Vital statistics
Universe Earth-81648
Base of Operations None (Spread out across England)
Body Type Humanoid
Eyes Differs between individual (Usually blue due to unknown reasons)
Hair Differs between individual
Skin Caucasian (Several exceptions)
Number of Limbs 4
Special Adaptations Individuals have (usually long range-oriented) powers that usually reflect their personality in some way.
Notable Individuals Cornelius Englehart, Gryffin Hunter, Scott Daniels, Formerly: Calvin Blake
Home Planet Earth
Origin Hyper-evolved from baseline humanity in the 1980's by the English government.
Created by PhotonCommander10
 Aberrations are a race of superhumans hyperevolved from baseline humans in the 1980's as part of a government experiment.



In June, 1980, the government established a program to create super soldiers. This led to the construction of a building in Paradigm City, which was equipped with technology that would speed up time inside. One minute real time would be 100 years inside the building. Inside, they established all sorts of technologies, and created an entire society, which over the centuries (in their time) spread into a fluxed time-space, hyper-evolving them even further, and their civilisation became the equivelant of Scotland in size, compressed into the skyscraper through incredibly complex technology.

Release and Settled In


the Stark-funded Hyper-Structure.

A year (Outside the building) after the Hyper-Evolution began, the equipment was disabled and the Aberrations (dubbed that by themselves) were released. They abandoned their technologically superior society, destroying all of it, in order to fit in with human society, choosing to remain peaceful, rather than superior (A mistake which the Mutant race has made on several occasions).