Bart Hamilton is the split personaliy of Norman Osborn, named after Norman's childhood rival.


Quote1 Osborn is weak -- I'm not weak -- Osborn was old, and delirious -- I'm perfectly normal -- and yet he thought everything was fine -- it is! -- but normal people don't have two...nay, three personalities -- Three? -- There's Osborn, the oldest of the three -- I'm 45! -- There's me, the most psychopathic of the three -- you're not a psychopath, you're just a maniac! -- and then there's the Green Goblin, the evilest of the three. Osborn is weak, and doesn't understand his own psych. Because I lie, there isn't three, me and the Goblin accept each other, we have become one, together. We have become the dominant state of mind in this body. Our personalities merged, we decree: No. More. Osborn. Quote2
Bart, with interruptions from the main personality, Norman Osborn

Born in Fire

Of Goblin Standards

Green Goblin81648

The Green Goblin is born

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