Arthur Douglas is a former-Human who was turned into a "Destroyer" to be the ultimate weapon against the intergalactic criminal, Thanos.


Quote1 I am Drax the Destroyer, a man reborn as a weapon to fight the cruel tyrant known as Thanos! He is gone for now, but one day he is going to return, I can feel it! I will be ready to counter his every move. I will kill him whenever he returns, and that's a promise. Quote2

The Crash

Arthur and his daughter, Heather, were driving to Las Vegas for the weekend. In the desert, they were violently attacked by a Badoon who had crash landed. The car was flipped over and Heather was killed instantly. Arthur survived long enough to say goodbye to the world, before falling unconscious and then bleeding to death.

The Destroyer

Seeing the potential in Arthur, J'Son of Spartoi's Elite Science Division used his brain wave pattern to create a dedicated warrior. They grew the green-skinned body, then imprinted the brain patterns upon the grown brain. They initially believed that the only characteristics that would come across would be his serious, determined, loyal personality, however the unexpected happened and all of his memories and other behavioural patterns were transferred, with only a few black patches in his memory, such as not remembering anything about his wife.

He was informed of his purpose, to battle the mad Titan, Thanos, and destroy him. While carrying out his mission, which he gladly accepted to repay them for bringing him back to life, he discovered that the Badoon that had led to the death of his daughter crash landed due to Thanos' intervention.

The Battle

"Drax" confronted Thanos on the desolate planet of Sakaar. They fought for hours, neither gaining the advantage over the other. They'd fight to a draw, then one of them would gain an advantage. Thanos taunted Drax the entire time, completely aware of his origins. This just made Drax mad, and sent him on a furious rampage, which led to Thanos being impaled on an adamantium spike. When the Spartoi arrived to take him back, Drax instead decided he was no longer in their debt, and instead hijacked the ship and used it to escape.

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