6 Echo 2
HaloReach - civiliantransport
Vital statistics
Type Hestia-class transport craft
Cost to buy
Cost to sell
Quote1 I've got six hundred souls on board, Sergeant! I can't wait any longer! Quote2
- 6 Echo 2's pilot to Sergeant Major Omar Duvall

6 Echo 2 was a Hestia-class transport craft during the Fall of Reach, carrying both UNSC and civilian for evacuation on New Alexandria.


During the Siege of New Alexandria, at the Fall of Reach, 6 Echo 2, alongside all others Hestia-class transport crafts were order to wait by Sergeant Major Omar Duvall because of the heavy Covenant fire. The pilot, too preocuppied with his crew, disobeyed the instructions and took off, leading the ship to be hit by a SDV-class heavy corvette, killing everuone onboard.