"Mommy!" cries a little girl

"He called you, honey. She needs his mommy to tuck him in. I'll keep my eye on the news" Said the Father, seemingly reading her mind

The Mother was somewhat hesitant to leave, as she did not want her daughter to see her like this: anxious, but her baby girl needed her. To the child's bedside it was. After she arrived in the seven year old girl's room, she found a perfectly functioning night light, and a pale white girl who had just endured seeing the utterly terrifying door shadow. the Mother sat beside her terrified daughter and playfully asked:

"Why are you so afraid of monsters anyway?"

"Because they scary" the girl replied still shaking in fear.

"Oh... I didn't tell you?" The Mother coyly questions

"Tell me what?! Tell me What?!" The child demands, already beginning to forget the fear that scared her stiff.

"About the Owl."

"What about them?" The child asks disappointed with the statement

"Not them, him. The Owl is a silent guardian, a stalwart protector, who preys on the fearsome monsters out there. He protects all the young children of the world from every kind of monster."


"Because once the Owl was small and weak, just like a child. Growing up so small and so weak, the Owl learned to have courage, and face his fears. As he grew older, he became big and strong, bigger and stronger than any monster, so much so that now, even the biggest, strongest monsters are afraid of him."

"Where is he now?"

That question was hard to answer for the Mother, and the child noticed this.

"Mommy?...Where's the Owl?"

Pulling herself back together, the Mother found the answer to tell her daughter:

"He's somewhere just like here, right now, protecting another child just like you, and he will come here soon too, but you have to go to sleep first, so the Owl knows that you have courage too."

Excited to learn of this guardian Owl, the daughter was now determined to fall asleep, no matter how afraid he is of that door, but maybe open just one of her eyes to catch a glimpse of this special bird.