"I'm hotter than all of you. Get it? You see what I did there?"

-Angelica Jones

Firestar (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Supreme Avengers (Earth-4126)
Base of Operations Helicarrier
Age 22
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth New York
Created by Artemis Panther


Troubled Childhood

Angelica's father walked out on her and her mother when she was a toddler. This caused her mother to lose all of her money and they were soon living in a crappy apartment. Angelica was still able to go to school, but her brain had trouble functioning what the teachers told her. She learned at an extremely slow rate, and the teachers suspected her to be mentally challenged. She was put in the special learners category, which made her very angry.

Scarring Experience

As she grew older, the teachers came to realize she was not autistic, but she was held back, twice. By the time she was a sophomore, she should have graduated already. Though all she really wanted was to leave school and get her life started. However, a major setback was on its way. One night, Angelica was walking home when a tall, stalking man approached her. she became worried and tried to talk with him, but he attacked her. He held Angelica down and no matter how hard she struggled, that night she was raped. She managed to call the police and the man was taken to jail, and Angelica to a hospital. Her mother was unable to afford the hospital bills, so Angelica used some of her savings to help her mother out.

After Graduation

Angelica soon discovered she had become a target for trouble. In her senior year, she was mugged by a group of deadbeats, but her mutants powers kicked in and her body was lit on fire, which scared them all off. Once she graduated, Angelica accepted her unfairly rightful place as nothing but a pretty face and a hot body. Angelica soon began working for a strip club and was one of the most popular attractions, but she hated what she was doing. One night, she witnessed one of her co-workers being mugged, so she used her powers to save her. Angelica liked using her powers to help someone else, and she decided what she was meant to do.


Angelica grabbed a few of the outfits from the strip club and had an expert sew them together into what looked like it would be a superhero costume. When the expert asked what she needed it for, she said she was going to a costume party. Instead however, Angelica made her public debut as the flaming hot superheroine Firestar!