel and a villain in the 78315 universe. He started project OMEGA and is responsible for the genocide of many meta-humans and mutants.


Bastion was created as the first super Sentinel by Bolivar Trask to destroy all mutants. He was Smarter than any other Sentinel because he had human brainwaves. He was fashioned to look like a human and battled the Xmen but was defeated at this time he developed Technopathy and adavnced himself by morphing with Nimrod. Even more deadly he continued his bid against mutants. He then turned on humans and sought to enslave them but was destroyed and smashed to pieces. Afterwards all other Sentinels were destroyed however Bastion remained online inside Trask's personal computer. Years later he managed to to download his brain into a new advanced super computer he then took over all government satelites and tech and started secret project OMEGA. He then created a new body for himself and took over the government killing the president and starting the reconstruction of the sentinels. He then decided that Meta humans and mutants would hinder his plan to take over the world and sent Sentinels to kill them many mutants and superhumans were killed. He was opposed by the Xmen and some heroes like Spidey the capitol became a warzone of sentinels and heroes and some villains. After a good deal of his soldier were destroyed and he was defeated by Wolverine,Spidey, Cyclops and Storm he merged with his new Master Mold to become Ultimate Bastion. Calling upon his Sentinel monoliths he necame nearly invincible but  In the battle he was destroyed a second time and being the main control of all sentinels they too were defeated. Thus ending his rain of terror.

Powers Abilities

Technopathy: can control almost any type of tech and machinery and even merge with it to advance himself

Superior Intellect: Thanks to having the common sense of a human and a super computer's intellect he can actualy predict battle outcomes. 

Super strength: thanks to robotic biology he can lift over 15 tons

Regenration: can reaconnect to broken parts if they aren't completely destroyed

Energy projection: can produce beams of energy

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