Enchantress (Excel)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Thor Odinson
Base of Operations Asgard
Age 28/Immortal
Alignment Neutral
Marital Status Engaged
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-52161
Place of Birth Asgard
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 Just look at him. He's amazing. He never gives up. Everything about him gives me goosebumps, and those don't come easy. I think I'm in love with him. Quote2



Amora was a pretty fortunate Asgardian child. She was not rich, but not poor. She lived in a very polite neighborhood with her mother and grandmother, who taught her about sorcery, which she greatly enjoyed. She later discovered that her father served in the Asgardian army, but was killed by a Frost Giant during the last war between the two enemies, which gave Amora a personal vendetta against all Frost Giants.

Battle Training

When Asgardians turn sixteen, they are sent to battle training, which teaches them fighting methods, stealth methods, and planning methods, among other things. Amora looked forward to Battle Training and one day hoped to join the army to honor her father's memory. Once at Battle Training, Amora became friends with Thor Odinson, the heir to the Throne of Asgard. The two became very good friends, and Amora began falling in love with him.

After Graduation

When Amora graduated from Battle Training, she and Thor kept in touch and were almost inseparable most of the time. But when Thor was sent off to prove his worthiness, Amora was impressed with the things he was able to accomplish. She felt her life was great, but soon tragedy struck. A mysterious assassin one day snuck into Amora's home and murdered her mother and grandmother. Before he got the chance to murder Amora however, she cast a spell on him, which captured him and she brought him to King Odin, where the assassin was imprisoned, and Odin offered Amora a home in the Royal Palace, which she accepted.

Living Like a Queen