KGBeast (Earth-RSR)
Vital statistics
Aliases The Demon
Hero for Hire
The Beast
Affiliation Winter Guard
Base of Operations Russia
Relatives Unknown
Age 39
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair None
Skin Slavic
Unusual Features Left arm traded for a particle cannon
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-RSR
Place of Birth Siberia, Russia
Created by Jacky 50A
Red Average
Quote1 I worked with Red a long time, he is a good man and an ideal leader. Unfortunately for you, I'm not Alexi. Quote2
KGBeast to Kano

Anatoli Knyazev, known publicly as KGBeast is a Russian special operations commanding officer, former solder in the KGB and Red Army and once a temporarily mercenary who served under orders of Codename: SURGEON. It were his uncanny work on the spec ops scenario and his missions while a mercenary that made Knyazev a suitable member for the Winter Guard, the Russian team of super heroes. Unlike the rest of his fellow members, KGBeast is not adept to peaceful solutions and friendships like the rest of the team does, for most cases preferring to go on the most dangerous route and inflicting pain on their enemies, mainly Americans.


Early Life

Quote1 What if I said no? Quote2
Anatoli about his origin story

Not much of Anatoli's life is known, as the KGB has deleted most of his early life files during his working time there, and after his left hand was replaced with a particle cannon. It was only known that Anatoli's parents died when he's 8 years old during a vacation. 

The Beast Inside

At some point, Anatoli joined the Red Army and became one of the best officers there, as well as a tough soldier. While he's skilled, he is also known to be merciless and brutal, as well as relentless. Under his command, many battles were won by the Red Army, but not all. Still, Anatoli was a great soldier.

Quote1 If you can replace this damn foresaken hand, at least replace it with something I can use to blast things up! Quote2
Anatoli's comment, that gives him the particle cannon hand replacement

Months later, Anatoli retired from the Red Army and joined the KGB. At first, the KGB has already noticed Anatoli's great potential in becoming a soldier and operative. He was considered as one of the greatest operatives in the whole KGB. Until at a moment, Anatoli lost his left hand due to an accident involving a mission in Germany in order to sabotage "HYDRA", a German scientific company that produces advanced weapons for all of Germany for war or other battles, as well as various other products. After losing his left hand, he was at first planned to be suited with a suit that was at the same time, designed by another operative of KGB. But then, it was deemed too ridiculous, and that time, the suit hasn't been fitted with the Pym Particles. Anatoli grows irritated of this and makes a comment, that "makes sense". Anatoli's comment somehow came true and he got his lost left hand replaced with an experimental particle cannon, which is in prototype model. In later times, the particle cannon was upgraded into a better form, and Anatoli was outfitted with a special suit. He was also nicknamed "KGBeast".

Winter Guard

Quote1 So, I have a chance to meet the Red Guardian? If so, get me in there, quickly! Quote2
KGBeast after finding out that Red Guardian was in the Winter Guard

In later times, the Russian government formed a hero organization named the "Winter Guard". Anatoli was the last member to be recruited into the hero organization. At first, he was reluctant to join, but once he heard that the Red Guardian and some other "heroes" who once worked in the KGB, who coincidentally, Anatoli was familiar with, are in the group, he quickly joined the new team. KGBeast's recruitment is actually pretty questionable, as his main methods of "finishing things up" are violent due to his soldier nature, plus his actual "raging" personality. Still, KGBeast sometimes get a treatment of "cooling down" from some other members.


Quote1 You have any ideas? Help? Cause I have no idea what to train him in! Quote2
Anatoli about the idea of training "Max Nevsky"

In the wake of World War 3, the Winter Guard resurfaces in an attempt to win the third great war. After sometimes, a new member, "Max Nevsky", or Kal-El joined the Winter Guard after his powers are discovered by the Russian government accidentally. Anatoli was initially bored and annoyed that there is a new member for the Russian team, but neverthless, he accepted Max's place in the Guard. However, Anatoli was surprised that Red Guardian ordered him and the rest of the Guards to train "Superman". Although Anatoli was reluctant at first, he finally trains Nevsky in marksmanship and some combat styles. 

Powers and Abilities

Quote1 I think my last statement has just come true... Quote2
Anatoli after getting his left hand replaced by a particle cannon

Anatoli actually didn't possess any special powers. However, his human attributes have been enhanced to peak levels after years of training in the KGB and Red Army. He is also specialized in intimidation tactics, espionage, infiltrating, and tactical scanning, as well as a considerable amount of intellect. The real power of the KGBeast lies here:

  • Particle Cannon: The one and only thing that makes KGBeast the man himself. After losing his left hand, Anatoli stated something that comes true to this day. The particle cannon that replaces Anatoli's left hand was at first a prototype, but it is upgraded over the years of his career, as well as in Winter Guard by another member. The cannon is a reliable, compact, energy blasting weapon that can heavily damage nearly anything and disintegrate a human being. The prototype is able to shoot through walls, but cannot instantly kill a human being. But the upgraded version is able to do such feats mentioned previously. The cannon's "ammunition" is also virtually unlimited, but can be charged with electricity for better power. Against other beings with superhuman durability, this cannon can still be a pain.
    • Particle Sword: In case Anatoli's combat styles and martial art skills won't really work in close combat, the particle cannon can also form a particle sword, or an energy sword. This sword is very sharp and is designed for multipurpose uses. The sword can be as small as a knife, extend to the length of a longsword, as strong as a jackhammer, or even to the point that it can level superhumans. 


Quote1 He's just a guy who can easily get pissed off every time. Quote2
Red Guardian to Kal-El about KGBeast.

Grumpy, rough, and merciless. All of those characterized Anatoli Knyazev. Initially, he's an aggressive type of person. And instead of getting friendly in approachments, he always approach with a "deadly" attitude. Sometimes, his "jokes" can "kill" people, or give their souls some chill. Anatoli was just a not-really-friendly type of guy. But give him his "favorite", he'll be a little "tamer".


  • This version of KGBeast's design is based on his pre-New 52 appearance.