Arsenal (Excel)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Derrek Gibbons (Earth-52161)
Base of Operations Her home
Relatives Drew Horren (Step-Brother)
Age 15
Alignment Neutral
Marital Status In a Relationship
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-52161
Place of Birth New York
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 I may not have superpowers, but I know what heroism is. I know what it takes. Right now, he's out there risking his ass to save yours while you stand here lecturing me. So get the hell away from me and go save his life! Quote2



Amber had a pretty normal childhood. Her two sisters were about six or seven years older than her, so her parents kind of spoiled her. Growing up she loved reading comic books about fictional characters such as "Ultraman" and "The Dark Detective". However, her real interest in superheroes came when her great-grandfather told her stories about how he fought alongside Captain America, the very first superhero. At first, Amber thought her grandpa was crazy and making up the stories, but after seeing pictures and old movies, she became convinced.

Superhero Obsession

Pretty soon, Amber became obsessed. All she could think about were superheroes, and how much she wanted to be one. She would constantly role play with her friends and she would make up her own superheroes, which she hoped would one day be put into the comics. As she grew older, she became a little less obsessed, especially once people started thinking she was weird. However, she still had her secret obsession and still hoped she would one day be in a supernatural accident that gave her superpowers.

Squadron Supreme

When Amber discovered that a new superhero show titled "Squadron Supreme" would be filming in New York, she auditioned to be in the show. The casting directors all liked her, but they agreed she was not old enough to be a lead, so she was instead cast as an extra for the first couple of episodes. She accepted it and still loved being in the show. She even met one of the stars, Carol Danvers, who portrays Power Princess, and the two became friends.

The Show's Cancellation

Amanda (Excel)

Amber Dane

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