Offspring Avengers

The founding line-up of the new Avengers (starting in top left: Ghostdevil, Iron Knight, Spider-Web, and the Captain).

The Avengers of Earth-1175 are very similar to the Avengers of other realms. They began as a team of adults (same founding line-up as 616), and had the very same history, up until about the present day (2013) when couples of superheroes started settling down, retiring, and having kids. When a new threat arose, the adults proved too inexperienced with their abilities, as they had not used them for some time. Luckily, the kids were there to help.

A New Generation

As 2013 began, and the media predicted another end-of-the-world (by Apocalypse), the heroes realized they had been at it for a long time. They began forming couples and having children. Some heroes retired, while some balanced the lives of parents and heroes. Most revealed their secret identities. However, for an odd (and as-of-yet unknown reason), none of the new Avengers ever met as kids. They were formed shortly after all Avengers entered retirement, with a roster of the Captain, Iron Knight, Ghostdevil, and Spider-Web.  They entered action when a new threat arose (a temporary alliance of the Masters of Evil and the Brotherhood), one the adults could not handle. Some adults had simply grown inexperienced with their powers. Some had their powers enter remission, and became normal. But luckily, the new Avengers were on standby. They defeated the menace with the help of the X-Men. Their quartet would soon be joined by Howl and Odinforce.

The Second Team

Soon, newscasts around the world began broadcasting footage of a Skrull ship docked in the space just above Earth. They declared that they had come to conquer, and they dispatched 4 agents (Wave Alpha) from the Super-Skrull army. These agents captured the Avengers, along with most of the X-Men. Iron Knight and Brain Freeze were able to escape, however. When the broadcasts were altered to include the capture of the Avengers, new teams were formed. The new Avengers line-up included BattleBot, Crimson Arachnid, Longshot, Chain, and the Hornet. Led by Iron Knight, this taskforce entered space, freed their team-mates, and began fighting the Skrulls. They met with Marvel-Man and Psycho upon boarding the ship, and Time-Lord accidentally landed in the middle of the fight. In the end, no fatalities were achieved, but Hornet did injure a wing. Most of the new recruits did join the team, some quit, some made no decision. But this much was clear, the world would always have Avengers.

Avengers Current

The current Avengers line-up.

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