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Baron Strucker is the leader of Hydra and villain in the 78315 universe.


A villain of Captain America, Strucker fought him in WWII, and is over 100 years old. He sustains his youth thanks to the Satan's Claw, which he uses to drain the life out of his victims. However, years of using it has weakened the effect, and Strucker was dying. Strucker searched for ways to regain his youth, but he could find none, and growing weaker by the day, he decided he would need a body he could inhabit. He chose the perfect life form: Spidey.  He chose him because he had bested his greatest soldier (the Hydra) in combat. He ordered his henchmen to capture 5 SHIELD agents to lure Spidey in. As Spidey went for the bait, he was attacked by an armada of Hydra soldiers. He then was prepped for the operation. However, Spidey fought back and escaped. Some time later, Strucker died.

Powers Abilities

Genius level Intellect: Strucker is a genius and a major Strategic expert.

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