Avengers 5
2nd roster.
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations Avengers Mansion, in Wakanda
Leader(s) Unknown
Current Members Cloak, Dagger, Black Panther, Vision, Swordsman, Ares, Laserfist, Sersi
Former Members Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, Thor
Allies None known
Main Enemies Masters
Origin Formed to fight the threats no single hero could withstand.
Place of Formation Arizona desert
Creator Next X-Man
Quote1 The Avengers you all know are gone. But that does not mean the Avengers are gone. With that, I present myself, Cloak, Dagger, and U.S.Agent, your Avengers!!! Quote2

The Avengers were founded to protect the Earth from threats that no single super-heroes could withstand.


As on Earth-616, the Avengers were founded through the accidental manipulations of Loki. However, there were only 4 founding members of these Avengers: Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, and Thor. The group has many endeavors, and soon after their founding is where things became very different. The Hulk was a loyal member of the Avengers. But battles soon became difficult due to the similar nature of people's powers. So, when Spider-Man applied for Avengers membership, he was accepted.

But soon, it seemed like the Avengers were destined to split up. Thor had been sent back to Asgard, the Hulk became a villain, Ant-Man shrunk into the Negative Zone, and Wasp was depowered. With Spider-Man the only remaining Avenger, he had to recruit a new team, so he picked the vigilante duo Cloak and Dagger, and the super-soldier U.S.Agent. Serving as the new Avengers, the public was suspicious, but soon grew to accept them. When various superhumans asked for help with their problems, they joined the Avengers later, adding 6 new members to the team. They were the Panther, Vision, Swordsman, Ares, Laserfist, and Sersi (requesting aid with Klaw, Kl'rt, and Proctor). With 5 superhumans, 2 gods, 1 human, 1 robot, and 1 alien, the team was strengthened and well-rounded. Ares and U.S.Agent acted as tacticians, and Spider-Man and U.S.Agent were co-leaders, with Panther as the backup leader.