Little of Anna's life is known. If she is to be believed, her story is this: She was the daughter of Mystique and Forge. She lived in the American Southwest for most of her life, but she eventually moved to the New England region for unknown reasons. Eventually, she joined the X-Men to save them from the Skrulls, insisting she always would have. But, the general consensus is that she is a reformed or brainwashed Mystique with increased powers.


Nothing about "Anna Darkholme" is known for sure. Most people believe that she is actually Mystique under a new identity, with new powers. But she claims to be the daughter of Mystique and Forge. So, here is her life story as she tells it:

Mystery is supposedly the daughter of Mystique and Forge. As a child, she was abandoned by her mother, and Forge took her in for a time. But soon after, when she was about 10 years of age, he died, and she fled into the desert. In the Southwest region of the US, she had very little to do, so she entertained herself by causing trouble for the locals. But soon, she got sick of this, so she decided to flee the area. She made her way to California, and after a short time, she supposedly became a famous actress under the name "Leslie Fianchett." She soon tired of this too, so she hopped a plane to New York.

After she got tired of her two lives, she decided to make a new one. And for some reason, she felt compelled to use her powers for good. So she went to New York and joined the X-Men, who she knew absolutely nothing about. It was later revealed that Psi-Lord reeled her in telepathically. But she was happy that she came, as she enjoyed fighting the Skrulls a bit more than she should have. She got to use her powers in ways she never got to before. Afterwards, she joined the team full-time, though it was hard to fit in, since so many people were skeptical that she was who she claimed to be. But Mystery always loved a good challenge.

Note: Many people still believe that Mystery is actually Mystique, but Psi-Lord claims that her story is legitimate. It will remain to see what Mystery's truth really is.

Powers and Abilities


Shape-Shifting: Anna can shapeshift in many ways: reference the list below:

  • Person Duplication: Able to alter her molecules to appear like any member of any gender, right down to fingerprints, eyes, and voice
  • Camouflage: Anna can shapeshift to blend in with any background.
  • Healing Factor: Able to morph herself around bullets and punches
  • Machine Morphing: Able to morph into pieces of technology, much like the Technarchy race. She can become vehicles, guns, etc. She can also shift talons, and things of the like.

Advanced Longevity: Anna appears to be 25, but she claims to be 40. It is theorized that she could live for 200 years, but if she truly is Mystique, she would be nearing the end of her life.


Expert Combatant/Weapons Master: Anna has an excellent knowledge of armed and unarmed combat, as well as the functions of machines. She has a few custom guns she made herself.

Skilled Inventor: Thought not quite as good as her "father," the mutant inventor Forge, Anna is an excellent inventor.

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